WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The Viking Vape Pen Review. Learn More About the Viking Vaporizer

10th May 2021 | 380 | upends v

What is a Viking vape

Viking vape pen is a device made by United Kingdom's leading dealer in vape products. The Vikings vape company has produced many products ranging from vape mods, vape pods, and vape kits, among many more. They also make and sell dry herbs, essential oils, and e-liquids, all used for vaping.

Their Viking vape pen has been a subject of interest among many vape users, and we would like to tell you why this device could be the right vape pen for you.

Viking vape Pen specifications

At this moment, I am sure you already know something about Viking vape pens. They are fitted with a battery and claromiser that is compatible with the Viking vape pen. This particular device is designed with cutting-edge technology to give you the best vaping experience of a lifetime.

When you take out the pen from the packages, the wood-like cover on the cartridge with the Viking logo on it automatically puts you in the mood for some fine quality vapor.

The Viking pen comes with its battery enclosed and protected by heavy-duty material that blends with the black colored clearomiser to give you a stun-looking vape pen.

The cartridge is one unique feature because it does not use the typical screwing mechanism you can find in your standard vape. You get a seamless magnetic fit that snaps when it gets in place

You will find a USB charging cable connected to the device in the vape kit then placed on a charger or a block to recharge it for usage. The only downside to this is that you cannot vape as you charge because it does not have the pas through feature.

Performance of the Viking vape pen

This might be a good opportunity for new vape users to get a Vikings vape pen kit. The vape has a 650mAh battery that can last you up to 8 hours when fully charged. Being a much old-school vape pen, it does not have features that would drain your charge quickly.

You activate your Vikings vape by pressing on the power button placed on the device's shaft till you see a light that indicates your device is one. Once it is on, go ahead and press the activating button to start the pre-heat feature that is quick to respond.

This immediately releases some smooth, high-quality vapor as you draw the first puff. The hits produced by the Vikings vape pens are known to have softer effects, so you are guaranteed an out-of-the-world vape experience.

After use, you need to press on the power button constantly and only release after device has switched off to shut down your vape pen after use.

Vapor production

For someone who wants to enjoy vaping, there are plenty of factors to consider when you want to start vaping, and above all, vapor quality will always be at the top of the list.

The Viking vape pen will give you the best vapor quality that you cannot get enough of. Giving you thick clouds, considering the size of the tank and functionality.

The long draws were designed to keep you craving for more, and you would never want to stop vaping until your e-liquid runs out. The feeling of smoking on combustible tubes by the smoke quality is one of the reasons ex-smokers find the Viking vape pen to be their go-to device.

Cartridges and flavors

The Viking vape pen can be considered a 3 in 1 vape device that gives you the room to use e-liquids, essential oils, and dry herbs. This versatility and flexibility in use are among the reasons it has gained so much recognition among vape users.

The adjustable power settings ensure that you control the amount of power you want to flow through your vape pen.

The Viking vape pen is one of the devices that used the drop-in attachment technique to attach the cartridges into the mod swiftly. Every cartridge is designed to let the device know how much power output is required for heating the elements.

There are limited options on the type of cartridges you can use on the Vikings vape pen.

The e-liquid cartridge can only hold a mere 1.8 ml, which is quite satisfying considering you cannot find that in the standard type of cartomizers. If you are a beginner or an individual who does not want to vape regularly, then you are good to use this cartridge; for heavy users, it might be vital if you get extra tanks to satisfy your vape desires

The Vikings vape upgrade is remarkable considering leakage proof, compared to its earlier issues of minor leakages, especially when the device is placed in a compromising position.

Pros of the Viking vape pen

  • It gives you options to vape on essential oils, e-liquids, wax, and dry herbs.
  • With all its features, the vapor quality of the Viking is unmatched, and that is a plus
  • It is one of the simplest vape pens to connect, load, and use. Very reliable at all times
  • It has a mechanism that prevents burning when the power goes up or when it stays on for a long time

Cons of the Viking vape pen

  • You might feel a slight irritation on the throat if you vape on high voltages in the first run
  • The dry herb chamber cannot fill enough elements for an excellent successful session
  • When left on, it gets too hot even the body insulator seems not to be effective
  • The temperature control feature sometimes is not responsive, leading to a few burns
  • The 650mAh battery cannot last long when the vape is used on essential oil cartridges

The kit only holds e-liquid cartridges, so you will have to buy them separately if you want to enjoy an excellent herb or CBD/THC.

FAQs about the Viking Vape pen

How do you select the best Vikings vape?

There are a few things to consider when getting a vape for yourself

It would help if you ensured that the device produces quality vapor that will fulfill your vaping needs. You can either choose to go by the size of the mod. Or by the type of coils and meshes used in the vape

Check if the shapes that the vape pen is available in fit your desires; it would be a waste of time if you select a vape pen that will be too bulky for you to carry around or cannot even fit into your pockets.

Your vape pen's battery life should be one thing you always check on when selecting a vape. Your vaping habits might influence this decision and how much power and fire you like your vape running on.

Where can you buy Viking vape pens

The Viking vape pen might be a brand from the UK, but that does not mean that you still cannot get it. The devices are available on the Vikings store website, and they also offer shipments to Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and Canada.

They might also be available in the vape stores near you, so make sure to check them out. And if you are feeling lazy to walk around, you can make your order through an online store, and your product will be delivered to your doorstep in one piece.

Alternative vape: UPENDS


UPENDS created the Upone to offer the market a disposable vape pod that gives you more puffs to feel good. The in-built battery gives you enough power to enjoy the 4.5 ml of e-liquid.

The thick organic cotton used is necessary to ensure that you get high quality and great vapor with each puff.


With the Vikings vape pen, you can never miss a moment to feel great. This particular device has made a good impression among vape users, and its popularity is growing far and wide.

The good thing about the Viking vape is that you enjoy various vape elements such as e-liquids, dry herbs, and essential oils, which gives you a versatile device that fits all your vaping needs.