The Milkman Vape Products Review

    The Milkman Vape Products Review

    Are you having trouble choosing the best vaping products from the dynamic market of vast vape products? If yes then, the Milkman Vape is the answer to your problems. The Milkman was inspired back in the 1950s by the American desserts.

    Milkman premium E-Liquid is a company dealing with milky dessert flavors, developed in Los Angeles by Vaping Rabbits, started by Barbara Villegas. The brand has sweet treats and delightful flavors that are manufactured in California and feature the finest ingredients.

    The Milkman started in 2015 with dessert flavors that took the vaping industry to another level. The first product was Milkman Classics that set the standard for dessert flavors and continues the reputation for each taste launched.

    Milkman Heritage flavor became the most ambitious brand's addition, focusing mainly on the tobacco flavor. Milkman has many products like delights-short fills, e-liquids, nicotine salts, and churros. Here is a detailed discussion of Milkman vape:

    The Milkman E-Liquids

    The Milkman Classics

    These sweet and smooth blends primarily focus on the dessert flavors, and they are accessible as 60ml short-fills with a 0 to 6 mg nicotine strength. The genius design of an immaculate white bottle in miniature milk cartons for packaging fits the theme of the e-juice perfectly.

    1. The Original Milkman

    Original Milkman flavor is a MAX VG line containing 99% vegetable glycerin, and it’s thicker than most e-liquids. Milkman has the elegant taste of a warm, toasted fruit tart blended with a dollop of vanilla bean ice cream and a splash of fresh milky finish.

    Milkman tastes different as it smells. Once you inhale, you identify a creamy vanilla popcorn-like taste, and on the exhale, you get a discrete sweet strawberry taste.

    • 100% free diacetyl
    • 0mg,3mg,6mg nicotine shot
    • 60ml short-fill bottle with 50ml e-liquid
    • Tamper evident seal
    • Recycled bottle
    • 0% Nicotine

    2. Milkman Hazel

    Milkman Hazel is a new delicious- nutty vape, combining hazelnut butter blended with vanilla cream and a dollop of warm gooey caramel, providing a velvety finish. When inhaling, you feel a unique hazelnut flavor rich in a sugary aftertaste and nutty texture overall when you exhale a vanilla cream flavor with a strong caramel note.

    The Hazel flavor is a nicotine-free e-liquid, containing a concentration ratio of 30% mixed propylene glycol, 70% vegetable glycerine, and a top-quality flavoring for sweet and smooth notes. E-liquid flavor profiles include; Caramel, Hazelnut butter, Cream, and Vanilla.

    • 10ml Nicotine space booster
    • Crafted with high wattage for sub-ohm vaping
    • 60ml unicorn bottle having 50ml juice
    • Dripping bottle
    • Tamper evident seal

    3. Milkman Churrios

    Churrios bring the taste of fried dough enfolded in cinnamon, doused in fresh milk, and sprinkled with brown sugar. The taste of Churros is spot on despite the milk used in this juice being creamy vanilla custard.

    The mixing in this e-liquid is of high rate between the dough and cinnamon, producing a smooth, flavorful taste that beautifully complements the churro’s flavor. When inhaling, you feel the cinnamon strongly and doughy taste, with milder cinnamon and vanilla dominating the when you exhale.

    • 70% VG: 30 PG
    • 0mg, 3mg,6mg nicotine strengths
    • Primary flavors; Milk, Churros
    • Zero percent nicotine
    • Childproof cap
    • Recycled bottle
    • Crafted with high wattage for sub-ohm use

    4. Milkman Strawberry Churrios

    Classic Strawberry Churros comprises a fried fluffy churro drenched in fresh milk sprinkled with sugar and spiced cinnamon covered with slices of fresh strawberries for a complex e-liquid. The Milkman vape flavor liquid is nicotine-free e-juice short-fill.

    Contain 30% PG to 70% VG concentration for high-quality and intrinsic flavors. Upon inhaling, a wave of sugared strawberry juice with a cool undertone of cinnamon taste is felt, and on exhaling, the unforgettable fluffy churro flavor emerges.

    • Crafted with solid wattage for better sub-ohm usage
    • Flavors; Churros, Honey nut cereal, Milk, Strawberry Jam
    • Tamper-proof seal
    • 50ml juice in a 60ml short-fill bottle
    • 0% nicotine
    • Childproof cap

    5. Milkman Little Dipper

    Little Dipper is the newest flavor consisting of fresh baked sugar cookies dipped in ice-cold creamy milk.

    When inhaling, you feel the sweet milk flavor and the warm buttery cookie taste. The crisp cookie’s authentic biscuit taste dominates the exhale, giving a velvety finish.

    • 0mg, 3mg, 6mg nicotine strengths
    •  70% VG: 30% PG
    • Designed for sub-ohm vaping
    • Zero nicotine
    • Dripping bottle
    • 60ml short-fill with 50ml e-liquid

    The Milkman Delight Collection

    Delight is the vintage design that helps you enjoy the delightful taste for each Milkman Delights e-liquids. It's easy to manage your nicotine intake levels, and Delight e-liquids contain 0 to 6mg nicotine strengths. 

    1. Milkman Melon Milk

    The Milk Melon e-liquid is the creamy, smooth, and light blend that gives the right amount of sweetness and flavor. Milk Melon is rich in refreshing evanescent honeydew melon blended with cream flavored ice pop for an exquisite finish.

    Upon inhaling, the taste of cream and fresh melon flows over your taste buds. Also, as you exhale, the sweet cream with the juicy honeydew smooths the vaping experience.

    • 100% Tobacco-free nicotine
    • 70% VG to 30% PG
    • High wattage for sub-ohm vaping
    • 60ml chubby bottle
    • Tamper evident seal

    2. Milkman Pink 2

    Milkman Pink 2 is a chewy candy with contrasting tastes catering to candy and creamy flavors. A ripe strawberry-flavored taffy mixed with smooth cream and sugary candy creating a distinct flavor.

    • 0mg Nicotine strength
    • 50ml E-liquid in a 60ml short-fill bottle
    • 70% VG and 30% PG
    • Tamper evident seal
    • Designed for sub-ohm vaping
    • Children-proof cup

    The Milkman Heritage Collection

    The Heritage series features tobacco as its base flavor. With three exciting flavors, namely, Heritage Gold, Heritage Red, and Heritage Smooth, each take various flavor profiles complimenting the tobacco base to perfection.

    The Milkman Heritage e-liquids contain 0mg nicotine with a 10ml nicotine shot for personal addition to attain desired nicotine strength. They feature a MAX VG ratio for perfect use with sub-ohm devices.

    1. Heritage Gold E-Liquid

    Gold Heritage vape juice is a classic tobacco full-bodied flavor combined with decadent silky cream and rich golden honey for the smooth and sweet taste. Contain 0% nicotine produced from top ingredients such as glycerin, flavors, and propylene.

    As you inhale, the rich tobacco nutty notes make your mouth watery, and the strong gust of tobacco flavor strikes your throat. The sugary honey creates the tobacco's initial sweetness on inhaling, and the sweet cream runs across your mouth during exhalation.

    • 70% VG and 30% PG
    • 60 ml bottle with 50 ml juice
    • Perfect for sub-ohm use
    • Flavors; Tobacco, Cream, and Honey notes 
    • Dripped bottle with a child-resistant cap 
    • Tamper evident seal

    2. Milkman Heritage Smooth

    Heritage Smooth is a delicious, well-balanced tobacco flavor blended with gooey caramel and sweet vanilla for a satisfying vaping experience.

    Upon inhale, the light but an intense taste of smooth tobacco strikes your taste buds, and on exhale, the caramel and vanilla flavor mingle with tobacco leaving a sweet taste long after exhaling.

    • 0mg (50ml) nicotine strength
    • 60ml short-fill bottle with 50ml E-liquid
    • 70% VG: 30 PG
    • 0mg, 3mg,6mg Nicotine shot
    • Recycle bottle
    • Childproof cap

    3. Milkman Heritage Red E-Liquid

    Red e-liquid features a broad base of tobacco flavor blended with the smooth and sweet succulent taste of strawberries for a lovely surprise for vapors. 

    Once you inhale, the original tobacco flavor hits your taste buds, and as you exhale, the taste of tobacco flavor combined with the sweet, fresh strawberry strikes your taste buds in a frenzy way.

    •  0% Nicotine
    • Designed for sub-ohm use
    • 60ml bottle with 50ml juice
    • 70% VG: 30% PG
    • Tamper evident seal
    • Dripping bottle

    Worse Vaping liquid Ingredients to Avoid

    1 . Cinnamaldehyde

    The chemical used in making cinnamon flavors, Cinnamon flavored juices are tasty, but they are also dangerous. The chemical causes cellular toxicity and decreases the cell's power to produce oxygen.

    2. Pentanedione

    Pentanedione is an ingredient in producing butter-flavored liquids. This chemical causes inflammation to cells and limits oxygen production, affecting your health with time.

    3. O-Vanillin

    O-Vanillin compound produces vanilla-flavored liquids, and this is the most toxic compound as it induces comparable cell toxicity levels and restricts cell's ability to deliver oxygen.

    Max VG vape juice

    Max VG e-liquid holds the maximum amount of vegetable glycerine while producing the intended flavor and working with various vaping equipment.

    Why It's Difficult to Find 100% VG E-Liquid

    VG is a weak solvent: it is inferior in carrying flavors compared to PG, and the VG-based flavors don't taste better for others.

    VG is syrupy and thick: it's too thick, and it does not work well with most vaping devices unless you dilute it with pure alcohol or a few drops of water instead of PG.
    • Some individuals are sensitive to PG.
    • Thicker e-liquid is ideal for RDAs and sub-ohm tanks
    • VG makes e-liquids taste sweeter
    • VG enhances cloud production in e-liquids
    • It is a natural compound
    • Provides smoother throat hit for e-liquids
    • Works poorly in MTL tanks and some pod systems
    • VG sweetness masks small proportions of subtle flavors

    Final Thoughts

    The Milkman Vape has high-quality vaping products indeed. From different delightful flavors with no added guilt, genius packaging designs with evident seals to the best prices in the market.


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