WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Skinny Vape Pen. A Review About the Features and How to Use the Skinny Vaporizer

20th May 2021 | 527 | upends v

What is a skinny vape pen

The skinny vape pen is a THC-V vape pen that uses a special tetrahydrocannabivarin, a compound in cannabis but with effects different from THC and CBD. THC vape pens have become so popular.

This can be attributed to any reason, one of them being that the cells are easy to use, are convenient, and very effective at giving you the highs you want from your marijuana concentrates and oils.

The skinny vape pen is good because it does not burn the material of your vape pen. The taste is fantastic and with a faint, smell it is appropriately discreet.

With many THC vape pens in the market, it is true to say that Skinny vape has been tested over time, and it is now among the unique vape pens we have in the market. 

Skinny vape pen features

The skinny vape pen is a particular device. It works so well with oils, but it does not have any special adjustable features.

The mouthpiece is made from plastic, with a small air hole that allows for inhalation. The pen is draw activated, so when you take a draw, it turns on.

It is fitted with a stylus-type bottom that maintains the well-known old-school vape pen e-cigarette design. The top tank holds only 0.5 ml of oil that gives you 200 puffs.

It performs well for such a slim device and does not create huge clouds because it is oil-based. It is very discreet and a vape to use on-go. 

Owing to the pen's simplistic and slim design, it is very light and highly portable. The battery has a 510 threading connection but with a 180mAh battery. This does not allow for use with any other cart apart from the clearomizer on the slim.

The user can detach the plastic mouthpiece to reveal a plug to put your oils. When you take off the mouthpiece, you can find the spot for charging the battery that you will screw into the USB adapter that is included.

You do not get a button on the device because it is draw-activated, but there is a tiny pinhole with a LED light that indicates that the device is functioning.

Getting started with the skinny vape pen

This pen is straightforward to use, considering it takes approximately 60 minutes to charge because it has a relatively small battery.

The skinny vape pen looks like you might be confused to think that the device cannot do much. It is a reliable small frame that hides an actual smoking machine beneath.

With a full tank, you get an effortless draw off the mouthpiece. You are assured of a device that does not get hot and no dry burnt hits.

Because it has no buttons for adjusting the settings, you decide how much vapor you want to inhale. You can therefore choose between short and long puffs.

How to use your skinny vape pen

First, you will need to have your pen ready and a few oil distillates. The cannabis oil comes pre-filled, but you can tweak your way into refilling the particular pod. 

You need to understand that your skinny vape pen has a pen-like shape because it houses the battery that heats the atomizer cartridge with a wick and heating coils. This process of heating then converts the cannabis concentrates into THC- filled vapor.

With just pressing a button and dragging on the mouthpiece, you get the best THC-V experience you have never seen before. You can expect the best from this device because it has a convenient way of heating the contents.

The skinny vape comes pre-filled and is disposable at the same time. So you might need to use other pre-filled cartridges on this device because you might want to save yourself the hustle of going through constant refills. 

Since the cartridge is already installed on the pen, all you have to do is press a button and take a draw.

Here are a few things to note before using your skinny vape pen

  • The pen is designed for special cannabis oil with THC-V
  • Ensure that your phone is well powered before you use it
  • The higher the milliamp rating, the more your cell will hold power
  • Dispose of your cartridge once your flavor and performance drops to avoid wastage           

How to keep your Skinny vape pen clean

Since the pen is a THC-V vape pen, it comes with a two-part design: the battery and the cartridge. The cartridge is disposable, meaning that there are no many objects to clean.

You, therefore, have to ensure that the connection is clean. The pen has a 510 threading connection that holds the cartridge to the enclosure. Make sure your link does not have any substance buildup to keep the current flowing. THC oil is thick, but a wrong connection could cause the device to stop working 

To clean the 510 connection, get a q-tip and a strong isopropyl and wipe the device until it becomes clear. Although cleaning the connector does not make any notable difference, but is for sure going to give you more life on your vape pen. You also need to check on your mouthpiece too because it is easy for it to get unclean.

How to refill a THC-V cartridge

To fill your skinny THC-V pen, you have to find a new cartridge and mount it on the pen. If that is not possible, you will need a syringe and an empty cartridge compatible with the device. Ensure that after every drop, you let the contents settle before adding another depth to prevent spillage that loses a few milliliters

Here are some steps you can follow

  • Slowly inject oil with circular motions
  • Never inject oil down on the central chimney of the cartridge
  • Fill the cartridge enough to cover the wick holes outside of the coil casing
  • Wait for 30 minutes for your oil to soak into o the wick.

Pros and cons of the skinny vape


  • It is a reliable device that is easy to use
  • It performs as well as expected
  • It is a draw to inhale device, making It unique


  • The device is too pricey, considering it does not perform any particular roles. It is just like any other device with disposable cartridges.

FAQs about the skinny vape pen

Skinny vape pen not working

There could be many reasons why your vape pen might not be working. This could be because your battery has run out or your cartridge is empty. Please make sure you check whether you have enough charge in the device before you use it. If your cartridge is open, the pen cannot work because it is a draw to activate the device.

Where can I buy a skinny vape?

For now, skinny vape pens are not widely available like the other pen brands, so you will need to check them from the skinny website, and you can make your order, and your products will be delivered to you by a respectable company.

Is skinny vape worth it?

The device's worth depends on what you are looking for in a vape pen, and the skinny vape pen is perfect for people who seek a classy oil vape experience.

Alternative vape: UPENDS


You get satisfaction from the first vapor you get from the Uppen pod. This is because of the Etchip coil with an enlarged heating area and a high resistance mesh that gives you a satisfying and sustaining vapor from the first puff.



The skinny vape pen performs as expected with the oil pens. It is a unique and classy design that is very convenient, and you can count on it to give you the best. The no-button feature is perfect for vapers with all working components and a well-designed mouthpiece and tank.

It is easy to disassemble, and no further need for maintenance and cleaning—the USB charger powers up the device so quickly.