Sea Air Disposable Vape Review and Instructions

    Sea Air Disposable Vape Review and Instructions

    On the vape market, SEA Air Disposable is a new innovation. The innovative layout, which differs greatly from the typical bars and sticks, surpassed all expectations. The SEA Air contains 2.6mL of e-liquid despite being a compact and lightweight device that is ideal for daily use.

    A gadget with a 420mAh battery is called the SEA Air. The key to prolonged vaping is having a lot of liquid and a strong battery. You get approximately 500 puffs per SEA Air!

    SEA Air has a limited selection, but it is made up for by the fact that each flavor is distinct and unmatched in its own right.

    What is Sea Air Disposable Vape?

    SEA manufactures the ultra-slim disposable vapes known as Sea Air. There are a few distinct goods that SEA manufactures, and they are all disposable. They offered a solid throat hit, the tastes were unique and delicious, and they operated without any problems, according to my recent evaluation of their Sea Stix disposables.

    The disposable Sea Air products from SEA resemble an improved Sea Stix product. They more than double the capacity of Sea Stix and are significantly slimmer, smaller, and lighter. They are prefilled with 2.6ml with 5% nic salts.

    Numerous disposables vape are currently available on the market. Do we actually need one more? In this review, I'll address that query as well as others.


    • 6 ml of e-juice
    • E-juice with 5% nicotine
    • Battery, 450 mAh
    • LED Detector
    • Draw-Activated

    Sea Air Disposable Review

    • Appearance

    With a very thin body and a wide, rectangular profile aside from the curving top of the mouthpiece, the Sea Air Disposables have a quite distinctive appearance. In addition to having black tops and bottoms, each disposable has a body color that corresponds to its flavor. For instance, Green Apple is green, Mango and Pineapple are yellow, Strawberry Watermelon is red, and so forth.

    Additionally, each flavor has a small emblem printed on the front face, so you can tell you are holding the Green Apple disposable because you can see the apple logo (for example) and the green body. There is nothing on the body to detract from the appearance other than "Sea" printed underneath the emblem.

    • General Performance and Vapor Quality

    These disposables last a lot longer than their rivals, who only contain 1.2ml of ejuice and are rated for 250–300 puffs, because to the 450mAh battery and 2.6ml of eliquid. With ease, I'm sure I can get another week out of each of these.

    The draw activation has been one of my issues. The draw activation is reliable on the majority of disposables. However, some of them are trickier to pull. It becomes difficult because I have to breathe so forcefully.

    Despite this problem, these disposables have been fantastic. I truly love the firm throat impact and nice pull that the 5% nicotine salt eliquid provides. The draw is adequate to stave off nicotine cravings even though it isn't as strong as what you would get from a pod vape of comparable power. These little guys will come in handy for people who have previously smoked or are trying to stop.

    • Mouthpiece

    The mouthpiece of the e-cigarette is fixed to it and cannot be changed, just like with any disposable vape. However, the mouthpiece itself is nicely made. The large faces of the mouthpiece are curved inward to make it a good fit for your lips, so despite its width, it is comfortable to use. Even though the airflow is slightly constrained by the relatively small circular hole in the center (more on that later), the device still functions effectively overall.

    • LED Detector

    The Sea Air Disposables' final visual element is a tiny LED light in the center of the bottom border that glows white when you breathe in. However, this is a little confusing because the location prevents you from seeing the light while it is on unless you put your hand in front of it to check.

    The Sea Air Disposable Flavors

    Strawberry Watermelon: This product is what brings back the popularity of red fruits, provided it was ever lost. Lose yourself in a sweet, yet mildly bitter world of bursting mild bodied flavors beginning with your first puff.

    Orange Soda: Who would have thought that this sun kissed flavor would reign as a new king of e-liquids? This blend features an effervescent flavor of oranges, ensconced in a sweet goodness, which is simply undeniable.

    Peach Ice: Bring back your love for the legendary peaches with the mountain fresh flavor of pure sweetness. This medium bodied goodness is one that you simply cannot pass up.

    Sea Air Vape Mint: The leaf itself is perfectly emulated in the flavor found within this disposable vape. Take delight in a refreshing and revitalizing essence, which is hard to resist and is last year’s top choice among enthusiasts.

    Green Apple: The green apple itself brings out a sour note, which perfectly bonds with a human being’s senses. Herein is the perfected epitome of said flavor, underpinned by a mild bodied Salt Nic spirit.

    Pineapple: The pineapple is known for its legendary pungent delight, designed to impeach any lingering flavors among the palate. Intertwined with a hint of sweetness, this flavor is simply irresistible.

    Mango: One of the most popular, reigning flavors is now making its way to the doorstep of your senses. Delight yourself with an ultra sweet, tropical spirit of the mango with this blend.

    Apple: This concoction elicits a purely sweet, juicy burst of flavors in much the same way that the popular red apple does. Balanced out with a medium bodied strength profile, this disposable is something you simply cannot go wrong with.

    Grape Soda: Envisage a zealously created flavor of sweetness, capturing the essences of the grape vine in the form of a flavorful, aromatic vapor.

    Pina Colada: This flavor is the apotheosis of ecstatic experiences on the beach, featuring a luscious coconut essence that swathes the senses in the most perfect of ways.

    Lush Ice: Conflate the taste of the wintry goodness with a sweet fruity quintessence, which leaves behind an unforgettable impression. 

    What is the lifespan of the Sea Air Disposables?

    The Sea Air Disposables' 450 mAh battery is comparable to that of other entry-level pod systems and is typically sufficient for a day's worth of use with a potent nicotine salt e-juice. The output does decrease slightly when the battery is used up, but overall, they continue to function pretty well during the entire charge. In comparison to other disposable vapes on the market, the disposables actually didn't last me all that long—about a day each.

    Pros and Cons


    • Thin
    • Several flavors
    • Almost all flavors are delicious.
    • Decent throat hit
    • No leaks


    • Many menthols
    • On some devices, draw activation was challenging.


    Sea Air is a disposable vaping device that is worth purchasing. This is because it is coming in 12 different flavors. Additionally, it has an ergonomic design, and when you purchase it has a pre-filled cart. Therefore, get to your nearby online store and buy one today.


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