Top 10 Vape Wholesale Websites to Look For in 2022

    Top 10 Vape Wholesale Websites to Look For in 2022

    Looking for the best vape wholesale store online? If you’ve been vaping for a while, you already know that choosing a platform to buy products is no easy task. It requires a bit of research as many online stores disappear without warning. Also, you must have noticed selections and prices change with no prior notice. This whole scenario could make it challenging for you to find a good vape store.

    To help you find the best vape wholesale website, we’ve listed some highly acknowledged websites. You can explore them to find your favourite product.

    Top 10 Vape Wholesale Websites

    1. Vapor Beast: One of the renowned names in the United States, this e-commerce company sells and distributes a huge variety of vape products. The major categories include vape devices, e-liquid, synthetic nicotine, CBD, disposables, and vaping accessories. The device section includes starter kits, pod systems, disposable, and box mods while the e-liquid section has nicotine salts, synthetic nicotine, and traditional e-liquid. They have accessories like atomizers, drip tips, wires, and cases. Moreover, you can choose from products like vape oil, edibles, topicals, and tinctures from the CBD section. They also sell synthetic disposables and nicotine disposables to meet different vaping needs.
    1. Vape Wholesale USA: The company is known to provide a huge selection of vape supplies at competitive rates. They partner with some recognized companies for e-liquids and hardware. The main product categories that you can explore include disposables, e-liquids, pod system kits, tanks, starter kits & mods, tanks, rebuildable, and accessories. They stock a wide range of e-liquids including salt nicotine, synthetic nicotine, CBD e-liquid, fruit flavours e-liquid, dessert flavour e-liquids, menthol, and tobacco flavours. The starter kits have options like box mod kits, vape pen kits, squonk kits, and mods. You can also choose from accessories like replacement coils, pod cartridges, batteries, chargers, and drip tips.
    1. Kingdom Vapour: The company stocks a wide range of quality vapour products and is known for providing premium wholesale vapour products. They supply products to traditional tobacco shops, vape stores, and online retailers. The main products include vape devices, atomizers, coils, e-liquid, alternatives, and accessories. The devices section has products like disposables, starter kits, pod systems, regulated mods, mechanical mods, and advanced kits. You can choose from rebuildable atomizers, sub-ohm, and tanks. You can also choose from different e-liquids and coils like standard coils and replacement pods. The accessories include batteries, chargers, drip tips, replacement glass, and rebuildable accessories.
    1. Wholesale Vaping Supply: It is a well-known source for wholesale liquid, electronic cigarettes, and vaping accessories. The main product categories include hardware, e-liquid, bottling supplies, and nicotine salts. You can explore the hardware section for products like disposables, kits, pod systems, mods, tanks, pods & coils, rebuilding supplies, batteries, chargers, drip tips, and vaporizer equipment. The bottling supplies have products like empty bottles, extracts, and VG/PG nicotine. You can also explore some sale items like accessories, coils, batteries, and chargers. They also stock a huge variety of salt nicotine flavours such as apple, strawberry, berry, blue raspberry, tobacco-free nicotine, and more.
    1. Vaporfi: A wholly owned subsidiary of International Vapour Group Inc., the company provides a wide range of vape products. They have a long history in the electronic cigarette industry and provides e-cig vaporizers from entry-level devices to advanced vaping systems. The main product categories include e-liquids, disposables, kits & mods, alternatives, and accessories. You can choose from custom juice blends, nicotine salts, vape cartridges, non-nicotine e-liquids, and more. The kits & mods category has products like vape starter kits, box mods, vape pods, vape pen starter kits, dry herb vaporizers, and more.
    1. Mid West Distribution: This is a popular wholesale electronic cigarette, vape, e-liquid, and smoke shop. Being a wholesale B2B distributor of vape e-cigarette supplies, the company carry a wide variety of products. The main product categories include e-liquid, e-juice, vape mods, box mods, vaporizers, e-cigs, pod systems, atomizers, batteries, tanks, and accessories. They supply products to e-cigarette & smoke shop, headshops, and dispensary businesses. The devices include atomizers, mods, internal battery devices, starter kits, tanks, and pod systems. They also have a wide variety of e-liquids including synthetic nicotine e-liquids, nicotine salt e-liquids, pod juice, and more.
    1. Wholesale Vapour: A wholesale vape division of Electronic Cigarette Inc., this vape shop supply company provides a wide range of vape products to shops around the world. They deal with wholesale products like e-liquids, vape juice, vape pods, CBD vape pods, starter kits, tanks, and accessories. The main product categories include disposables, vape juice, starter kits, pods, mods, tanks, and accessories from different brands. There is a wide range of vape juices that you can choose from including CBD vape juice, nic salts, and more. They also stock a wide range of pods and mods including vape pod cartridges, CBD vape pods, box mods, and more.
    1. Worldwide Vape Distribution: The company provides a multitude of options for regular vapers and deals in the distribution and wholesale vaping supply. They are one of the top e-cigarette wholesalers offering a huge variety of products under different categories. The main product categories include e-liquids, salt nic, hardware, disposables, and accessories. You can choose from a wide range of e-liquid flavours and brands. The hardware category includes products like vape kits, mods, tanks, and pod systems. You can also explore different accessories like batteries, chargers, replacement glass, pods, and coils for your vaping needs.
    1. AAA Vape Wholesale: The company deals in a wide range of vape products for different needs and budgets. The main product categories that you can explore include hardware, freebase nicotine, salt nicotine, disposables, and accessories. The hardware section has products like vape kits, tanks, coils, pods, batteries, cartridges, and accessories. They also stock a wide variety of salt nicotine including twist, monster, sadboy, Glas, LYF, satisfy, etc. You can choose from different brands when it comes to hardware and other products and from different flavours when it comes to e-liquid.
    1. AVTX Wholesale: AVTX was the first cash and carry a store of its kind and provides a wide range of premium products. The company is the only all vapour product distributor in North Texas and partners with some great names such as Space Jam Juice, Cannliv, VRK Power Inc., and Cue Vapour. The products offered by the company are designed for small to medium-sized companies. The company serves every city in Texas along with 16 other states.

    The above-mentioned are some popular names in the vaping world. However, you can do research as per your specific needs and find the best fit.

    Different Vape Types Available

    1. Disposable Vapes: With our life becoming more fast-paced, disposable products have become extremely popular. These products are designed for one-time or single-use and are a perfect choice for the on-the-go individual. These are small, non-rechargeable devices that come pre-filled with e-liquid, and all you have to do is open them, use them, and discard them when finished.
    1. Mod Vapes: It is a bigger and more complicated vaping device or we can say a modified version of a regular vape pen. The mod vapes come with some advanced features and are more powerful as compared to a simple vape pen. It has many functionalities such as fully variable power delivery, automatic temperature control, automatic coil preheating, and more.
    1. Vape Pen: Designed as an alternative to traditional cigarettes, vape pens are devices that are battery-operated and used to inhale e-liquids. The e-liquids or aerosols typically contain nicotine and different flavourings. These devices are also called e-cigarettes or electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS). Most of them feature a cartridge, a reservoir, an atomizer & a battery.
    1. Pod Vapes: Also known as pod systems or pod vape pens, these devices fall somewhere between a cigalike and a vape pen kit. These flat pen-shaped devices come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are the newest generation of vape devices and feature a sleek design, a rechargeable battery, a replaceable pod with the mouthpiece, coil & tank, and pre-filled e-liquid.
    1. Box Kits: Also popular with names like box mods or box vaped, these are quite similar to vape pen devices. The thing that makes them different from vape pens is the box-shaped or rectangular battery. These devices are a bit heavier as compared to other products and usually have the tank protruding from the top of the mod. They also have larger capacity batteries.
    1. Cigalike E-Cigarettes: Also called cig-a-like or e-cig, or first-generation electronic cigarette, these are similar to traditional tobacco cigarettes. These devices are designed to help people quit smoking by providing them with quite a similar experience. They provide a throat hit similar to that of a traditional cigarette but don’t have many of the harmful chemicals.

    The Concluding Words

    There are many options available on the market when it comes to vaping products. Also, many websites are offering a huge variety of products and services. However, the endless options can make it challenging for you to decide what is best for you. The best way to find it out is by doing some research and exploring different websites. Exploring different websites will help you find the devices which are right for you.


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