WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Smok Infinix Vape Pen Review, and Usage Instructions

12th May 2022 | 466 | upends v

What is Smok Infinix?

The Smok Infinix is a small vape device by SMOK with a battery capacity of 250mAh. At first glance, the Infinix looks like the SMOK Fit, only that the design differs a little. So, lets dig in into this device and find out if it’s worth your time and money.

The Smok Infinix Package Includes:

  • Smok Infinix Device
  • 2 Pods 2ml each
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • E-Liquid Injection 10 ml Bottle

Features of Smok Infinix

  • Dimensions: Height: 110mm, Width: 19.5mm, Depth: 11mm
  • Built-In 250mAh Capacity Battery
  • Power Range: 10W – 16W
  • Charging: USB Cable
  • Voltage range output: 3.3-4.2V
  • Tank capacity: 2ml
  • Colors: Red, gunmetal, and blue

The Smok Infinix Quick Instructions

  • The LED indicator lights turn red when the device is charging and goes off when the device is fully charged.
  • Open up the rubber cap on the device when filling up the eliquid.
  • Ensure the rubber cap is tightly closed after refilling
  • Use the refilling bottle provided to fill in the juice
  • Do not vape immediately after refilling the eliquid. Wait for the juice to soak for five minutes
  • The vape device does not have a button. Just inhale to vape.

Design and Body Structure

Smoktech has over the years built a reputation of making durable and strong vape products. You can only expect that the Smok Infinix is not any different. It does not have any defects.

The body of the device is made from zinc alloy with a matte finish. It is lightweight and feels comfortable while holding it in the hands.

The body is diamond-shaped with rounded edges.  With a weight of 22 grams, and smooth body, it makes it easy to carry it in your pockets.

Generally, the design of this vape design is simplistic which makes it easy to use.

The Smok Infinix Pods

The pods assume the same shape as the device. The pods come in pack of three and are sold separately. They have a tapering mouthpiece which prevents the user from drawing from the wrong end.

The cost of the pods averages $8.90, while that of the device is $16, thus a fair deal. The Smok Infinix Pods are easy to use. The Infinix package comes with a refilling bottle with a thin tip to make it even easier. They have a rubber opening on the side, which you flip open to refill it.

The pods have an eye-shaped clear window which allows to easily monitor the progress of eliquid.

Smok Infinix Battery Life

The device comes with a 250mAh battery capacity which is not bad for such a small device. Depending with how often or heavy you vape, the battery is going to last 8-10 hours, which is reasonable time.

The battery charges fast enough- only 25 minutes, from 0 charge to full charge. So, you can vape nearly all day with a few minutes charging break.

If you cannot wait for the battery to charge completely, you can vape as you charge. But, ensure the bottom is completely dry.

Vapor and Flavor

Coming from a small device such as this one, the vapor and flavor output is pretty decent. The vapor setup is perfectly designed for MTL vaping.

The vapor is funneled through tight holes to condense the flavor. The draw from this device is quite tight because there is no airflow control.

Smok Infinix Performance

The Smok Infinix performs well despite its small size and small battery capacity. It provides a warm and nice MTL vape. The flavor is good for a pod vape and the throat hit is mild.

You do not to draw hard for you to experience a MTL vape hit. It hits hard and stops almost immediately.

With this vape device, you will not experience hot popping or gurgling. The device uses regular cotton wick that are cut out of the chimney. The wicking system in Smok Infinix is efficient.

Smok Infinix VG and PG Ratio

If you are not sure of the right ratio, start with 50/50 PG:VG ratio. With this ratio, the devices wicks pretty well. If you use more than the other, you will definitely feel its dominance.

Power Flexibility

Judging with the small battery capacity 250mAh, this device does not produce a lot of wattage. Although SMOKTECH has not clearly stated the wattage output for Infinix, you can rate it at 6-12W, which is determined by the amount of charge in the battery.

Easy to Use Smok Infinix

Like most devices by Smok, Infinix is easy to use, especially for vaping beginners. Most vape devices come with a wide array of buttons which might seem confusing to new users. To vape, simply take a puff from the mouthpiece of the device. The device is air activated, which means when you take a draw, it gets activated. You can use the eliquid and flavors of your choice on this device.

Also, refilling the cartridges is easy. The kit comes with a refilling bottle with an extremely thing tip which ensures you are not spilling the eliquid.

The rubber stopper which closes the hole ensures the eliquid is well secured at the tank and no leakage or spillage is occurring.

Ease of Portability

The Smok Infinix has a small footprint and it is lightweight which makes it convenient and easy to carry around. It feels great to hold it in your hand. Also, the vape device is easy to carry in your pockets as you do not feel the weight of it.

Pros and Cons of Smok Infinix


  • Sleek and small sized for easy portability
  • Easy side fill port
  • Modern and trendy body design
  • Efficient wicking system
  • Quick charging time 25 minutes
  • Pass through charging system
  • Great flavor output
  • Affordable


  • The pod gets wet which affects the performance of the battery
  • The battery goes out quickly for heavy smokers
  • Refilling can be a bit messy
  • Does not have airflow control
  • The draw is quite restricted


  1. How long does a Smok Infinix vape last?

The Smok Infinix vape can last you for almost a day if you vape frequently. If you are regular vaper, it can last you up to two days.

  1. How do you charge Smok Infinix vape?

You plug in the USB cable charge and plug it in to a power source.

  1. Is the Smok Infinix vape worth it?

Comparing its performance to its small size, the Smok Infinix is worth it. It will give you a deep hit, smooth flavor, and great cloud.

4.How much is an xx vape?

The Smok Infinix costs $16.30 on average. But this price might vary depending with where you buy your device.

5.Why is my vape pen not working?

If your vape pen is not working, it could be an issue with your battery. If the battery has gone down, you need to recharge it.

Are You Tired of Refilling Your Vape Pens?Get Upone UPENDS Disposable Vape

Another brand worth your time and money is the Upone brand from UPENDS. Upone is a pocket-sized, sleek, and portable disposable vape. Upone is here to solve problems to people who want to vape but do not want to deal with refilling and maintenance of the device.

Upone comes in handy for people who love or are travelling. That way you can vape without having to carry extra eliquid, pods, or coils.

Upone comes as a full package and in different pleasant flavors. The flavors are Lychee crush, Cuban tobacco, Pineapple ice, cool mint, juicy grape, and raspberry flavor.

Differences Between Upone and Upone Plus

The Upone disposable vape device comes in two versions; the Upone and Upone plus. Both devices have a width of 18mm and different height of 111.3 mm for the Upone and 116mm for the Upone plus.  The Upone plus has an adjustable airflow design at the base for different vaping experiences.


  • Battery: 850mAh
  • Eliquid: 4.5ML
  • Resistance: 1.6Ω
  • Upone Size:18x111.3
  • Upone Plus Size:18x116mm

Safety features

The mouthpiece of this device is made with top-quality food-grade plastic to ensure the safety of your health. In addition, the wicking system is made from natural and organic, non-pollutant cotton material. The device uses class A battery which further guarantees your safety when vaping.

Also, the quality of this vaping device has been qualified by the GMP pharmaceutical grade manufacturing environment. So, vape knowing your safety using the product is guaranteed.


If you are looking for good performance vape device, Infinix is good enough. It is a great starting point for new vapers. The price is affordable with great design. The battery life is good with okay vapor and flavor output.

However, you should watch out for your battery when it gets wet. Keep the bottom of the pod as dry as possible. Alternatively, you can try out disposable vape devices such as Upone from UPENDS.