Solo 2 Vape: Review and Instructions of The Product

    Solo 2 Vape: Review and Instructions of The Product

    Due to the negative side effects of smoking on the health, many smokers have switched, while some others are also willing to switch from regular cigarette smoking to using electronic cigarette known as vapes. Vapes are said to help reduce the addiction to smoking and they usually do not have a lot of negative side effects. It’s also highly recommended that newbies in vaping choose trusted brands to guarantee a great vape session. In this article, we would be talking about a popular vape brand; Arizer vape, its product; solo2 vape and its reviews.

    1.      Arizer Vape

    Arizer is one of the big vaporizer industries that produce and offer top-notch quality vapes and e-cigarettes. Their vapes are well designed and are also beginner-friendly. Based in Canada, Arizer is well known and popular amongst vaping enthusiasts for its product’s quality. Arizer has its website has arizer.com. Arizer’s vaporizers are easy to use, clean, maintain and also have cutting edge design features such as all-glass heating pathways, hybrid heating options (convection and conduction) and most importantly fast warm time. One of Arizer’s top and popular vaporizers is the Solo2 vape.

    2.      What is Solo2 Vape?

    The Arizer solo2 vape is one of its kind. Vaping enthusiasts prefer the solo2 vape as their ready-to-go vape due to its best vapour quality. With its ceramic heating and all-glass mouthpiece, it gives vaping enthusiasts excellent taste and good vapour density. The solo2 vape has a stem that helps cool off the vapour nicely and also has a very smooth texture though it can easily be removed. The solo2 vape is Arizer’s most portable vape pen to be produced by Arizer. Its nice portability comes without sacrifice taste, functionality and power. The solo2 vape is the third model to be developed by Arizer. Apart from its great portability, the solo2 is known for having a very good battery life and nice vapour quality. The average battery life of a solo2 vape is about three hours on a full charge compared to its other vape model counterpart which is about having a nice 15-20 vaping sessions without having to charge it. When the solo2 vape is turned up, it heats up very fast in less than 20 seconds. With the digital LED that is in the solo2 vape, non-smokers can track and control the heat temperature and also keep track of its battery life. Wherever you go, the solo2 vape can easily fit into pockets as a result of its slim and not too heavy features.

    2.1 Pros

    Long-lasting battery

    Easy to use

    Precise temperature control

    Very reliable

    Well-built and designed

    Great value for the price

    3.      What Does Arizer Solo2 Vape Kit Contain?

    All of Arizer’s vape products usually come in a kit giving vape enthusiasts some extra vape accessories. In the Arizer solo2 vape, the following are included;

    Two mouthpieces (with silicone caps), one long and one short

    Carrying case

    Cleaning equipment

    Some extra screens

    External DC wall charger

    Potpourri dish

    4.      Features of Solo2 Vape

    Arizer solo2 vape is a great and portable vape model that vape enthusiast can easily take on the go. Some of its amazing features are:

     4.1 Arizer Solo2 Vape makes very high-quality vapour

    When it comes to vape brands that produce top-quality vaporizers, Arizer comes to mind. Its amazing high-quality vapour, smooth texture and great taste are what takes it above its competitions. The solo2 vape is capable of making giant clouds with little efforts because it heats up so fast thus allowing the process to happen much quicker and in less time.

    4.2 Arizer solo2 vape has upgraded draw resistance

    With its improved draw resistance, not only is the heater more powerful but it’s very much easier and smoother to draw vape from the solo2 vape. The draws from the vape are very effortless and free from any resistance. In as much as the vape is maintained and the airflow chambers are kept from any form of debris, the draw resistance would remain throughout the vape’s lifespan. For good maintenance of the solo2 vape, users are advised to make sure they brush out the bowl after each session, cleaning the vape very well at least once or twice a month.

    4.3 The Arizer solo2 vape has excellent digital display and custom session settings

    Unlike other vape models, using the Arizer solo2 vape doesn’t require a smartphone app as it has a new LCD digital display and also three front buttons where you can access all of its new features. One very cool custom session setting is the full digital temperature control from 50° Celsius to 220° Celsius or 122° Fahrenheit to 428° Fahrenheit that can be adjusted in one to ten-degree increments. This full digital temperature control makes the solo vape perfect and more functional than most of the other vapes.

    5.      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    5.1 How to use an Arizer solo2 vape

    It is very important to ensure that proper use of vapes are done by e-smokers to achieve a medium course grind for the best results and even burn for your flower when using it with a grinder.

    When vaping, always take small pulls instead of big pulls to get the most out of your packed bowls unless they would get burnt easily and fast. It’s good to also slow down on your draws until you barely feel any resistance.

    Finally, it is highly recommended to always turn off the unit towards the end of the session and keep taking a couple of rips until it cools down. This would help save your battery life and you would also get the most out of your solo2 vape.

     5.2 How to clean an Arizer solo2 vape

    Cleaning a vaporizer isn’t as difficult as it might seem. All that is required is that you don’t over pack the stems of your vape with dirt. Below are the following easy ways to get a fully cleaned solo2 vape.

    To clean your dirty oven, slightly soak a cotton swab in isopropyl alcohol (anything from 90% and upwards is the best) and rub the dirty spots, holding the unit upside down to stop the alcohol from dripping inside the mechanical parts of the unit.

    To remove the smell, do a couple of burnout sessions by turning on the solo2 vape on high and leaving it till it shut down on its own. Not doing this would spoil the taste when next you want to vape.

    To clean the stems, soak them in isopropyl alcohol for about two hours and then rinse them off with hot water until there are no more oils and build up in the stem.

    Ensure to clean your solo2 vape as much as possible to thoroughly remove the alcohol taste that might still be in it.

    Make sure to always dry it off very well before use it again.

    5.3 Is Arizer Solo2 vape worth the hype?

    Arizer vape is one of the top brands that e-smokers trust to always produce top quality vaporizers and also regularly adding new exciting features to their products. Talking about the Arizer solo2 vape, it is portable, produces high-quality vapour and also has an improved draw resistance which is what vape enthusiasts are always on the lookout for. The Arizer solo2 vape meets most of the requirements of top quality vapes and is the one to go very handy vaporizer.

    5.4 How can I switch on the Arizer solo2 vape?

     To turn on the solo2 vape, press the up and down button.

    5.5 How much herb can fill into the Arizer solo2 vape?

    The glass stem of the Arizer solo2 vape will fill about 0.25 grams of herb.

    5.6 Can Arizer solo2 vape be used for wax or oil?

    The Arizer solo2 vape is best suitable to be used for vaping dry herbs only.

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    7.      Conclusion

    Arizer vape brand is one of the top best brands in the vape industry. With the production of the solo2 vape, vaping enthusiasts described it as Keep It Simple (KIT). The solo2 vape is quite portable and moderate in price. It’s a vaporizer that is very easy to clean, use and maintain. E-smokers can enjoy its amazing flavours while vaping and it’s also very reliable. The Arizer solo2 vape can be used for a couple of vaping sessions as it has a very long-lasting battery. It’s also a great choice for beginner e-smokers.


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