Supreme Vape. A Review and Instruction Guide About the Supreme Vape

    Supreme Vape. A Review and Instruction Guide About the Supreme Vape

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    What is a Supreme Vape

    When you hear someone mentioning the name supreme vape, what comes into your mind? Most likely a fashionable brand logo with white writings and red background. You will think of skateboarding, shoes, hoodies, and many more, but you pretty much did not expect to see Supreme on your vape device. 

    A Chinese manufacturer of e-cigarettes that have been in the vape industry for a while recently introduced the supreme line of vape. The supreme company has authorized the production and distribution of supreme, but they own no part of the vaporizers according to the little information disclosed by their management. 

    Supreme vape has focused on making vape products such as disposables, cartridges, herbs, concentrates, and oils. The vape pens have many delicious flavors that you will not get enough of. These flavors make it easy for new users who want to enjoy a vaping experience.                             

    Features of supreme vape pen

    • Durable solid glass tube design
    • The oil quality in the chamber is above average 
    • Has good oil consistency that delivers many puffs in a day
    • The device can work with any prefilled oils and e-liquids.  

    The Supreme disposable vape is a sleek pen-like device, so small and straightforward to use. These devices add to the list of the most preferred disposables. The device gets its power from a 550mAh in-built battery and has a probability of delivering 1500 puffs. You get a 3.5 ml prefilled pod and a delightful e-liquid.

    Available flavors 

    • Pineapple ice
    • Melon ice
    • Grape
    • Blue razz
    • Bubble Razz
    • Strawberry Banana
    • Cool mint

    Pros and cons of supreme disposables


    • No charging required, so it is ready on the go for usage
    • It saves you the hustle on maintenance because when you are through with using it, you dispose
    • It is cheap to use disposable vape pens and suitable for new users
    • You do not have any commitments to your vape pen, whether you lose it or not


    • Their non-rechargeable batteries are unreliable because you cannot tell how much power the pen is holding.
    • They are wasteful. When you are through with using it, you add the used pens to the landfills.
    • Fewer options because they only sell most popular strains, one might miss out on their favorite
    • Potentially weak draws, and there is no way you can alter the quantity of vapor produced. You will need it more frequently.
    • They get expensive in the end when you choose to use a disposable frequently.

    How to use a supreme vape pen

    Choosing a vape pen

    You cannot say that there is the best way to select a supreme vape pen. Getting the right vape for you depends on your needs and expected experience. Here are some key factors you may consider when finding a good vape for yourself.


    Being a cannabis vape pen, supreme vape pens are already convenient in size and shape; they are portable and easy to use. The size fits in your hand comfortably, and using it is similar to using a cigarette. However, it is a little shorter and broader than a normal pen.

    Many people find the standard size to be okay for them to use, but if you seek a discrete vape or a more convenient device, there are other smaller sizes of the same brand. You can be assured that it is the lightest and slimmest disposable in the market.

    Vape oil

    The next thing you might want to look at is the extract used. You will find a wide variety of vape oils with varied uses and advantages. You must check what substance is added to your prefilled vape pen before buying.

    The most common extracts you will find in your vape pen are Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains, THC, and CBD. There is no difference between Indica and Sativa, but for THC and CBD, there is so much difference in how they affect your body.

    A THC supreme vape will have a high THC concentration, which makes it very popular for recreational use. 

    CBD vape pens do not carry so much psychoactive ingredient instead; it has cannabidiol mostly used for anti-inflammatory purposes. Most supreme vapes will use both THC and CBD to achieve a complete profile of effects.


    It is always imperative to consider the type of coil, most notably; this usually affects the flavor of the vapor produced. You get the ceramic, quartz, and wick coils in the supreme vape pens. Therefore, you are at the freedom to select your desired vape pen. Although ceramic pens have a direct hating for pure taste and no burnt flavor


    To select your Supreme vape does not just mean that you do not want top-grade quality oils. You are also looking for a high-quality vape. You get more flavor, consistency, and a long-lasting battery when selecting excellent quality supreme vape pens.

    Using a supreme vape pen

    1. Take the vape pen from its packaging.
    2. When you see a button on the shaft, click on it, and it should turn on
    3. Take a draw through the mouthpiece, and if there was no button, inhaling on the vape will light up an indicator
    4. Exhale the vapor

    Using supreme vape pens requires you to take small draws if you use them for the first time. This means that you take a small amount of vapor not to overwhelm yourself because deep inhalations can be bothersome to you.


    Shorted draws also allow you to figure out how good your tolerance is and give you the effects you expect. It also helps the preservation of the pen.

    Typically, a 0.5 ml vape pen should last you 225 puffs, but this would depend on many factors.

    How can you store a supreme vape pen?

    Disposable vape from supreme is not designed for long-term storage, but it is essential to make sure it lasts you as long as you need it. Keeping it safe makes sure you get the excellent puff you desire.

    It is essential to keep your vape device in a cool and dry place. Moisture can cause so much damage to the equipment, and extreme temperatures can affect your battery life and performance. 

    Please keep it away from direct sunlight to avoid your concentrates from oversaturation on the heating coil leading to clogging.               

    Disposing of a supreme vape pen

    When getting rid of a disposable, you can throw it in any garbage collection container. If you intend to look for an environmentally friendly disposal method, drop them off at a hazardous material collection facility.

    FAQs about supreme vape pens

    Where can I buy supreme vape pens?

    The supreme vape pens can be bought from their main store in New York, but some distributors supply them to vape shops, and you can find some of them at your nearest vape shop. You can also purchase your favorite supreme vape from a trusted online store on the internet as long as they offer delivery around within your city.

    How can I know a supreme vape is fake?

    Being a Supreme branded vape, it easy for counterfeits to hit the market. This happens because it is hard to note the difference when you see its name. Be sure to check the package. If anything is missing or tampered with, do not proceed with the purchase.

     If the design print on your vape seems to come off, do not proceed with the purchase.

     If the vape pen does not pass the pesticide test, it is not acceptable for your consumption.


    In line with using disposable vape pens, supreme vape has played its part in delivering the best to its customers. The supreme vape pens are reliable and convenient, coming in many different flavors.

    Supreme vape assures a prolonged vaping experience because you get to choose the type of oils and concentrates you want for your vaping experience.

    You can try some of the good product that comes with a fashionable supreme logo to give you a unique vape satisfaction.

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