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The Evolution of Excellence: A Deep Dive into the Voopoo Drag Series

30th May 2023 | 244 | upends v

The Voopoo Drag Series has established itself as a pillar of excellence in the vaping world, captivating enthusiasts with its iconic design, exceptional performance, and enduring popularity. From the beloved Drag 2 to the innovative Drag S, Drag X, Drag Max Kit, and the striking Drag 2/Mini Platinum Edition, this series represents the pinnacle of vape engineering and artistry.

Delightful vaping experiences await those who embark on the Voopoo Drag journey. Each kit within the series is meticulously crafted to provide an immersive and satisfying vape, delivering flavors and clouds that surpass expectations. The Drag Series embodies the perfect harmony between form and function, combining ergonomic comfort with cutting-edge technology.

At the core of the Drag Series lies a commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing innovation. These classic vape kits undergo a rigorous production process, including an 800℃ hot forging technique and eight nanometer-scale polishing processes. The result is a collection of devices that showcase unrivaled craftsmanship, boasting sleek, curved shapes and a flawlessly finished exterior.

Not content with mere aesthetics, the Drag Series also encompasses timeless elegance by seamlessly incorporating solid woody elements into the designs. This infusion of natural beauty elevates the devices, creating a visual and tactile experience that speaks to the sophisticated tastes of users.

Voopoo Drag Series

Drag M100S

The VooPoo Drag M100S vape kit is a remarkable combination of the potent M100S mod and the versatile UFORCE-L tank. This kit has the versatility to accommodate both Direct To Lung (DTL) and Mouth To Lung (MTL) vaping techniques thanks to its compatibility with a wide selection of coils and ability to change the output range from 5 to 100W.

Introducing the innovative Drag M100S kit by VooPoo, a cutting-edge mod that brings a multitude of vaping modes to enhance your experience. With Variable Wattage, Temperature Control, Eco Mode, and Smart Mode at your disposal, you have the flexibility to customize your power output, adjust coil temperature, extend battery life, and have the wattage automatically selected based on your chosen coil. The M100S is powered by either a 18650 or a 21700 battery, allowing users to choose the power source that suits their preferences and vaping needs.


  • Compatible with all PnP VooPoo Coils
  • Adjustable power range from 5W to 100W
  • 2ml e-liquid capacity
  • Easy top-filling design
  • Advanced Gene. TT Chipset
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Multiple vaping modes
  • Powered by 1 × 18650 or, 21700 battery (sold separately)

Package Contents:

  • 1 x VooPoo Drag M100S Device
  • 1 x Voopoo UFORCE-L Tank
  • 1 x Voopoo PnP-TW15 0.15 Ohm Coil (operating range: 55-70W)
  • 1 x Voopoo PnP-TW20 0.2 Ohm Coil (operating range: 40-50W)
  • 1 x Spare Parts
  • 1 x Type-C Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 × 18650 Adapter (for battery compatibility)

DRAG 4 177W

The DRAG 4 represents the latest evolution of VOOPOO's advanced MOD series, offering a timeless design infused with solid woody elements. It is accompanied by the ingenious UFORCE-L Tank, featuring leakproof top airflow for a hassle-free experience. The utilization of the PnP Dual In One coil enhances the device's service life, providing dense clouds and delicious flavors while minimizing long-term vaping costs.

The UFORCE-L Tank incorporates an innovative 3-hole air inlet system, delivering a balanced and ample airflow with every puff. Its top air inlet design effectively prevents condensation and oil leakage. Additionally, the heat sink design effectively reduces vapor and mouthpiece heat accumulation, resulting in a comfortable and enjoyable vaping experience.

The DRAG 4 features an incredible multi-function switch that allows for versatile customization. Users can easily define functions such as QS lock to lock wattage, lock the device, or power it on/off according to their preferences. This intuitive and user-friendly device offers a seamless and fabulous vaping experience.



  • 5mm diameter with straight glass option
  • 27mm diameter with bulb glass option
  • 0 mL e-juice capacity with straight glass
  • 5 mL e-liquid capacity with bulb glass
  • Constructed with stainless steel and Pyrex Glass materials
  • Screw cap top fill system for easy refills
  • Triple top airflow control inlets for customizable airflow
  • 510 threaded base for compatibility with various devices
  • Heat sink base to reduce heat accumulation
  • Compatible with Voopoo PnP Coils for versatile coil options
  • Press-fit coil installation for convenient coil replacement
  • Includes PnP-TW15 0.15 ohm Mesh Coil (rated 55-70W)
  • Includes PnP-TW20 0.2 ohm Mesh Coil (rated 40-55W)

Starter Kit

  • 1 Voopoo Drag 4 Box Mod
  • 1 Voopoo Uforce-L Tank
  • 1 PnP-TW20 Coil
  • 1 PnP-TW15 Coil
  • 1 Spare Bulb Glass with a capacity of 5.5mL
  • 1 Type-C Cable for charging and firmware updates
  • 1 Spare Silicone Pack
  • 1 User Manual provides detailed instructions and information.

Drag Nano 2 Nebula

The Drag Nano 2 sets itself apart from its predecessors with its compact yet powerful body. While retaining the professional performance of the DRAG series, it introduces a smaller and more exquisite appearance. This device manages to simplify its exterior design without compromising its internal strength.

The VOOPOO DRAG NANO 2 NEBULA EDITION is a vibrant and versatile kit that is ideal for individuals who are constantly on the move. With an 800mAh battery, three power modes ranging from 5W to 20W, and a new series of leak-proof pods, this kit offers a remarkable MTL (Mouth To Lung) vaping experience wherever you are, without any hassle.



  • Compact and visually striking design
  • Internal 800mAh battery for prolonged use
  • Three power modes ranging from 5W to 20W
  • Convenient leak-proof top-fill pods with clear visibility
  • Two pod options are available: 0.8 Ω and 1.2 Ω
  • Comes with a chain-style lanyard for easy carrying

The package Content:

  • 1 x Drag Nano 2 Nebula Edition device
  • 1 x Vinci Series V2 – 0.8ohm Pod
  • 1 x Vinci Series V2 – 1.2ohm Pod
  • 1 x Type-C USB Cable
  • 1 x Lanyard
  • User Manual


The all-new DRAG H80S vape kit offers improved airflow and enhanced flavor through its unique airway and Dual In One Tech. With the ECO mode, it provides 10% more vaping puffs to accommodate low battery capacity situations.

Sporting a classic metal and leather texture, the DRAG H80S boasts clean lines and edges for a sleek and comfortable feel. This kit is ideal for DTL (Direct To Lung) vaping and maintains faithful to the iconic VooPoo Drag design. The Drag H80S can produce a maximum of 80W of power when using a single 18650 battery, which is sold separately.

Included in the kit is the 2ml PNP Pod II, which is compatible with various sub-ohm coils from the PNP coil range, allowing you to customize your vaping experience to your preferences.



  • Powered by a solitary 18650 battery (not included)
  • 2ml VooPoo Pod Kit capacity
  • Maximum output of 80W
  • A full-color screen for simple navigation is included.
  • Offers variable wattage, Eco, and Smart modes for personalized vaping
  • Adjustable airflow for customized airflow control
  • Compatible with VooPoo PNP coils for versatile coil options

kit content:

  • 1 x VooPoo Drag H80S Device
  • 1 x PnP Pod II refillable with a 2ml capacity
  • 1 x PnP TW30 Coil with a resistance of 0.3Ω
  • 1 x PnP TW15 Coil with a resistance of 0.15Ω
  • 1 x Charging cable (type-c)
  • 1 x User Manual providing instructions and information for your convenience.

FAQs About Voopoo Drag Series

What type of charging cable does the kit come with?

The kit comes with a type-c charging cable, providing convenient charging options.

What are the resistances of the included PnP coils?

The kit includes a PnP TW30 Coil with a resistance of 0.3Ω and a PnP TW15 Coil with a resistance of 0.15Ω.


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