Silo Vape Pen. Features and How to Use the Silo Vaporizer 2021

    Silo Vape Pen. Features and How to Use the Silo Vaporizer 2021

    What is a Silo vape pen

    A silo vape pen is a 500mAh vape battery made by the ccell vape company and is made for use with cartridges. It is a suitable device for delivering good performance working with a 510 threading on the cartridges.

    The vape pen has an upgraded breath-activated battery that is small and strong. It has cartridges made of inert material, a glass housing, and a ceramic wick for the mouthpiece to give you the purest form of flavor.

    They also have a wickless design that vaporizes oils with the highest viscosity available. You get an aluminum alloy housing that does not have any buttons embedded in them.

    All you have to do to activate the device is to inhale from the mouthpiece, and you will get a good, thick, and comfortable instant vapor. The Silo vape pen works well with TH2 and M6T cartridges, but with an a11mm chamber, you cannot use bug cartridges on it.

    We also need to remind you that you get a refillable portable vape to use for concentrates with this device. You get the Silo in different sizes and looks, the vape quality is top-notch, and its price is very affordable, and once you get something worth the money, you pay.

    Features of the Silo vape pen

    • LED activator indicator to let you know that your device is switched on and ready for use
    • Strong 500mAh battery that effortlessly gives you 180-200 draws per charge
    • You get a micro USB charging cable to keep you powered up for an excellent vaping session
    • Equipped with a 510 threading connector that allows you to connect the external cartridge and the mouthpiece.
    • Ceramic wick technology that allows for even distribution of heat to fire up the contents of the chamber

    Quality of the Silo vape pen

    Holding the SiloSilo in your hand feels nice, and it still has a lot of good functions present in its predecessors, like the CCell Palm that you most definitely enjoyed as a vaper.

    You get an aluminum casing that gives you a polished, sleek look that is so durable and lightweight making it easy to carry around in your jacket or pants pockets.

    The atomizer's body is mainly hidden to protect it from drops and any other elements that may interfere with its functionality. It might not be so much a particular device, but it still is worth the money.

    In the silo kit, you get a battery, two magnetic 510 adapters for the atomizers, and a USB charger which is everything you expected when swiping your card.

    The functionality of the silo vape pen

    First off, we need to remember that the SiloSilo does not have any exceptional power control that we can mention. It runs on the default settings but still delivers its best.

    You get a voltage setting of 3.7, but every atomizer runs on different powers so that you might experience a change in performance.

    Even with no temperature control feature, you will still find the device sweet to use and giving you the best hitting vape. The high-power 500mAh battery is perfect for such a kind of task.

    We have already mentioned that it can give you 200 hits on 0.2 grams of oil before getting a battery recharged. Unless you are a heavy user, the charge is enough to last a day when doing short and smooth hits.

    It takes less than an hour to recharge an empty battery which is good for you. The silo vape pen is a simple, effective, and compact device without sacrificing the power requirements. 

    The best feature about the SiloSilo is the glass housing cartridge specially designed to hold the ceramic heating elements. These materials allow for even heat distribution, producing a large vapor volume of up to 25% more than any other vape brands: higher vaporizing efficiency and powerful consistency.

    How to use the silo vape pen

    When you take your Silo vape off the kit, it comes with a bit of charge capacity in it so you can start using it from the start, but if it does not work, try plugging it into a charging port using the USB cables provided to charge it up for usage.


    Installing the cartridge 

    Install the cartridge, twist the 510 cartridges clockwise onto a magnetic adapter until it cannot twist anymore. It is essential not to over-tighten the connection. Proceed to slide your cartridge into a power supply pen until the magnet snaps

    To avoid residue buildup, you can remove the cartridge from the power supply by twisting the device counterclockwise and pull it up. To give life to your pen, clean the components daily.

    Inhale into the mouthpiece on the cartridge to activate your battery to supply power to the atomizer. The LED light on the pen will indicate that the device is activated.

    Charging the silo vape pen

    Insert the micro USB that was included in your lit to the bottom of the device. Then proceed to connect your USB cable to a power adapter or an active USB charging port. 

    For better performance, ensure that your device is charged after every usage time and ensure that the battery is flat empty before you put it to set. When the device is charging, there is a LED light indicator that lets you know that your device is taking charge.

    Once the device is fully charged, the LED light will flash 20 times before it finally goes off.

    Cleaning your silo vape pen

    Remove your vape cartridge from the power supply. Get a cotton swab dampened with diluted isopropyl rubbing alcohol to clean the exterior of the cartridge, power supply, and contact points.

    FAQs about the silo vape pen

    How do you choose the best vape?

    There are many things to consider when selecting a vape pen. It all depends on your personal preferences, but first, you need to ensure that the device has a good design and is portable. 

    Check for the battery capacity to know how long it will last you when using it. 

    Check if the device is compatible with other cartridges in the market

    Check on the price, and if it fits your budget requirements, then it is a good choice for you

    Look at the features that interest you that will add quality to your vaping life.

    How long does a silo vape pen last?

    With the 500mAh battery, the silo vape pen should last you for almost a week, and that is between 180-250 draws, but the power hold depends on how much you draw and the intensity of draws.

    How do you tell if a silo vape pen is real?

    There are many fake vape pens in circulation, and to not fall victim, make sure you buy your products from a verified and legitimate dealer to avoid inconvenience when buying in black markets.

    Check for the casing materials, and you should have glass and ceramic components for any other material that does not fit the description should not be considered.

    Look at the writings on the package. If the device has spelling errors, do not proceed with the purchase, this applies even when you see that the device has missing parts or broken components.

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    The silo vape pen further shows us why we have to trust the CCell vape company. They have some of the best vape products, and the SiloSilo will not disappoint you as well. It has a compact design that is so easy to use. Make sure that you get the best of the cell silo while enjoying some ceramic coil healing powers.


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