The best vapes starter kit for beginners

    The best vapes starter kit for beginners

    Surely you have heard about the vape, and you are unsure what exactly it is or its function.

    The vape is a device responsible for transforming a liquid substance into vapor; the integrated battery that brings this device heats the liquid substance inside the atomizer and thus generates the inhalable vapor.

    This device has many different models, and there are basic designs for beginners and other more advanced ones that even include touch screens. Each vaper adapts to the needs of its consumer in comfort, image, flavor, even size. And that is why it has had an unstoppable boom in recent years.

    Here we tell you a little about the best brands and the best models to obtain a great vape starter kit.

    Popular brands and products on the market

    The fame that vapes have acquired over the last few years has led different brands to design models that provide their users' best experience. And although there is a wide variety of high-quality designs, three of the brands that stand out in the consumers of this product are Uwell Caliburn, Vaporesso XROS, UPENDS Uppen.

    These brands have developed vapes that outperform other vapes on the market thanks to their amazing features. Today we'll give you a list of the most outstanding characteristics, so you can choose the best one to start your vape starter kit.  

    Take a look at this comparison.


    Comparison and review betweenUwell Caliburn, Vaporesso XROS, and Upends Uppen

    Pay attention to these features and start your vape starter kit is the best way:

    Battery capacity

    First, let's dig a little into the battery range that the models of these brands bring in general. First, the Uwell Caliburn has a battery capacity of 520 mAh. That means it has no more than 11 Watts of power, making it a model that will last for about a day of use before recharging.

    Although this is a good average compared to other models on the market, the Vaporesso XROS has an 800 mAh battery which allows a power of 16 Watts. That ensures a longer vape duration of up to 3 to 4 refills before recharging is required.

    While the Upends Uppen has a 600 mAh battery and a power of 10 Watts. And although it is smaller than the Vaporesso XROS, the Uppen's battery ensures a similar battery life.  

    This feature is important when purchasing your vape starter kit, as you won't want to run out of vape in the middle of the day due to a lack of battery. Let's move on to look at the other relevant features.

    Retail price and cost-efficiency

    Its price is another relevant aspect, as it can give you a wide variation. The Upends Uppen can be found for a price between $20.99 and $23.99. This amount is quite fair for all the features and performance that this brand provides with its vaping models. On the other hand, keeping it with its aromatic liquids will not be very expensive as they do not go upper from $5 to $10. Perfect for beginners looking to try this world of vaping before investing a lot of money.

    On the other hand, we have the Vaporesso XROS for a value of $12.46 and the Uwell Caliburn $11.49, both acceptable prices, taking into account the quality of both. However, their aroma liquids can cost $6 and $10, almost the same price as the vaper, so it will not be beneficial to purchase these models.


    The performance of the Uwell Caliburn provides a fairly average vape experience. The vapor from the aromatic liquids generally can't be felt very much, making the experience a bit flat, and leaving these vape models at a disadvantage with others on the market. That, combined with their low battery power, leaves much to be desired.

    On the other hand, the Vaporesso XROS performs well overall. Its models are easy to use. Besides, they provide good vapor quality and make you feel the flavors correctly, maximizing the experience. It also has a detail that yields its performance and is that its charger is USB Type-C, which makes it charge quickly without having to wait long.

    Finally, the Upends Uppen has a much higher coil performance; this makes the vapor flavors feel 100%, increasing the enjoyment of having these vape models in your hand. It is easy to recharge, and its long battery life will make you enjoy it longer, perfect for beginners.

    Coil and atomizer

    The Uwell Caliburn has a coil that allows you to store aromatic liquids for a long time, so you will not have to change it very often. Although it does not let you feel the flavors 100%, you can still have the aromatic liquid for weeks without changing it. That is good for saving costs on vape liquids and is also a plus in comfort.

    The Vaporesso XROS, on the other hand, allows a good creation of smoke, thanks to its structure that allows you to have good airflow in combination with the mesh coils. However, the vapor tends to be quite warm if you use the vaper for a long time; this lowers a little the product's quality as it can be quite an uncomfortable feeling.

    Finally, we have the Upends Uppen with a coil that is mainly responsible for distributing the flavors evenly to create a pleasant sensation when using the vape. It's air circulation allows creating big clouds of vapor, although sometimes it can be a lot of vapor that comes out and does not create the shape of a perfect cloud. However, it is still a model that stands above the others in this category.


    Finally, as far as portability is concerned, the XROS is a device perfectly designed to be carried anywhere and comfortably. It has a wide range of colors to suit your tastes. Besides, it is lightweight and small. It is easy to use, which facilitates its portability since its replaceable pod system is light, and with just one button, you can easily change it and use it anywhere. In terms of comfort, this model has a good lead.

    The Uwell Caliburn is also easy to carry and lightweight, and it comes in different colors, This will encourage you to mix it with different outfits or select your favorite colour. Its design makes it easy to grip, which gives it a boost to its portability.  

    The Upends Uppen, on the other hand, features a design that simulates a pen. Its silver color gives it an elegant touch and stylizes it, almost to the point that it looks like a piece of jewelry. Its design allows you to hold it in your hand with ease, and its power button is conveniently located for your fingertips. Among these models, this one stands out the most thanks to its discreet design that adapts to any situation. Perfect if you're looking to start using one that has a neutral and delicate look.

    Here is a chart for a better comparison of these vapers:





    Average output


    Uwell Caliburn

    520 mAh



    11 Watts


    Vaporesso XROS

    800 mAh


    112mm x 23mm x 13mm



    Upends Uppen


    600 mAh


    16 x 134mm





    Which vape is the most suitable?

    If you can see, there is a lot of knowledge to work with before you make the right decision.  Now that you know more about these three brands so well known in the vape world, you have better information to acquire the best vape starter kit.  

    If you still can't decide which one is the best for you, here we give you a hand to help you decide.

    Although the Vaporesso XROS and Uwell Caliburn are excellent options for beginners, the UPENDS Uppen will be a better choice for you.

    This model is much simpler to use, and it has a beautiful style, too.  It allows you to savor 100% of the vapor's aroma, and it also allows you to create large clouds of vapor, which will make you look like a pro. The best part is that its price is quite fair for its performance and battery life.

    On the other hand, its design will make you look elegant and will match any situation or outfit you decide to wear it with. Its accessories are not very expensive, which will allow you to experiment with different flavors of liquid.

    So, our recommendation is to go for this model to start with. Then you will be able to properly enjoy this new world of vaping.

    It is up to you to choose the one that best suits your needs. Use this information to choose the best model and enjoy to the fullest the flavors that the vapor of these devices will provide you.

    Don't waste any more time and join the world of vapes. You won't regret it.


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