WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The Ozone Disposable Vape Pen Review. Types, Flavors, and More

18th Nov 2022 | 1727 | upends v

The ozone disposable is a reputable vape brand when it comes to vaping. Ozone disposable vape pen is a slim, lightweight, and easy-to-use vaping device. Also, if you are searching for a disposable vape pen that comes in different flavors, you should consider a hype bar. Furthermore, it has a large e-juice capacity and a long-lasting battery. Meaning you will vape for a long time when you have this device.

So, today we are going to review the ozone disposable. We will inform you about the flavors, features, specifications, pros, and cons.

What is An Ozone Disposable Vape Pen?

A portable e-cigarette called the Ozone disposable is used to vaporize cannabis products. Many underrated vape pens are not well known in the vaping community.

One of these vape pens that has been all but forgotten in the vaping community is the ozone. The vape pen has begun to establish a solid foothold in the market, and sales are surging upward.

The 2010-established ozone company created this vape pen. We can attest that the development of this product was a collaborative effort between medical experts, engineers, and scientists despite the fact that there is little information available about the company and what they do.

Ozone Smoke is committed to protecting the environment by selling products that do not emit carbon monoxide or the vast majority of cigarette butts that litter our streets. This is evident from the product's name.

Types of Ozone Disposable Vape Pens

The following are the types of ozone disposable vape devices you should consider buying.

Strawberry Fields Pen

Sativa-dominant strain Strawberry Fields has a rich strawberry flavor. The air will be filled with the perfume of strawberries while you sing, dance, and converse with friends while using this imaginative, energizing strain.


  • THC/CBD: 80.84%/0.24%
  • Weight: 0.3 grams

Blue Widow BOMA Microvape Pen

Blue Widow, a hybrid of Blueberry and White Widow, has both uplifting and soothing effects on users.

Good things can be found in modest packages. The brains of a much larger vape are located inside of this tiny disposable. Even though it's about the size of a ChapStick, this tiny powerhouse packs a serious punch!


  • THC/CBD: 81.43%/0.11%
  • Weight: 0.5 grams

Green Crack BOMA Microvape Pen

The name of this sativa, Green Crack, tells it all: better than a cup of coffee, Green Crack is the ideal selection for people who enjoy getting up early and baking. This flower helps the mind concentrate while the body stays invigorated thanks to its lemon tea-like aroma and prominent terpene linalool.

Green Crack, which Snoop Dogg renamed "Green Kush" but kept the name, has a THC content that can range from 15 to 25 percent, so users should be careful how much they consume to prevent any potential anxiety.


  • THC/CBD: 80.33%/0%
  • Weight: 0.5 grams

Blue Zkittles Pen

An indica-dominant hybrid of Blue Diamond and Zkittlez is known as Blue Zkittlez. The terpene profile of this fragrant flower includes notes of wildflowers, earthy sweetness, and tangy citrus. This strain's physical effects are mild and somewhat sedating, stimulating the appetite while exerting pressure on the limbs. It is a great choice for people dealing with tension, restlessness, and pain because of its potent physical benefits and uplifting mental high.


  • THC/CBD: 89.72%/0.23%
  • Weight: 0.3 grams

Grape Goji OG Pen

Named after a bright red, sour Himalayan berry, Goji OG is a sativa-dominant strain with aromas of berries, pine, and some skunk. It is a cross between Snow Lotus and Nepali OG, two somewhat less well-known strains. Some people might pick up on licorice, citrus, or earthy notes.


  • THC/CBD: 83.46%/0.29%
  • Weight: 0.3 grams

24k Gold Punch

A potent hybrid with a variety of effects per amount consumed is 24K Gold Punch. Vaping is a wonderful option for people looking for multiple reasons to enjoy cannabis at any time of day because both new and seasoned users report blissful moods, pain relief, and clarity of mind.


  • THC/CBD: 80.98%/0%
  • Weight: 0.5 grams

Alternatives of Ozone Disposable Vape Device

You can consider various alternative disposable vapes apart from the Hype bar. Here we will inform you about some of the best alternatives to hype bar.

  1. Elf Bar 600

The elf bar 600 is our first alternative for the hype bar. This device has a 550mAh battery capacity greater than the hype bar. Additionally, it has 600 puffs, double that of the hype bar. Regarding e-juice capacity, the elf bar 600 has a 2 ml capacity. Therefore, buying this device will give you a long-lasting vaping time.

  1. UpBar RS

UpBar RS is an UPENDS disposable vape device. It has an ergonomic design that makes it appealing while vaping. UpBar RS has a rectangular shape similar to the Hype bar but has an outward mouthpiece, unlike the hype bar, which has an in-built mouthpiece. Moreover, it is available in various flavors like blueberry ice, mango ice, cola ice, strawberry ice, and many others. Furthermore, it has a 400mAh battery capacity and 2 ml e-juice capacity, enabling you to draw 600 plus puffs.

  1. Beco Puff Bar

This rectangular-shaped disposable pod device is another alternative for the hype bar. Beco puff bar has an in-built mouthpiece and a seamless unibody builds with a mate exterior. Furthermore, it has a 280mAh battery capacity and 1.3 ml e-juice capacity, which translates to more than 300 puffs per device. Beco puff bar is available in one nic-salt strength which is 20 mg.


How Long Does an Ozone Disposable Vape Last?

The ozone disposable has a battery capacity of 300mAh, enabling you to draw 400+ puffs. Depending on how you vape, the disposable pod device can last between three to four days. This is if you are using it daily. However, for expert vapers, it may last a day or two.

How Do You Charge an Ozone Disposable Vape?

Ozone disposable is non-rechargeable. This means you cannot recharge the pod when the battery is over.

How Do I Turn on My Ozone Disposable Vape Pen?

Turning on the ozone disposable vape pen is straightforward. Start drawing puffs, and you know the device is on when you see the blue LED light.

How Much is an Ozone Disposable Vape?

$30 - $50 is the price range of an ozone disposable.


The Ozone Disposable vape is among the best disposable vape pens on the market. It has exceptional features that not many disposable pod devices have. The high amounts puff and long-lasting battery capacity are some of the features that make it a great vape. Therefore, consider buying a hype bar today to make your vaping time seamless.