The Atman Hashish Vape Pen Review. The Features, Design, Quality, and Performance of the Hashmate Vaporizer

    The Atman Hashish Vape Pen Review. The Features, Design, Quality, and Performance of the Hashmate Vaporizer

    What is the Atman hashmate vape pen?

    The Atman hashmate vape pen is the first device that could vaporizer hashish. The pen is a products of the Atman vape company who have been on the frontline to provide cutting-edge technology in the vape pen.

    Atman has designed a vape pen for hashish using the best pen-style in the industry. The pen has very many reputable features including the ability to burn hashish. 

    The pen has a pen like style in height and width and it is possibly smaller than most pens. The pen has a quick heat up time and can give vapor within and eight second heat up time. The pen features a 1200mAH battery and has a variable voltage feature that allows you to control your temperatures. The most appealing feature of the pen is the design that is very simplistic making it very easy to use and discreet. 

    If you are operating on a budget and you are looking for a pen to deliver, then the Atman hashmate is the pen that would do for you.   

    Feature of the Atman hashmate of the pen

    • The pen is designed to burn hashish and dry herbs
    • The pen is smaller in design including  the mouthpiece
    • The battery is built in and has a 600mAH capacity
    • The temperatures can be controlled dup to 428mAh
    • Quick heat up time of eight seconds
    • The tanks have glass windows for easier operation
    • The device features a slim pen design
    • The device is small and can be pocketed
    • Ceramic heating chamber for good vaporization
    • Stainless steel design 
    • bottom micro USB charging port

    Design and quality of the Atman hashmate vape pen

    The Atman pen is made from durable stainless steel material that looks very attractive. The chamber is made from ceramic hardware and has been optimized for better heating up of hashish material. You can be sure that with the quartz mouthpiece, this pen will give you the best kind of vapor that you are craving for. 

    The device is very compact and feels very sturdy. When you hold it in your hands, you will feel the weight structure. It is better to have such a weighty pen because of the assurance of quality. The pen is a durable pen and you can get many sessions from it without the need to buy a new pen.


    With the materials used to build the device, we are sure that you will get the best vapor quality. The 600mAh battery is built in meaning that it cannot be taken out or replaced. It is well fitted into position and you will not feel any kind of rattling when you are using it. This means that incase of accidental falls, the pen will still be performing. Therefore, in case of any damages you will have to buy a whole new battery.

    How to use the vape pen

    To use the pen, you will have to load the chambers first. Twist your mouthpiece in an anti-clockwise direction to remove it from the unit. This will expose the ceramic heating chamber that you need to load. Take a small amount of your hashish and load it to the chamber, remember to loosely pack the substances. 

    To get the best from your hashish, make sure that you slightly make the pack tighter to avoid free movement when you are vaping. This is aimed at ensuring that the airflow is not restricted as you vape. Once the chamber is loaded, put back the mouthpiece and twist it in a clockwise position till it fits. 


    To turn on the device, press on the power button five times rapidly until the LED indicator turns on. The indicator has various color codes that can be used to control the temperature of the pen. To control your temperature, press on the power button three times to navigate through the three temperature pre-sets. Press on the power button once to select your temperature, if you do not press within five seconds it will automatically select. 

    When your pen is all set up, you can take a slow and smooth draw from the mouthpiece and enjoy some good vapor. The pen has an eight second heat up time meaning that your vapor is always ready within a few moments of turning the pen on. If you do not use the pen for five minutes, it will automatically turn off to preserve the battery.

    If you want to turn off the device, press on the power button for five times rapidly until the LED indicator blinks and goes off.

    Performance of the Atman hashmate vape pen

    The Atman vape pen has three temperature pre-settings. The lowest temperature is 178F and the highest at 218F. The temperature control feature makes the vaping experience worthwhile and reliable. You can easily start vaping from the lower temperatures as you move to the higher levels. 

    With the 600mAh battery, the pen gives one of the best quality of vapors. It utilizes ceramic heating coils that are very good in burning up the hashish materials. Additionally, the quartz mouthpiece does a perfect job in combining power with the coils to give a bigger cloud of vapor. The good thing about the quartz coils is that it can accidentally fall and not get shipped.

    Because the vape pen has a wide variety of temperature selects, you can easily calibrate the amount of vapor you want the pen to produce. For those who want to get a thinner vapor with quality flavors, you can choose the lower temperature. If you are a heavy hitter who wants more robust vapor, you can start with the lower temperature to heat up your substances then move to the higher temperatures to optimize vapor production. 

    The battery is a 600mAH capacity cell and being built-in, it can last up to six hours. That means that you can get more than twenty sessions when the pen is fully charged. The charging time of the pen is somewhere around two hours. That is not a bad timing considering the amount of power the pen gives. 

    Portability and discreetness of the Atman vape pen

    The device is extremely portable and this is one feature that has made people like them so much. The pen can easily fit your pocket and can give discreet sessions at the same time. If you want to vape on a low-key mode, then you will have to use the lower temperatures that do not produce a higher amount of vapor. 

    Ease of use of the pen

    The Atman hashmate vape pen is easy to use because it has only one control button that is used to control temperatures. The pen is also very easy to load with your hashish products... all you need to do is to take out the mouthpiece that exposes the coil and using the loading tool, you can easily load your substances. 

    To take hits from the pen, you will need to switch on the pen by pressing on the power button five times. When the device is on, you will need to press on the power button as you inhale to avoid overheating. The pen material is of high quality meaning that it will not give you a hard time with getting hot after sometime. 

    Pros and cons of the Atman hashmate


    • The pen has a controllable temperature
    • The device is convenient and very portable
    • The pen has been built to be different from the other vape pen
    • It has a good hit compared to other pens
    • The device has replacement parts that are easy to find


    • The pen sometimes feels like burning wood after using for a long time
    • The device sometimes misfires and the substances get to the mouth


    One thing that makes the Atman hashmate pen a good pen is the fact that it is the premium hashish vaporizer. With this pen, you are assured that you are getting the best quality design and vapor.

    The pen has undergone all tests and improvements to ensure that it delivers the best vapor quantity. You can be sure that this pen will never disappoint you at any cost.


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