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One of the best sellers of vape products in the market today is the RYTHM brand. This brand deals in the production of vapes that are loaded with strain-specific CO2 cannabis oil. RYTHM is a brand that is well known both locally and internationally and we are sure that you are likely to have also come across one or two of their products before. Would you like to know what this brand is about? Would you also like to know a few things about their products? Then this article is for you! Here, we shall be looking into RYTHM Vapes and Cartridges review.

1.      What is RYTHM Vapes and Cartridges?

The RYTHM(Website: https://rythm.com/) brand seems to be fast making its way amongst so many other vape brands today. Though relatively new, this brand is an award-winning one that has made a good name for itself within a really short period. The brand uses high quality and original materials in producing their products and they are well known for their 100 per cent originality. They offer quality cannabis that is fully extracted naturally from plants. They make use of a hundred per cent strain-specific terpenes and also high quality full to spectrum concentrates oils to produce high-quality products.

This brand is one you can be very confident about and they deal in virtually all types of vape products you would need to have an enjoyable vaping experience. If you are in search of varieties of awesome, delicious flavours, you can try laying your hands on one of their products. The product categories of this brand include Flower, Vapes, and Concentrates. We are quite amazed at the fact that this brand has gained the love of so many vapers and has also won awards within a little time of its launching- well, they sure deserve it!

1.1 Pros

High-Quality Products

100 per cent Originality

Highly Satisfying Taste

Quality Cannabis

1.2 Cons

The Price is on a high side

1.3 Is RYTHM Brand Good?

We are sure that the fact that this brand is relatively young and yet has already won awards, answers this question. Another pointer to the greatness of this brand is the high number of vapers that love to stick with the brand. The RYTHM brand is a good one and it is one of those brands that we are very confident to introduce to you. In this era, it is usually difficult to find vape products that have truly been made with 100 per cent plant extract without additional artificial supports, this brand takes away this problem. Their products are original and they make use of quality cannabis. The flavours offered by this brand would leave you wanting to buy their products over and over again as they are super hitting and very pure.

The RYTHM Brand has a website that is well organised which makes it easy for you to easily navigate and choose the products of your choice, you also get to choose between varieties of CBD-THC options. Though their products are not as cheap as some other brands of vape products, you will surely get the value for your money.


2.1 Flower

This product is very effective and it is produced using extracts from the quality and original, cultivated plants. RYTHM makes use of experts and professionals when it comes to the production of their products and this reflects in the Flower. The strains of this product include:

2.1.1        Scout Breath

This is a highly THC loaded strain. It is a hybrid that is Indica-dominant and it is a cross of OGKB and OG Kush. The strain is a mixture of earthy aroma and sweet dough. This strain is very good for stimulating appetite and giving great relaxation euphorically.

2.1.2        French King

This is also a hybrid taste and it is a mixture of the earthy and citrus bouquet flavour. It gives a happy and proud feeling so much that you forget all your worries. It gives a relaxing, euphoric, and creative effect.

2.1.3        Brownie Scout

This strain is a very potent one and it was gotten from crossing Platinum Girl Scout Cookies and a discreet strain. The uniqueness of this strain is in the fact that it contains 37.5% THC content which makes it a really strong one.

2.1.4        Alien Apple Warp

This strain is a hybrid that is Indica dominant. Its terpene profile is quite wild as it has three phenotypes. Its aroma is a mix of sour apple candle, fuel drenched tropical fruit, chewy grape, and sour pineapple. This strain is fast relaxing and effectively calming.

2.1.5        Gelato

This strain is an aromatic hybrid and it is a mixture of orange and crystal resin taste. It has a strong THC profile which makes it a choice for the strong-minded. It gives a highly relaxing effect and it leaves you mentally agile for a long time.

2.2 Vape

There are lots of vape products available at RYTHM, one of them is the Sour Diesel Cartridge.

2.2.1 Sour Diesel Cartridge

The Rythm Energizes Cartridges are made using quality materials and they are full-spectrum cannabis oil which is further enhanced with high-standard CCELL hardware. This product is a hundred per cent extracted from plants with no single artificial agent, PG, or even VG. The products work perfectly when used along with Rythm 510 thread battery.

2.2.2 Pros

Mind-blowing Taste

High Quality

Mind Stimulating

Highly Relaxing

2.2.3 Cons

The price is a bit high

2.2        Concentrates

Live Resin


The concentrates product of RYTHM is available as Live Resin and Terp Sep. These concentrates are combinations of great flavour and high potency. They are made using naturally extracted concentrates from plant and they are one of the best concentrates out there.

2.3.1 Pros

High Quality

High Potency

Relaxing and Relieving

2.3.2 Cons

The price is on a high side

3.      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

3.1 What are the RYTHM Coupon Codes

The RYTHM Brand do not only deal in high-quality products, but they also have lots of promotional offers that you can enjoy. This brand offers lots of coupon codes that when you use in getting any product, you get certain discounts on the purchase. This is quite amazing. Click on the following links to get access to multitudes of coupon codes from RYTHM.

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3.2 What are the Different Products Available at RYTHM?

Rhythm specializes in high-quality products and they have virtually everything you need to experience an exciting vaping session. The product categories that are available at RYTHM are Flower, Vapes, and Concentrates.

3.3 Is RYTHM Brand worth it?

This brand is a great one that is worth you trying out. Even though it is a new brand, it has got the heart of so many vapers and has gotten awards from different bodies. Their products are high-quality products that are made from 100 per cent plant extract without artificial agents and they have varieties of medically effective products. The prices of their products are high but we say that it worth it, you are surely going to get the value for your money. You should go for them if you are a lover of high cannabis.

3.4 How do I choose the best vape products?

Choosing the best vaping device is very essential to have a great vaping experience. To be sure that you are going for quality products, ensure that you are buying from only certified and trusted stores both online and locally. There is a lot of vape selling online stores today, one of them is the Sneaky Pete that has just been discussed, another one is UPENDS. A good way to choose the best vapes is to also check for the ingredients on the label of the product so that you can be sure of their authenticity and reliability.

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5.      Conclusion

If you are a newbie in the vaping realm, you definitely would be indecisive as to which brands to go for, one of the most trusted brands of vape is the RHYTHM brand. Just as we have noted above, their products are of high quality and they are made with pure natural plant extracts without any artificial agent, the brand also has everything you would be needing to have an enjoyable vape experience. Apart from this, they have various mouth-watering offers for their customers- an example of this is the discount coupons mentioned. Use any of those codes to get their products at discounted prices. Have you heard of UPENDS too? Check out Upends.com to get access to varieties of amazing vape products.