WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Sublime Vape. Types of Sublime Vape Pens and the Best Alternative Vape Pen

12th May 2022 | 233 | upends v

What is sublime vape

Sublime is a vape pen designed for use with cannabis products such as oils, dry herbs, wax, and cannabis concentrates. The pen was created by Sublime company that prides itself on being one of the best cannabis products manufacturer. They have quality cartridges and pens that are very highly rated in the vape market.

Different Types of Sublime vape pens

  • Sublime sneaker

The sublime sneaker is a very convenient and compact design vape pen. It has a commonplace 510 threaded cartridge, which means that you can choose to use different cartridges from different companies apart from sublime cartridges.

When you need to recharge your sneaker vape pen, you do not have to worry because the charger is inbuilt, so plug your device into a USB A port and let it take time to recharge your pen. You even get a security feature to hang the pen from a key chain using the sneaker loop provided.

  • Sublime Jupiter

Sublime Jupiter is one of the greatest vape pens ever designed. This particular vape pen is purely designed for use with cannabis products, and it has achieved this so well.

The Jupiter pen now uses a new ceramic reactor technology that has been specially designed to heat high viscosity oils to the point of producing vapor.

The vape pen does not use the traditional wick and coil that burns too hot. You also enjoy an active feedback system that vibrates softly when the pen is working or when your battery percentage is getting low.

Features of the Jupiter pen

  • The mouthpiece is secured and also a hidden oil chamber to avoid exposure to non-users
  • Silver-plated magnetic base to give positive and quick connection between battery and oil cartridge.
  • Reactor 9 chamber technology that ensures for proper heating of high viscosity oils

Here is another Sublime vape pen.

  • Sublime cannabis cartridge                        

In addition to developing their cannabis extraction process and machine, sublime concentrates use 100% pure CO2 extracted oil. In this extraction process, they maintain the temperatures at under 118 degrees, and they are capable of maintaining the temperature better than other brands of machines.

After extraction of oil, it is winterized in cold organic ethanol to create a unique vape oil. It is also good to remember that they do not add any industrial terpenes and other harmful solvents in the process. None of their products contain glycol or PEGA.

Watch this video to learn how the Sublime cartridge work.


Packaging of sublime 

Each sublime cartridge is already prefilled with 500mg pure uncut cannabis oils. These carts are individually packaged and given different names, allude to the associated high effects you can expect.

Each package has the lab information, which specifies the cannabis oil in the cartridge and gives a few details on the expected side effects when you use it. You are also provided with a graph that shows you where your strain falls on the Indica and Sativa spectrum. 

Sublime indica vs sativa

  • The’ Sundays’ cartridge that contains OG Kush has a total of 58.29% THC and a total CBD of 0.16%
  • The 'Glow' cartridge contains sour diesel with a 56.59% THC and a 0.16% CBD total.


Both Indica and Sativa cartridges have a natural taste. The experience is very similar to vaping straight flowers, unlike other vape devices that have been heavily induced with artificial terpene flavors.

The ‘Sundays” gives a natural taste of pine and on the other hand, 'glow' has a sweeter taste that is common to many Sativa strains.


Sunday’s cartridge gives a very relaxed and calm feeling. The glow cartridge, on the other hand, gives a chattier mood. But both of these cartridges are enjoyable.

Sublime cartridges available

  • El Fuego- sativa
  • Glow- sativa
  • Melt- indica hybrid
  • Sunday- sativa hybrid

Sublime vape pen reliability

Sublime took their time to work on quality tanks and cartridge wicks. Their high-density tanks are acceptable for preventing leakages and can tolerate high voltage vape batteries without failing. Their low failure rate stands at 1.5%, which is satisfactory for any product.  If they continue with this, they may end up producing vape cartridges that never get defective.

Pros and cons of sublime vape 


  • Easy to use

The sublime cartridges are already prefilled. All you have to do is to fit your cartridge into the vaping pen and take your soft puffs as you desire. You do not have to worry about tweaking and adjusting the settings on your pen to find the best spot. All you have to do is let your coil do the work for you because it is designed to heat up slowly but perfectly.

  • You get consistent puffs

The sublime cartridges are prefilled with between 150 to 300 puffs, so you do not have to worry about running out. It is best if you time your usage in each session, so you avoid wastage. It is hard to get burns from these cartridges because they are meant to handle the temperature released. You are assured of getting as many refills for your device before you finally decide to throw it out.

  • Small and discreet designs 

The vape devices are light because they are designed to be the size of a pod and weigh slightly 12 grams. When you place the cartridge on the vape pen, you will realize that it gets more immense than how you saw it without the pen mounted on it.

A small design is always discreet when in usage because it does not attract attention like other devices. 

  • Variety of flavors to heighten your vaping experience

When using sublime vape products, you get several flavors to choose from, such as Sativa, Indica, and the hybrid versions. Using the sublime pen with the sublime vape oils heightens your vaping experience because you experience absolute quality. You get to feel the satisfaction you had aimed for, and people rarely complain about it.

  • They are less messy

Unlike the other vape pens that have had issues with leakages and spillage, sublime vape pens do not carry the same. With sublime vapes, you are assured that you get the best compatibility technology with well-designed cartridges. 

Cons of sublime vape

  • Limited flavor options

The fact that sublime vape pens were made as a complementary product to their line of vape oils means that you only have to select from a few cartridges and oils to enjoy your vape. You can only choose the sublime cart flavors, although they still have some of the four available prominent flavors.

FAQs about sublime vape pens

Where can I buy a sublime vape pen?

Most cannabis vape retailers have set up their stores online, so you have a lot of options through delivery networks and marketplaces that allow you to place your orders online, and they get delivered to you wherever you are

Is a sublime vape pen worth it?

Sublime vape pens are worth it, accompanied by their well-designed cartridges. You get to enjoy the best vape pen technology when using sublime products because they have been designed to work perfectly with high viscosity oils that have not performed well with other vape pens.

Alternative vape: UPENDS

Uppen Plus

This mouth-to-lung vape device uses the Etchip coil that lets the Uppen Plus keep the intense taste of the Uppen pod. With a perfect, original, and fresh taste, you get satisfaction from the very first puff you take.

The metal cap that is featured on the Uppen Plus it effectively protects the e-liquid from being exposed to air when it is not being used. This helps maintain e-liquid freshness even after many days of not vaping.

The cap also has a feature to protect your pen from dust and a mouthpiece that can fight up to 99.9% of bacteria.                                  


Sublime vape products are well equipped with features that make them stand out among other oil-based cannabis vape pens. There is no doubt that the sublime cartridges are some of the best universal carts for use with any pen. The pens feature a reactor nine technology that works with high viscosity oils making it the best selection for vaping.