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Rythm Disposable vape pen review & instructions

15th Oct 2022 | 2248 | ZengGreta

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If you have decided to try a vape pen or you already have experience in this world, you should give a chance to the Rythm vape pen. Today we bring you all the information you need about this vape so you can take it with you and enjoy the best experience.

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Rythm Disposable vape pen review

First, we have to talk about the unique sensation that this vape delivers, as you will be able to taste the smoke subtly and somewhat. Rythm Disposable vape pen models also have vapes available for medicinal and recreational weed, among the wide variety of THC products that this company has. Here are some of the most outstanding features of this model:   

What we like:  

  • It allows savoring the aromas cleanly and richly.  
  • It has a wide variety of effects.  
  • The sensation it generates is smooth.  

What we don't like:  

  • The oils are not as potent as in other models.



As mentioned above, it is a Disposable vape with a pleasant sensation in taste and use. And, while not exactly the most potent model in terms of smoke release, it still brings you a good vape experience.

With a 70% THC range, the Rythm Disposable vape pen is perfect if you are just starting in the world of vaping, which is due to its potency. Since it doesn't have a strong potency, like other vapes, it doesn't make you cough or feel too smoky, and it minimizes the experience making it pleasant and smooth.



If you are properly looking for a vape pen with high potency, the Rythm vape pen will not be the right one for you. This model has a disposable with 72% THC, which is not the lowest percentage, but you can find other models on the market with much higher and more potent percentages. Even so, this one causes a very pleasant and long-lasting high, perfect if you are only looking for a mild effect.

On the other hand, the quality of its oil is quite good and thick. Although the color is quite dark, it does not detract from the good taste and cleanliness, which produces a pleasant taste sensation. It is easy to fill in the cartridge and produces good clouds of smoke. For the low potency of this pen, it still achieves the desired effect of the vaping pen.



With a rich flavor and a quite pleasant high sensation, this Rythm vape pen has an average performance mostly due to its potency, because of what we have mentioned above. However, one of the things that cannot be left unmentioned that circumstantially improves its performance is the hardware they use.

This model uses CCELL hardware which has an efficient performance as it provides excellent smoke production to create large clouds. The only thing that puts this model at a disadvantage compared to other models on the market with CCELL is that it is only 300MG. This makes it not last more than a week, which is positive if you are just starting in this world of vapes, but not the best choice if you are already an expert in this world.

Price and final thoughts

When it comes to the price, the Rythm Disposable vape pen can be found in the $45 to $50 range. This is a pretty fair and budget-friendly price for the quality of the product you get since many other models with that kind of hardware tend to be higher in price.

So overall, putting into perspective the price of this vape and its performance, it is a good model to purchase.

If you are a beginner looking to experiment in the world of vaping, this will be the best choice for you. It is a lightweight model, not very powerful, and with a nice and smooth sensation when using it. But, if you already have experience and are looking for a more powerful model, it is best to look for other options, as this Rythm vape pen will only give you a medium to moderate experience.

However, if you don't feel that this is the right model for you, we bring you a second option that will help you make a better decision.

One of the brands we recommend is UPENDS. This brand has excellent models of vapes that will adapt in a better way to what you are looking for if you are an expert in the world of vaping.

Entering UPENDS.com, you can find the best vapers to enjoy a wholesome experience at a budget-friendly price for you.

Their products are presented in a lightweight and easy-to-carry pen design, so you have access to your vape everywhere you go. The best thing is that thanks to its great variety, you will be able to vape for much longer without having to spend more money than you should.

An excellent choice that can help you have a more elevated vape experience.



Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions that will help you solve your doubts about the Rythm vape pen.


1) How do I know when my rhythm Disposable vape pen is charged?

Your Rythm vape pen has an indicator light that will let you know when it needs charging or when it is running low on battery. Typically, a red light will indicate that the battery is dying, while a flashing white light will let you know that the battery is running low and that you should charge it. Once charged, a green light will indicate that the charge is complete, and you can use it again.

That will change depending on the model, but this is pretty much the same process for all vape models.


2) Rythm vape pen not working

If your Rythm vape pen stops working and you have charged it, or it has full oil, the best thing to do is to contact the service or store that sold you the vape. This model has a 30-day warranty after purchase, so if it has any kind of manufacturing problem, you can exchange it for another one. It also has a 30-day warranty on its battery, so if you notice any strange battery operation, you can also report this problem to the store.


3) How to use a Rythm vape pen?

Getting started with your new Rythm vape pen is very simple. To start, once you have ordered or purchased it and have it in hand, just take it out of its packaging. Once it is out of the package, you must test if it has a battery by activating the power button. When you press this button light should flash on the vape.

Now that you have made sure it is on and the light is on, you should place the mouthpiece in your mouth. Once you have it in your mouth, take a small deep inhale. Keep the smoke in your lungs for about three to five seconds. After this time, exhale the vapor and repeat the inhale and exhale process again.

If the battery runs out, just charge it until the light on your vaper is green, and you can use it again. That's how easy it is to use this model.


4) Why is my rhythm pen blinking?

In general, this blinking is quite common to occur, as it does not indicate anything wrong. The blinking on your Rythm vape pen can indicate three things, either that it is about to turn off, that it needs charging, or it can also occur while charging.  

On the other hand, on very rare occasions, this blinking may be telling you that something is wrong with the vape. But it rarely shows it; in case it happens, make sure that your vape is charged correctly and has oil in its dispenser. That will make you discharge any doubt if your vape is blinking because it has some problem.

Are you ready to try the Rythm Disposable vape pen?

As we explained here, the Rythm vape pen is a good model for beginners in the world of vaping. By purchasing this model, you can have a very smooth and pleasant experience, which will lead you to increase your knowledge in the world of vaping.

This model is excellent, and however, if you are looking for something stronger, you can always take a look at the wide variety that the UPENDS brand presents, as they have models that suit any type of people with high or low experience of vaping.

It is up to you to choose the brand and model that best suits you so that you can satisfy your vaping needs. The options are very wide in the market, and that is why it is good to have guides and complete information like this one we bring you here.

Don't wait; start now your first steps in the vape world, or upgrade your experience with a pleasurable high sensation. It is never too much to give an extra to this lifestyle that makes you feel like in the clouds.

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