Sigma EVOD Vape Pen. A Complete Review About the Sigma EVOD Dry Herb Vaporizer

    Sigma EVOD Vape Pen. A Complete Review About the Sigma EVOD Dry Herb Vaporizer

    What is a Sigma EVOD vape pen

    The Sigma EVOD  vape pen is a dry herb vape pen that looks like your standard e-cigarettes. The Sigma EVOD vape pen is one of the popular vape devices and has been used widely worldwide because of its simplistic nature.

    For the few years the Sigma EVOD vape pen has been around, it has grown to be a tool of interest among beginners because they are looking for something simple yet advanced in terms of features and functionality.

    The Sigma EVOD vape pen comes with a bottom coil clearomizer (BCC) which means that the heating coil is located at the bottom of the device. This coil helps to conduct heat to the liquid that is located below the tank.

    This particular setup is ideal because it assists even the distribution of heat. The Sigma EVOD pen is not so much different from eGo battery kits because they also use polycarbonate cartomizers.

    It would not be easy for those who have just started vaping to tell the difference between these products when using them.

    The Sigma EVOD vape pen is designed to hold e-liquid cartridges as well, and this is because it also has cartomizers attached to it.

    The available tanks have the responsibility of making sure that your wicks are saturated at all times. They provide the pen with adequate space and heating conditions that are good for use with the e-juice. 

    Features of the Sigma EVOD vape pen

    • Mouth to lung hit type device
    • 510 threading connection for charger and cartridge
    • 900mAh battery capacity for long-lasting vape sessions
    • Usable with e-liquids, dry herbs, wax, and essential oils
    • Slim design that is easily portable
    • Covered tank to protect atomizer from damage
    • It uses a bottom coil clearomizer technique for good heat distribution

    Performance of the Sigma EVOD vape pen

    There are many ways you can use your vaping pens, such as with dry herbs, wax concentrates, e-liquids, and many other products. It is without a doubt that this product serves all your needs with its elegant and user-friendly design.

    You save a lot of money using this product because you do not have to buy a new device every time you need to vape on something different. All you have to do is use another compound, and you are good to go.

    When you purchase the vape kit, it comes with a 2.5ml tank, and if you are a beginner, do not get worried about the mechanical setup of the device because it is one of the most straightforward devices to use in the market. Your tanks are easily refillable, and you can use them for dry herbs and e-juices.

    The provided coil heads are only needed when refilling the tank and replacing the coils. If you utilize the replacement coils for your tank, you will save yourself a lot of money. This replacement is a cost-effective way compared to the old conventional style. The coils are cost-effective, and you can dispose of them after a single usage.

    How to use the Sigma EVOD vape pen

    Step 1. Take the device out of its packaging box and get the USB 510 threaded charger provided. Plug the charger into the machine and let it charge for a while

    Step 2. Get your desired cartridge, and you can choose from the e-liquid, wax, dry herb, and essential oil. Once you choose one, you can now add substances into the atomizer.

    Step 3. Screw-in the atomizer until it fits perfectly into the battery. When in place, press on the power button five times rapidly to start your device

    You can now take a draw from your pen and enjoy some good vapor

    How to fill up a Sigma EVOD vape tank

    Sometimes most vapers choose to refill their tanks on the own, and the Sigma EVOD is not any different from all the other refillable vape pens. To fill up your vape pen, you will need to take the tank off the battery and remove the best tankIf you have some liquid left in the device.

    Then it is advisable to carry out this operation with your device upside down to ensure you do not mess up by spilling the remaining liquid inside. Once the tank's base is off, you can look into the bottom of the tank, and there you will see an airway. This is a long cylindrical tube that is connected to the mouthpiece.

    You will now have to get your dropper or syringe, insert the end into the airway side, and squeeze carefully to release the liquid into the tank. You have to ensure that this operation takes place on the airway side to prevent it from pressing into the mouthpiece. 

    Ensure that you fill up to three quarters, and you can check this by looking at the side windows on the side.  When you are done, make sure that you have tightened the atomizer onto the base and re-attach your tank's bottom. This process should be done with the tank upside down to avoid spillages.

    How to charge your Sigma EVOD battery

    At this moment, you probably know a few things about the Sigma EVOD vape pen, and there is a time that you need to re-charge your battery to keep you in action. And to do so, you will need to do a few things.

    The first thing to do is take out the whole vape tank from the battery where the 510 threading is placed. You will proceed to take a cotton swab and clean the top of your battery where the 510 connection is. This process ensures that no vape juice has leaked down into the storm to cause damage.

    Once everything is set, you will now screw the charger into the 510 threading and check to ensure that you do not over-tighten the charger to keep the battery safe. 

    Changing your Sigma EVOD vape pen atomizer

    After a few days of using the vape pen, you will realize that the vapor production is not similar to what you experienced when you first bought the vape pen. When this happens, it means that you need a change of atomizers. The longevity of atomizers is measured by how you inhale, how much voltage you are running on, and the kind of compound.

    You will start by removing the tank from the battery, and once the tank is separate from the pen, go ahead and remove the tank's base to show the atomizer. Grip on the atomizer and start unscrewing in a counter-clockwise direction. Do this until it completely detaches from the battery.

    Before you place in a new atomizer, you have to prime it. To prime your atomizer, drip 3 to 5 drops of liquid into the top of the atomizer and let it soak. You can also soak the wick itself to make the saturation process quicker. 

    Once the priming process is over, you can now screw in your atomizer in a clockwise direction on the 510 threading.

    Pros and cons of the Sigma EVOD vape pen


    • 510 threading connection that fits most of the threaded cartridges available.
    • 900aMh batter that gives you a long-lasting vape experience before you get to charge the pen again
    • Usable with four types of compounds, e-liquids, dry herbs, essential oils, and waxes
    • The device is simplistic with a pen-like appearance that makes it very discreet
    • Simple to use, making it easy for beginners to use
    • Equipped with a 3.7 voltage battery that is powerful enough


    • With a 900mAh battery, this pen should have been a variable device to give the user power to control the amount of temperature they want to use.


    The Sigma EVOD vape pen is a perfect 4 in 1 one vape pen that provides you with versatility in vaping. You can choose to vape on four compounds of your choice without having to buy another device.

    The device is also affordable and straightforward in design, giving you value for your money. You can never miss some good vapor when you use the Sigma EVOD vape pen because that is what it does best. You have to makes sure that you care for your device well.

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