Top 12 Best Menthol Vape Juices

    Top 12 Best Menthol Vape Juices

    Whereas you can apply menthol to your skin or add it to your food, inhaling menthol vape juices offers better results. And if you quit smoking just the day, menthol’s coldness and bitterness sensation will leave you asking for more. Since vaping high concentrates is harmful, menthol exists in blends.

    There are many varieties of menthol vape juice blends available in the market today. And because menthol extracts contain the only flavor, you can add menthol to any e-liquid to improve its refreshing note.

     Why Do People Like Menthol Vape Juices

     What is menthol? This is commonly an organic extract obtained from oils of peppermint, corn mint and other mints. The icing sensation felt after inhaling menthol vape juices is what attracts a majority of the vapers to it.

    Since menthol has a very light aroma, mixing it with other flavors allows its smell and flavor to be felt. And so whether you add menthol e-liquid to strawberry, icy mango or tropical watermelon vaping juice, their distinct bold flavors will not be overlapped by the menthol flavor.

    Again, people like menthol vape juices because you can lace a tasteless e-liquid with menthol vape juice to bring it back to spark. Some vape juices lose taste as they age. Adding menthol to it gives it a menthol taste.

     Best 12 Menthol Vape Juices to Vape This Year

    Almost every e-liquid brand has menthol vape juice. The biggest question is; which flavorings if combined with menthol will give the taste and sensation that will satisfy your cravings? How well the fruity blend is fused with menthol determines its level of satisfaction.

    Here is a list of the top 12 menthol vape juices to vape:

    1.Berry Menthol e-liquid by Vampire Vape


    Given the Vampire Vape long term experience, you can now imagine the intense taste of mixing ripe berries and menthol. And that's why this blend is meant for mouth to lung vaping. With the cool icy menthol not too overpowering, you can easily taste the freshness of the ripe berries.

     Vampire Vape offers the option of selecting a berry menthol mixture with the nicotine content that best satisfies your thirsty. You are free to choose the concoction containing 40% VG or 50% VG concentration. To keep the menthol vaping juice safe, the bottle has a childproof cap. You can also use the bottle as many times as you want.  

    2.Strawberry POM by Naked 100 E-liquid (60mL)


    The perfect blending of kiwi, pomegranate, strawberries and menthol makes it clear it’s intended to breeze the brain. Mixing kiwi’s tartness to a rich strawberry flavor then a little tartness with small bits of sweetness from pomegranate is more than enough to awaken your brain. Lacing this mixture with menthol is what distinguishes the Naked 100 E-Liquid Strawberry POM from its competitors.

    This fruity menthol e-juice is offered in two options; 30% PG and 70% PG concentrates. If you are looking for a punchy fruity e-liquid with more tart notes and menthol that will leave your tongue asking for more, we recommend Strawberry POM.

    3.Menthol Freeze  by Nictech                    


    Vaping Menthol Freeze by Nictech will awaken illusions of the arctic with the first inhalation. The iciness felt after vaping pure menthol is what you get after buying this e-juice. No other fruity flavors are added so expect no distraction as you breathe the icicles in the menthol.

     Being tobacco-free nicotine vaping e-juice, you are at liberty to blend this Menthol Freeze with any fruit e-juice. But for a person with a desire for a minty flavor, making it pure is much better.

    4.Ice Menthol Nic Salts By Vampire Vape

    If you have a pen or pod device, this is the best product for you. To the vaping beginners, this isn’t a light e- juice for you to keep vaping every time. Vampire Vape understands the vaping desires of every person and that's why Ice Menthol Nic Salts is meant for those used to high concentrates of nicotine.

    This Ice Menthol delivers a powerful crispy hit with cool and refreshing mint flavor. The strong hits on your throat will cure the thirst. And as the nicotine gets absorbed into your bloodstreams, the desire to smoke will be no more.

    5.Lychee Iced By XCEL SIXTY  


    Besides the sweet and aromatic taste in lychee fruit, you’ll also feel little notes of tartness on your tongue. Mixed with menthol, the uplifting icy breath of menthol will awaken your senses. To meet your expectations, Lychee Iced is offered with 70% VG and 30% PG concentrates. The 50ml bottle offers an extra space for you to top with 10ml nicotine to boost e-juice strength.

    Cosmic Fog is a renowned brand in the vaping industry and having been created Lychee e-juice, you can vape it with confidence and expect extreme satisfaction. Every drop in this bottle is well safeguarded.

    6.Moriya’s Mix E-liquid By Digbys Juices  


     The mixologist at Digbys Juices blended eucalyptus and menthol to create Moriya's e-juice. Now imagine the mint-like smell and cool taste of the eucalyptus added to the icy menthol. The two compounds are perfectly mixed to bring out the extra cooling effect experienced after inhaling and exhaling.

    The UK is among the oldest countries with enough experience in the manufacture of vaping e-juices. With Digbys Juices located in the UK, their perfection is what makes them manufacture deep satisfying e-juices.

    7.Menthol Tobacco Salt Nic E-liquid By Tobacco Monster                   

    It’s the robust tobacco vapor and cooling kicks of the tobacco that keep many vapers going for the Tobacco Monster. The fully satisfying favor of the tobacco is intended for the traditional smokers whose invigorating desire for tobacco never goes away.

    Tobacco Master being a line within the Jam Master and Fruity Master is an example of perfection combined with art to bring out the best menthol e-juice. A blend of finely cured tobacco with an icy menthol then lacing with small amounts of nicotine is what you get after purchasing Menthol Tobacco Salt Nic E-liquid By Tobacco Monster.

    8.Chill Vines by Quiet Owl E-liquid (60mL)


    Who doesn’t like the flavor of red grapes? Now imagine the combination of a bold and strong flavor of red grapes and the cool hints of pure menthol down your throat. Buying the 60 ML bottle of Chill Vines by Quiet Owl will provide a juicy cooling finish for a considerable period of time.

    The blast of flavors will make you forget the nicotine in the concoction. Even with the tempting freshness of the aroma, don’t vape too much or too often. This juicy mixture contains 20% PG and 80% VG.

    9.Watermelon ICE by Red's Apple e-juice


    Watermelon Ice from 7 Daze E-Liquids is a blend of red apple juice and watermelon chilled by fresh menthol to produce an icy menthol stream of crispy e-juice. The wetness from the watermelon and the crispness of the apple wrapped by the coolness of the menthol will leave your tongue tasty for long.

    This e-juice comes packed in a 60 ML bottle and contains 70% VG and 30% PG.

    10.Menthol Blend by Black Note


    Black Note is among the most popular companies accredited for their authentic tasty e-juice. Among its lines of quality products is the Menthol blend containing extracts of natural tobacco, nicotine, vegetable glycerine, water and Propylene Glycol.

    The menthol extracts from natural and fresh peppermint leaves are added to the mixture giving it a chilled natural iciness of menthol. Both the VG and PG and mixed in equal proportions.

    11.Spearmint Gum by I Love Salts


    If you love the soothing menthol flavor on your tongue, Spearmint Gum by I Love Salts is the menthol e-juice to go for. And just like the Ice Menthol Nic Salts by Vampire Vape menthol e-liquid, we recommend using it in refillable pod devices like Uppen Pod and Upcott Pod. This is because nicotine salts are better used in NON sub-ohm devices.

    12.Raspberry Orange Iced by Wet Liquids  


    The tartness of the raspberry juicy blended with a tangy orange produces an icy blast when added to a fresh menthol extract. Menthol e-juice is expertly mixed not to overpower the bold flavor of the raspberry and oranges but to leave provide the cooling effect icing with your mouth.


    Menthol is a common ingredient in e-juices and is equally loved by the majority of vapers. It’s the icing effect felt when inhaling and after exhaling menthol e-juices that makes a favourite e-liquid to many.


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