Solo Vape Products, Battery and Charger, Discount and Coupon Codes, Skins and Colors, and Everything You Need To Know About Solo Vape Near Me

    Solo Vape Products, Battery and Charger, Discount and Coupon Codes, Skins and Colors, and Everything You Need To Know About Solo Vape Near Me

    1. What is Solo Vape?

    Solo Vape Instructions and Price

    The trend and shift from traditional smoking to the more safe vaping option have been taking momentum, especially in the recent past. The trend has caused the emergence of vape brands that aim to satisfy the increasing vaping needs. The brands manufacture and make a plethora of vaping products such as disposables, pod systems, e-liquids, vape batteries, and many more.

    The Solo vape has been a common name on the vaping market. It features several products and upgrades that form the Solo vape product series containing only disposable vapes. The four most popular products under the Solo vape products are Vapeman Solo, Vapeman Solo Plus, Vuse Solo Power Unit, and the Podlyfe Solo Disposable Vape Device. In this article, we will go through each of these products, describing their critical features, battery and chargers, compatible flavors, and such like relevant details.

    2. Solo Vapes Near Me

    Using this free Vape locator tool to help you to find Solo vape shops near me(my location).

    3. Vapeman Solo

    Vapeman Solo is the most original vape under the Solo vape series. It is a 20mg (representing 2%) nicotine salt disposable vape pen. The vape pen is available in a wide range of e-liquid flavors

    4. Vapeman Solo Battery and Charger

    The Vapeman Solo is characterized by a 550mAh battery, which is among the highest battery capacities on the solo vape series. The battery supports a tremendous amount of puffs, going up to 600 puffs. Six hundred puffs are quite a lot, especially when weighing them upon cigar strengths. In essence, 600 puffs outweigh and outlives close to thirty cigarettes. You should also know that how long the battery lasts will depend on other factors, such as how you frequently use your kit.

    Being a disposable vape pod means that you discard it once you are done using it. It does not need to be recharged or refilled, which is why it does not come with a charger.

    5. Vapeman Solo Flavors

    An excellent disposable brand should be able to avail its products in several flavors. The reason is that you cannot refill them, which means that you cannot get a different flavor using a previously used vape pen.

    The good news with Vapeman solo is that it has availed itself in several flavors. The following are some of the flavors that vapeman Solo flavors bring you: Dual Apple, Cherry Ice, Citrus mix, cool mint, blue razz lemonade, pineapple peach mango, peach mango watermelon, kiwi passion fruit guava, sour apple, strawberry kiwi, mango ice, passion fruit, mojito, pink lemonade, rainbow candy, guava ice, energize, cola ice, forest berries, berry energy, pineapple ice.

    Please note that these are not the only flavors available. You can reach out to your vendor and request for any flavor you like. It does not matter the type of flavor you want. The Vapeman solo is available in all top e-liquid flavors.

    6. Vapeman Solo Color and Skin

    Vapeman Solo comes in several colors. There is a color for everyone. Most colors have been customized to match the color of the flavor the kit is carrying. For instance, the banana is yellow, and so is the Vapeman solo kit that carries the banana flavor. Some of the colors are shown in the image attached.

    7. Vapeman Solo Plus

      The Vapeman Solo Plus is a slight upgrade of the Vapeman Solo vape. Like the Vapeman Solo vape, the Vapeman Solo Plus features a 550mAh battery. The battery is strong enough to withstand several hours of vaping and over six hundred puffs.

      The kit comes with a pre-filled 2ml e-liquid with a 2% nicotine concentration that will give you the excellent vaping experience you so much deserve.

      8. Design and Built Features of Vapeman Solo Plus

      The Vapeman Solo features a portable size and lightweight chassis construction. This feature makes it possible for you to carry your device anywhere and everywhere and use it whenever you want.

      9. Vuse Solo Power unit

        Design, Build Quality, and Performance of the Vuse Solo Power Unit

        The Vuse Solo Power Unit is an excellent product primarily built to bring ease of use and reliability to your vaping schedule. It is well-equipped to take care of your nicotine craving both in the long term and the short term.

        The Vuse Solo Power Unit is perfectly compatible with all the snap-in and go ranges of solo cartridges that hold 0.5ml of salt nicotine.

        10. Vuse Solo Power Unit Battery and Charger

        The Vuse Solo Power Unit has a 270mAh in-built battery capacity. Although this capacity might be low compared to its competitors, it has its advantageous side in the sense that it takes minimal time to charge. You will not waste a lot of time waiting for it to charge, and you will be vaping even before you know it. The Vuse Solo Power Unit battery is recharged quickly by a USB-C type charger which it comes along with, and a draw-to-fire in operation.

        The USB-C type charger is the most common charger on the market. It means that even when the original charger is damaged or gets lost, you will efficiently and quickly find a replacement. However, it is always recommended that you use the original charger, which is why you must try as much as you can to care for and maintain it.

        11. Vuse Solo Power Unit Accessories Compatibility                

        The Vuse Solo Power Unit is compatible with a wide range of hardware and accessory selections. Vuse designed this product to make it compatible with other similar products, which can simplify the vapers’ schedule and improve the performance of the device.

        Moreover, the materials used to build this device are strong enough to withstand the rigors that come with frequent usage. Vuse Solo Power Unit has also been built to give excellent e-liquid salt nicotine bases that can satisfy users’ cravings and enhance their vaping experience. Vuse Solo Power Unit is an excellent option for vapers who are just starting out vaping or those who are trying to switch from traditional smoking to a safe vaping lifestyle. Their lightweight and smooth skins mean that they are easy to be carried around and handle in the palms of the hands.

        12. How To Use the Vuse Solo Power Unit

        Using the Vuse Solo Power Unit is easy. If you are not sure how it is done, I recommend that you peruse the users’ manual. First, you will have to push in the cartridge while turning it clockwise until it clocks in a perfect position. Once you are sure that the cartridge is held in a perfect position, you can now proceed to take a hit. You should use the strength of your puffs to manage the vapor production.

        13. Podlyfe Solo Disposable Vape Device

          Podlyfe Solo disposable vape device is another vape device of the Solo vape series. The vape is majorly customized and sold by Podlyfe, a renowned seller of vape products.

          Podlyfe Solo disposable vape device features a 280mAh battery, which is one of the least battery capacities on the Solo vape product series. It comes prefilled with e-liquid and has an e-liquid holding capacity of 1.4mls. Although this kit has a lower battery capacity compared to its peers, you can still bet on it to take you through multiple vaping sessions.

          14. Podlyfe Solo Disposable Vape Device

          The Podlyfe Solo disposable vape device comes in six major flavors that are mentioned below;

          • Gold Tobacco
          • Menthol Ice
          • Aqua Mint
          • Peach Ice
          • Mango Ice
          • Watermelon Ice

          15. Solo Vape Coupon and Promo Codes

          1. Solo Vape Discount Coupon Code 1:


          Solo vapes come at user-friendly prices. More exciting is that there are a number of coupon and promo code websites that you can use to get discounts on Solo vapes.

          16. Solo Vape Review

          Here is what one of the customers had to say about Solo vape;

          “I acquired the Vuse Solo Power Unit from a local retailer. The kit has lasted longer than other disposable vapes I have used before. I like how it functions and its battery capacity. It is easy to use. Even the new vapers will not need to be taught how to use it. I highly recommend.” Anonymous

          17. FAQS About Solo Vapes

          Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Solo vapes

          1. How Do I Refill Solo Vapes

          You do not have to refill them because they are disposables. After using them, you just throw them away and find a new kit.

          1. How Long Does Solo Vapes Last

          Solo vapes are designed with excellent e-liquid holding capacity and an inbuilt battery that can give you close to six hundred puffs.

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