WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Tooters Vape Shop: All you need to know

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Vaping is meant not for all, but for those who wish to live their life to the fullest and craziest! It is not just an experience but rather the different shades of life hidden within the smoke and vapor, which can be as unique as a person’s trait. It takes on different dimensions with different people. For some, vaping is the medicine to relax their stress, to some it’s an art, and to some, it is an energy booster. Be it any form, it’s meant for those who wish to make it to the best out of their good times and bad times. Hence, the prime motto of a vape shop should always be to sell the best quality product to save their best and crazy customers. The tooters vape shop gifts you the best vaping experience with its enthusiasm and embarrassment to the fullest. It is one of the best stores in the USA, storing the foremost quality vape juices and vaping pieces of equipment. The store has two outlets located in Texas and Walton drive.

Through this article, we will go through some of the unique features and specialties of the Tooters vape shop which makes it unique from other shops in the USA.

Tooters vape shop outside view

Tooters Vape shop, inside view

Signature Products

A wide variety of vape juices and vaping equipment are sold at the Tooters vape shop with great care to ensure the best vaping experience in every use. Even though they have a large collection of vaping essentials including e-cigarettes, hookahs, e-nails, etc. They do have certain signature products which have been on the favorite list of many customers and that has brought up their reputation as ‘Tooters, the best vape shop!’

They have a range of unique, customized, and carefully crafted products of famous brands, which have been included in their product list as per the request and suggestions of many of our trustworthy customers. All their products are not just an aid or something to vape, it’s like something that remains as an integral part of the experience of their crazy customers who wish to have and that which cannot be fulfilled by anything else than their specific products. Here are a few of the best-selling products that have created a huge fanbase for the Tooters vape shop and that which has remained as its backbone.


A good vaping experience not only demands a piece of good equipment but also the best e-juice to complete the event. E-juices are the combination of delightful flavors and aesthetic colures that really tempts anyone to give a try. E-juices are available in a great range with delightful and bursting flavors that includes summer strawberry, mighty mint, frozen lime drop, black mamba, cool cucumber, and more, all selected and blended with perfection to bring in the complete fusion of craziness and happiness coupled with energy!


The different varieties of e-juices at the Tooters vape shop

How to use E-juices?

  1. Shake your favourite flavour of an e-juice bottle for a couple of seconds.
  2. Open the cap of your e-juice bottle and add approximately 20 drops of the liquid into the E-cig’s tank.
  3. Aim the bottle tip so that no liquid is getting into the center of the e-cig tank tube.
  4. Allow the tip to set for 1-2 minutes and then start using

Pros and cons of E-juices


Available in a variety of flavors

Easy to use


Can be used with a number of vape products


Some customers raced issues about packaging and the large pore size of the bottles

 Atopack Penguin Se

The most attractive and compact vape kit with the best design and attractive colors combined with quality materials and technology to form the best innovation in vapes! Atopack Penguin vape kit, with the unique penguin design, features one of the coolest vapes ever available. The product consists of an ATOPACK cartridge which has a refillable capacity of 8.8mL e-liquid. It also contains a childproof version to ensure maximum safety out of a wonderful experience. The vape pen also features a transparent e-liquid window to allow the users to visualize the level of e-liquid in the product. It consists of a juice vertical injection coil (JVIC) that uses a unique method of vertical juice injection and protects the relevant parts. The Atopack penguin Se houses a ceramic cradle JVIC to enhance the performance and deliver original and pure flavor at each puff along with thick vape clouds. Inspired by the Antarctic penguins, this fabulous product has one of the coolest and simplest designs.

Features of Atopack PenguinSE

  • JVIC system
  • Penguin-like design
  • Visual e-liquid window
  • Modular design concept
  • 2A quick charge
  • 2000mAh of battery capacity


  How to use Atopack penguin Se?

     1.Hold the Atopack cartridge and push the side to pull it up

  1. Remove the stopper from the side of the cartridge
  2. Take out the JVIC series heads
  3. Drip a few drops of e-liquid into the coil from the top and the two sides
  4. Put the cartridge upside down and inject the e-liquid into the filling hole
  5. Refer to the volume indicator beside the window to avoid overflow
  6. Aimed at the notch, insert the JVIC head into the coil tightly
  7. Put the cartridge back into the battery
  8. Inhale a few times without pressing the fire button and let it sit for 5 minutes
  9. Turn on the device and the led light will show the battery life
  10. Press the fire button and start inhaling

Pros and Cons of Atopack penguin se


  • Perfect design
  • Simple to use
  • Available in a variety of colors


  • Not very economical
  • Non-portable in some cases


SMOANT Charon TS 218

    With the best design and fabulous features, the SMOANT Charon TS 218 is the new version in the SMOANT series. The product has been designed to include the best technology combined with striking features. The product features a sharp-cornered with multiple finish accenting to form a fabrication with the best aesthetics. The SMOANT Charon TS 218 has a 218 maximum output and has the newest chipset, quadruple output setting adjustments, temperature adjustment features packed in adjustable TCR, and preheat capability. These features make it one of the paramount products in the touch screen class. The user control is implemented precisely with a touch screen class. The product contains a vibrant icon-based display along with an incredible screen and dedicated screen switch located above the firing bar. It is one of the best variants of SMOANT Charon and is the best version of touch screen vape pods in the market.

Features of SMOANT Charon TS 218

  • 1 to 218 power output
  • Three setting output mode
  • Adjustable TCR
  • Touch screen control
  • Icon based display mode
  • Low-resistance and over-time protection mode
  • Dual battery life indicator

Pros and Cons of SMOANT Charon TS 218


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Innovative firing mechanism
  • Three setting output mode


  • Less battery life compared to other vapes

 Upends: An emerging promise to vape lovers

          Upends is currently the new dimension for best quality vapes at affordable prices and valuable designs. Its goal is to sell simple and usable devices that anyone can use, whether a first-time vaper or a ‘vape guru’ Upends has the best pods for anyone who wishes to vape! Let us now have a look at some of their path-breaking designs that is really going to create a spot-on transformation in the vape market.

  1. Uppen Plus

Uppen plus is a simple pod system and a unique version of Uppen’s core products. It is a completely wonderful product designed just to provide you with the fresh, natural taste you desire. With a minimalist and elegant design, Uppen plus has the best features to satisfy you at each puff. The metal cap over the cap protects the E-juice from dirt and thus you can enjoy that same flavor even after several days of no vaping. The product is simple to use, affordable, and is made from aerospace-grade aluminum with a refined touch.


  1. UpOX

Upox is a highly economic and quality mini-open pod system. With a minimalist design, simple usage, and spectacular features Upox is one of the alternatives to many other vapes that are just an aid to vape. Its coil is made of special cotton cultivated at the golden cultivation zone in the Tianshan mountains. Hence it has the perfect balance between fiber density and liquid absorption which will thus gift you with nothing else but the pure taste of your E-liquid. Upox features the Etchip 2.0 flavor master coil and has the optimum heat efficiency which will thus provide you with a mouthful of flavored vapes at each puff. It is portable, long-lasting, and has a dust-proof design.


Frequently asked questions

  1. Which are the best-selling e-juices at the Tooters vape shop?

Tooters vape shop sells a wide variety of products at both the outlets but the best-selling flavors include black mamba, cool cucumber, and summer strawberry. These flavors have continued to top the favorite list of many for a long time and have always remained our foremost recommendation to all.

  1. Is there an online store for Tooter vape shop?

We have Facebook page in which shopping options are available. We are working on creating an online website with its unique features to introduce some of our new products across the world and the online shopping options would be made available very soon.

Customer Reviews

Good service. They honor their commitment to the products they sell. They have never let me walk away dissatisfied. I’d recommend them to friends for sure and have.

                                                                                                                   -Denice Hale Bryant


Tooters is amazing. Tasha is an owner who will go above and beyond to help her customers. The staff is wonderful. The store is always neat and clean. Tooters rocks!!

                                                                                                                         -Mary Lindner


The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable with a large selection of juices. I like their house juices but I would not recommend using them AT ALL with certain units. I have a stick v8 by smoke, using .25-45w v8 baby m2 coils. whenever I use their house juices, my unit leaks badly and instantly Burns the coils up within about 10ml of usage. I have no issues with any other juices but their house juices and I have tried two of them, same thing occurred with both. I would be very careful with them. as said before though the customer service is great, they will do right by you which makes companies like this rare finds.

                                -Brian Halmagean


Hope this article was useful to give you a broad idea about the timely service and quality products at our Tooter vape shops outlet. To know more about our new ventures and idea please contact us and we look forward to your valuable suggestions and review. Please log onto our Facebook and Instagram pages to know more about our unique commodities, upcoming events, future ideas, and innovations.