Suorin Drop Vaping Pod Review and Instructions

    Suorin Drop Vaping Pod Review and Instructions

    The use of pods is increasing day-in-day-out. This is mostly pegged on the fact that they are effective in the facilitation of vaping. Pods contain all the features you need to vape in a minimalistic body that is effective to carry along even in your pocket. This offers the convenience of you vaping even when you are traveling.

    Because there are numerous vaping pods in the market, it can prove difficult for you to choose the right one for you. But you don’t need to worry as we at UPENDs always set aside an article to give you a review of different vape equipment. In this article, we shall base our review on Suorin Drop Vape Pod.

    What is Suorin Drop Vape Pod?

    This is a tear-shaped refillable vaping pod with an e-liquid capacity of 2ml and a coil resistance of 1.3-ohms. It is designed with a minimalist design with a dimensional size of 73mm x 49mm x 12mm that can fit exactly. To enhance its portability, Suorin Drop Vape Pod is built using light materials that make it lightweight enough, weighing 65 grams.

    For more about Suorin Drop Vape Pod, let's read together to the end.

    Suorin Drop Vape Pod Specifications

    • 73mm x 49mm x 12mm dimensional size
    • 2ml e-liquid capacity
    • Colors: Black, Blue, White, Gunmetal, Green
    • 13W maximum power output
    • Micro USB Charging Port
    • 310mAh Rechargeable integrated battery
    • Draw-activated
    • LED battery indicator
    • All-in-one design

    Suorin Drop Vape Pod Features Review

    Here is a review of Suorin Drop Vape Pod;

    Battery and Charging

    Suorin Drop Vape Pod is powered by a rechargeable 310mAh capacity battery. This battery is in-built and assures you 5-6 hours battery life after a full charge. The outstanding feature about the Suorin Drop Vape Pod battery is that you can vape while it's charging. Thus, you don't need to worry about its battery life.

    Charging the Suorin Drop Vape Pod is easy and straightforward. The package of this vape pod comes with a Micro USB cable that you need to connect to the USB charging port on the underside of your Suorin Drop Vape Pod and connect it to the power source, and your battery should start charging.

    Amazingly, Suorin Drop Vape Pod is engineered with a LED battery life indicator. This indicator light allows you to monitor the battery life and know when you can set it for recharging; for instance, the LED lights Blue when the power is between 100% and 30% and Red when the battery is below 30%.

    Build Quality

    Suorin Drop Vape Pod is developed from a Zinc Alloy on its body, while its pods are made from tented plastic. The zinc alloy is not only durable but also lightweight, making the whole Suorin Drop Vape Pod lightweight enough for you if you are a regular traveler.

    Cost of Purchase

    When you visit a vape shop or store open near you, you can buy Suorin Drop Vape Pod for an average retail price of $34.99. however, this price may vary from one vape shop to the other depending on your location and when different vape shops have offered. You can also consider purchasing it online you also need to consider the shipping fees charged by different online vape shops.


    Suorin Drop Vape Pod gives you an outstanding experience when it comes to flavor output. Although the flavor you get entirely depends on the flavor of the e-liquid you fill the pods with, the Suorin Drop Vape Pod makes sure that the quality of such flavor is exceptional.

    To guarantee you high-quality flavor, Suorin Drop Vape Pod is equipped with exceptional coils with a resistance range of 1.3 -1.4ohms that allows you to control the intensity of the flavor you get. As you increase the resistance of the coils, the more intense the flavor will get, and the throat hit will consequently increase.

    Suorin Drop Vape Pod’s pods are sealed completely, making sure there are no leakages, spitting, or gurgling. This makes sure that the flavor you get in every puff is not compromised in any way.

    Ease of Use

    Many vapers who have used Suorin Drop Vape Pod before have always ranked it as an easy-to-use vape tool that you can also use as a vaper. Despite your experience operating different vape tools, you can always find it easy to use Suorin Drop Vape Pod.

    To operate is simple; detach the pod from the battery, refill it with your favorite e-liquid, allow the e-liquid to soak the coil before you can make a draw. 

    It does not come with any buttons for operation. You only need to make sure the battery is charged, and the pod is filled with an e-liquid, and start vaping.

    General Performance

    The Suorin Drop Vape Pod gives a top-notch vaping experience. It gives you a satisfying warm MTL draw that is super-tight, giving you the satisfaction you need.

    The flavor that you get from Suorin Drop Vape Pod is also good. You are guaranteed a dense vapor in every puff you make. This is due to the fact that it comes with an outstanding coil system. You can also vape at different coil resistances to control the intensity of flavor you get and the throat hit.

    The battery of the Suorin Drop Vape Pod is also worth mentioning. It allows you to enjoy non-stop vaping for 5-6 hours after a full charge. As the battery recharges, you can also be enjoying vaping without any setbacks. Suorin Drop Vape Pod is worth employing for your vaping journey.

    Pros and Cons


    • It supports quick charge
    • It guarantees you great vapor and excellent flavor
    • Its pods are refillable
    • Suorin Drop Vape Pod allows you a top-notch MTL draw
    • Its 2ml pod capacity is enough to give you a long vaping time
    • Its pods can allow you to vape two juices with different flavors concurrently.


    • Its battery life indicator is too dim
    • It sometimes misfires 

    FAQs About Suorin Drop Vape Pod

    How Long does Suorin Drop Vape Pod Battery Last?

    Suorin Drop Vape Pod is powered by a 310mAh capacity battery that gives you 5-6 continuous vaping hours. You can also vape as your Suorin Drop Vape Pod is still charging. This battery’s life can also last depending on your vaping frequency.

    How do I refill my Suorin Drop Pods?

    Suorin Drop Vape Pod comes with 2ml capacity refillable pods. This way, you are allowed to refill them with any e-liquid of your choice. To have refilled;

    1. Detach the pod from the battery
    2. At the base of the pods, you will realize two filling plugs.
    3. Turn the pods upside down and remove the plug.
    4. Take your favorite e-liquid and squeeze it through the filling holes. Make sure you do it systematically to avoid creating bubbles.
    5. Replace the plugs and make sure they are firm
    6. Wipe any e-liquid spillages
    7. Replace the pod back to the battery by sliding it

    Alternative Vaping Equipment: UPENDS


    This is a super-value vape pod that comes with unbeatable vaping performance. It is engineered with outstanding and durable features that make it highly exceptional. One of the notable features of UpOX is its Etchip 2.0 flavor master coil that comes with improved heating efficiency. This coil makes sure you get a mouthful and original flavor in every puff.

    Some of its other features include an innovative and thoughtful dust-proof design, outstanding battery and battery life, easy to fill pod, intelligent activation, and many more outstanding features that you can always count on.


    Suorin Drop Vape Pod has won the hearts of many vapers owing to its outstanding features and affordable retail price. This vape pod is outstanding, allowing you to vape without having any prior knowledge. This is because it does not come with any operation buttons allowing you to use it even with no experience. If you miss the quality you need with Suorin Drop Vape Pod; you can always seek an alternative vape tool from UPENDS.


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