WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

SMOK SLM review and instructions. The Build, Design Quality, Features, Specifications, and Performance

24th Aug 2021 | 234 | upends v

The SMOK SLM is a pod system that takes after the pen style of vaping devices. It features an intuitive air activation feature that runs on a 250mAh rated battery. The SLM has an exterior design that makes it highly portable, and it can be used to vape on the go.

The pod system runs without buttons, and to use it, you only need to plug your pod onto the batter and inhale from the mouthpiece. The pod capacity is at 0.8 ml or liquids and works with a refill port on the side. You can charge it using a USB charging port found at the base of the unit.

Build and design quality

The SMOK SLM takes after devices that function using air-activated systems such as the SMOK Novo and the Juul. Its form factor embodies a slim and angled design that appears cylindrical when compared against flat devices. The bottom is round design and holds the USB port while the pods are filled from the top with a round opening bearing.

The paint job on the device is glossy and features a small-sized LED indicator that can be used to show battery life. When the device is being used, it can light up to show activity, and the USB charger can be used to recharge the internally built battery. The cell capacity is 250mAh, and the power range is limited at 10-16W.

The battery runs on direct voltage, so it cannot favor any variable voltage options. Both the batter and the pod are activated by inhalation, so you need to take a draw from the mouthpiece to get vapor building up. You can easily take out the pods and refill them. The two included pods can hold a maximum of 0.8ml of e-juice, and it would be best to use nicotine salts since the coils are lower than used nicotine options.

Features and specification of the SMOK SLM

  • It runs on a direct voltage
  • It is a draw activated device that is easy to use
  • The LED battery indicator is amazing
  • It features a slim, lightweight device
  • The pod system is refillable, and the cartridge can be replaced
  • The chimney is elongated and has a coil atomizer
  • It has a sleek mouthpiece that appears ergonomic
  • Has an additional short-circuit feature

The SMOK qualifies as a standard pod, a vape pen that looks similar to other vape pen units in the market. By appearance, the device looks longer since it stands at the height of 100mm long, which equals 4.4 inches. The pod contributes to more of its look. The shape is bigger than the square design pods.

The cylindrical part of the unit is thin, lightweight, and comes with a small LED indicator on the front that lights up when using the device, and it indicated the device's battery levels. The bottom section bears the USB recharge port, which is for recharging the battery.

Since it is an air-activated device, you do not have any buttons to press or work with because there are no settings that allow adjustments and changes. The whole build is plastic that makes it light and slim.

Battery and charging of the SMOK SLM

The SLM battery comes with a holding capacity of 250mAh and runs on direct voltage. The battery capacity is equivalent to what you find in disposable units, so its lifespan lies in the same range.

The device can last you between 200 to 300 puffs. If the device is used a lot, then the cell needs to be charged forehand before using it at any time. The recharge period will take an hour barely, so it is a reasonable device.

The device's charging uses a USB micro charger, so you can plug it into a power source and get it powered up. To preserve your battery, ensure that you charge it when it is flat to avoid ruining your battery.

Vapor and flavor quality

The SMOK SLM uses a mouth-to-lung draw system which is more appropriate for people who fancy flavor over clouds. The coil used has no much information about it, but it is an average ohm coil, roughly between1.3ohm-1.4ohm depending on the amount of vapor production. The power output is 16W at maximum, and it greatly delivers according to its spec capability.

The pod easily connects with the battery to give a tight draw with high resistance. The mouthpiece has a good shape and is very comfortable. You do not have to go into the pod to activate it, you have to take a few draws, and you are good to go. The first draws might not be satisfactory, but you will enjoy some good flavor and vapor when the pod gets right. 

Ease of use

The SMOK SLM makes it easy for you to get started. You have to refill the device by flipping open the port and adding liquid into it. Insert the pod into the battery and prepare for your session. Give it a little time to chill so that the coils can be primed. The automatic activation process will greatly assist when using the SLM because you only need to take a puff from the mouthpiece as you head over to vape. It is like taking a drag from a cigarette. 

Performance of the SMOK

The battery is an impressive unit with a 250mAh which works well with the majority of pod systems. The 16w power output means that the battery cannot last for a very long time. When testing the device, you will first enjoy a few hours before you need to recharge it again. This is better than other pod systems that are on this edge.


On a positive note, the device charges quickly and can go from dead to full in an hour. The charging cable appears small, but you might also use it to vape as you charge if you can be comfortable with your lips. The LED light will go off when you have fully charged, so you will know when you can plug in your device.

The thin design makes it comfortable to hold and use. It is light to hold in your hands and on your lips when vaping. It has good portability, and you can easily carry it in your pocket anywhere you want to go.

Pros and cons of SMOK SLM


  • The device uses a 0.8ml pod capacity which is sufficient
  • The pod can be refilled easily using a side refill portal
  • The device is highly compatible with nicotine salts instead of e-liquids
  • The build of the unit makes it lightweight and portable
  • The lighter battery cell makes it simple to recharge within an hour or so
  • The Direct to lung feature makes it a good catch for flavor chasers
  • It has good vapor production, which is good for stealth


  • The battery capacity is small and sometimes runs out
  • The pen only works with nick salts inconveniencing e-liquid users


Is the SMOK SLM worth it?

Yes. The SMOK SLM is a good device to have in your collection. The pod system is fully compatible with all kinds of users and affordable.

How much is the SMOK SLM?

The SMOK SLM comes at varied prices, and the cheapest unit can go for as low as $69.60. Compared to other devices, it is a good unit to add to our collection.


The Upcott uses an inventive and simplistic structure that makes the unit much cheaper than the others. It favors versatile vaping at a price that works best for other people.

The unit cokes with a 4.5ml tank which is also three times the regular pod size. It saves you up to 50%, accommodating everyone who wants to get into vaping as a beginner. It is a recommended device.


The SMOK SLM is a quality pod system that works well for people who want portability and vaping on the go. It can work for beginners and experienced vapers alike. If you wish to try out this amazing device, then do not shy and go for it.