Top 10 Wholesale E-Liquid Supplier [Trusted by Retailers] in USA

    Top 10 Wholesale E-Liquid Supplier [Trusted by Retailers] in USA

    The vape sector has begun to gain traction in the market as more than just an alternative for regular cigarettes. Such a pursuit for one will undoubtedly be costly. However, if you seek the best places, you can buy nearly the same stuff for approximately half the cost. In this article, we list several of the top Wholesale E-Liquid Suppliers in the United States.

    What is in E-Liquid?

    Nicotine is one of the ingredients of an E-Liquid. Synthetic nicotine products are currently on the market, claiming to be "tobacco-free," implying that they are much "purer" and "cleaner" than their counterparts. Nicotine has been shown to be damaging to developing brains. Nicotine use during adolescent years can interfere with the development of neural systems that control memory, cognition, and addiction vulnerability.


    Different Types of E-Liquid

    • Nicotine Salts E-Liquids
    • Freebase Nicotine E-Liquids
    • CBD E-Liquids
    • THC E-Liquids


    How to Choose a Good E-Liquid?

    It all adds up to personal choice when it comes to selecting a good E-Liquid. Experimenting with several items until you seek the ideal option might be beneficial. Nonetheless, there are several factors to think about before making your decision:


    The flavor is an essential component to consider when choosing your e-liquid choice, and it varies significantly among individuals. Either 50-50 and HVG e-liquids will have a pleasant taste and aroma, but HVGs will provide a stronger sensation due to the increased smoke they emit, enabling more fragrance to travel over the mouth.


    Should you be a fog seeker looking for greater vape clouds on exhale, a high-VG e-liquid is the way to go. The larger and grander the clouds are, the stronger the VG.


    Considering what kind of vaper, you seem to be, you're probably searching for a distinct sort of hit. Any who wishes to use their device as a substitute for cigarettes would most likely desire a somewhat harsh 'back of the throat' punch, comparable to what they'd receive from smoking. If this is the circumstance, a higher nicotine strength of 50-50 or PG-heavy e-liquid is recommended. The high-VG type will still give you a 'hit,' but it will be a touch softer and smoother – perfect for 'cloud chasers' and those vaping for enjoyment.

    Top 10 Wholesale E-Liquid Suppliers


    1. Vapor Beast

    Vapor Beast, based in Kentucky, offers a wide choice of products from their entire vape warehouse, including E-Juice Liquid. They are one of the fastest-growing e-commerce businesses in the United States, specializing in selling, marketing, and manufacturing smoke-free technology. In a nutshell, they advocate non-combustible alternatives to regular cigarettes. The Vapor Beast group is enthusiastic about the vaping industry and the people who use it. The Vapor Beast culture emphasizes customer service and high-quality products. There is no minimum order quantity with their Wholesale E-Liquid purchase option.

    Vapor Beast has an online store where customers can look at their products. There is over 2000 vape merchandise for sale, along with a large selection of E-Juice Liquid supplies. At the same time, their website offers the option of purchasing wholesale or retail. However, they do not ship internationally.

    1. Central Vapors

    The wholesale structure of Central Vapors allows both new and seasoned distributors to profit from stocking the company's e-liquid product selection. Each bottle of e-juice is made in the United States by experienced experts who have been certified to create high-quality e-juice varieties that customers love. Their multi-level wholesale e-liquid and electronic cigarette pricing give small vape shops the freedom to expand, raise revenues over time, and cut costs with bulk savings. With their private labeled e-juice bottles specially produced using customers' vapor store's name and logo, they assist in the growth of e-liquid companies.

    From wholesale 50-gallon e-liquid barrels to retail-ready 10ml bottles, there's something for everyone. Website and retail store owners can now purchase branded items for resale, benefiting from Central Vapors' continued marketing efforts, access to modern programs launched this year.

    1. MigVapor

    MigVapor, one of the best names in the vaping sector, offers wholesale distribution. Vimanna Vape Bar's goal is to deliver a big return on your purchases when you buy from them. They sell a vast range of vape juices as well as several vaping accessories.

    It's interesting to see a wholesaler include a business-changing concept with their products, and I'm sure it will be beneficial! The capital price is in the range of $10,000. MigVapor wants to help you become a wholesaler by allowing you to mix and create your juices, too.

    1. NicoPure

    Nicopure Labs is a vape and e-liquid leading company. They create excellent, American-made e-liquids and build unique vaping hardware. They are also boasting of the fact that all of their manufacturing methods adhere to tight rules. Nicopure's first concern is the safety and contentment of its clients.

    They provide a comprehensive program for wholesalers, so you'll gain a lot more than just products when you use their platform. Clients may, interestingly, earn incentives over time using NicoPure's loyalty point system. They have a well-established website where customers may explore and order their items, just like any other Wholesale E-Juice Supplier.

    1. com ensures that clients have a safe, secure, and well-informed vaping experience. They are enthusiastic about the items they provide and would be willing to assist customers in determining which vaporizer is ideal for them. places a high value on excellent customer service, both before and after a client's purchase, and every product in its extensive catalog is thoroughly evaluated to ensure its authenticity. Each transaction is handled with a "personal touch." They pride themselves on superior customer service before and after a client's purchase.

    On the other hand, their wholesale option is available both over the phone and online. Customers could look through their product inventory on their official website. They also provide unique discounts and promotions to their Wholesale E-Liquid customers.

    1. Direct Vapors

    Direct Vapors takes pleasure in offering the most comprehensive variety of premium e-liquids at the most competitive pricing on the market. They have a variety of PG/VG ratios for vape juice. They also have e-juices in various nicotine strengths, ranging from zero nicotine vape juice to very potent and pleasant nicotine salts. Browse their selection to discover a wide range of incredible flavors, ranging from traditional tobacco and menthol to exotic fruit and wild and adventurous dessert flavors. Wholesalers can even buy a variety of e-liquids and mix and match them. Clients could use the vape starter kits with any of their remarkable vape liquids.

    Direct Vapor clearly wants to provide a solution for corporations and small organizations, therefore purchasing on a personal level is probably not an alternative with such a provider. Minimum orders will be high, and unit pricing will be low. Direct Vapor also has a loyalty program that rewards repeat consumers.

    1. Boosted

    The Denver, Colorado-based distributor Boosted e-juice had its beginnings in late 2013 to early 2014. It was created by long-time vaper Cory Vigil, who has used his culinary expertise to create some delectable vape juice tastes. He suddenly found himself working nonstop to meet up with the fast-expanding desire after some early testers received rave reviews from vapers. For their E-Liquid Products, Boosted offers both retail and wholesale options.

    1. Vape Junkie

    Hundreds of quality flavored e liquids are available in their standard E-Liquid flavor category. Succulent fruits, sweet delights, and favorite adult and childhood drinks are among their E-Juices. There's something for everyone, even the most discerning palates. All of their vape juice ingredients are 100% food grade and manufactured in the United States. They take pride in offering the most potent and pleasant flavors available. Shipping and production turnaround times are both quick. They provide both retail and wholesale services.

    1. Kilo

    Kilo E-Liquid is a well-known brand in the industry, and they've consistently produced some of the best-tasting e-liquids available. The juices are divided into various categories: Original Series, Sour Series, Fruit Series, Moo Series, White Series, Black Series, and Candy Series. Since the line-up is so diverse, most vapers will find a flavor that suits them, and the quality is consistently high across the board. The most popular e-juices come in 60 mL or 100 mL bottles, with 0, 3, or 6 mg/mL nicotine concentrations. This makes the liquids better for high-powered devices and less appropriate for just-switching smokers, although they are working on a line of salt e-liquids. They offer both retail and wholesale purchases, the same as the previous distributors.

    1. Naked 100

    For their extensive choice of vaping products, Naked 100 offers international distribution. Purchases are made at either the retail or wholesale level. The company's location is in Huntington Beach, California, to provide adults of legal smoking age with a high-quality alternative to combustible cigarettes. Naked 100 strives to exceed public expectations of what a vape company can do by providing excellent and responsive customer service, constant innovation, and attempts to combat underage usage through education and awareness. As an ever-changing firm in a fast-changing sector, their fundamental purpose is to emphasize their customers' requirements and concerns by consistently providing a gratifying and exceptional experience.


    Reliable Vape Wholesale Supplier

    UPENDS is an excellent choice for, above all else, they prioritize the health and safety of their customers. A silver ion is integrated into the food-grade PCTG mouthpiece in most of their products to ensure this. It is capable of preventing germs from proliferating. The antibacterial rate was 99.9% within 24 hours against three common pathogens (Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Candida albicans).

    They are also sympathetic to the needs of their customers. Clients might appreciate easy-to-use things that could be brought wherever they go with such a basic style on their vape gear.

    For wholesale and retail, UPENDS offers both domestic and foreign options. When it comes to warranties, UPENDS is fair and compassionate, providing 6-month prefilled units and 12-month refillable devices. Additionally, they are personally involved in the growth of their small to large-scale clients worldwide, providing a 60-day money-back guarantee on poor-performing items. Furthermore, a supervisory crew has been stationed in the market to check the prices using a piece of tracking information and only supply goods to authorized affiliates. As a result, UPENDS ensures that its product prices are both competitive and long-term. As a result, UPENDS ensures that the prices of its products are both competitive and allow all of its partners a decent profit.

    Retailers, clients, and customers could make sure that they have got the best Wholesale E-Liquid and anything vape merchandise in the hands of UPENDS.

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