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RTA Vape: A Walk Through the Best RTAs of 2023

2nd Jul 2023 | 77 | upends v


Rebuildable Tank Atomizers (RTAs) have grown in popularity over the years. They are known to bring together the flavor and flexibility of an RDA. However, there are no ready-to-use pre-built coils to get from the store. Instead, you will need to build the coils yourself and wick them before mounting them on the deck.

In this article, we will discuss the best RTAs you can try and also dig a bit deep into what is an RTA and whether it is worth considering. Go ahead and check it out…

What is a Vape Atomizer?

Before heading straight to the RTA vape, we need to understand a vaping atomizer because it is a vital piece of a vaping machine. A vape atomizer is like an engine room of a vape device that converts the e-liquid into vapor.

There are three main types of atomizers: Disposable Atomizers, Rebuildable Atomizers (RBA), and Replaceable Coil Head Atomizers. Rebuildable Atomizers have become extremely popular these days as they are available with varying properties and features.

The Rebuildable Atomizers can be further divided into four categories with Rebuildable Tank Atomiser or RTA being the most popular one. It is the term used to describe atomizers that have a tank to hold the e-juice.

What is RTA in Vapes?

A Rebuildable Tank Atomizer or RTA vape is a type of Rebuildable Atomizer (RBA) that has a tank to store the e-juice. In simple words, it has a refillable tank section. It has a posted deck that is properly closed using a sealed metal chamber cap linked to a chimney. The chimney helps route the vapor to the drip tip and helps push the e-liquid into the tank.

Gravity plays an imperative role in the entire process and helps push the e-juice into the tank and then down the chamber cap. It goes through the channels of the deck and the e-liquid is passed from the coil’s wick to produce vapor.

An RTA in some cases is a more advanced sub-ohm tank and still requires coils to be built as well as cotton for wicking to function. However, you need to build your coils yourself as no pre-built coils are available. You will have to wick them and mount them on the deck.

Seems complicated? No, it isn’t. Building your coils may seem a bit of a challenge but it can be fun with a bit of practice.

Pros and Cons of an RTA Vape Tank

Pros of RTAs…

  • More affordable as compared to sub-ohm tanks
  • Sub-ohm level liquid quantity
  • RDA-grade flavor
  • Good cloud production
  • Easier to use
  • Improve flavor
  • Customization options
  • Flexibility to experiment with coil builds
  • More cost-effective than buying coils for a sub-ohm tank
  • No worries about coils being discounted
  • Provides better flavor and a smooth experience
  • A large enough tank capacity

Cons of RTAs…

  • Requires replacing and or rebuilding coils
  • Need to empty the tank to change the flavor
  • Quite demanding to maintain
  • Takes time to build coils perfectly
  • More work compared to using a sub-ohm tank
  • Wicking can be tricky

7 Best RTA’s of 2023

We’ve created a list of some most popular RTAs as a guide for those who are looking to buy their first RTA. Check them out…

Hellvape Fat Rabbit (Best Dual Core RTA): It is a 28mm dual coil RTA featuring a large 5.5ml tank, 12 airflow holes in the bottom of the deck, and super smooth airflow. Packed in great design, the RTA can easily fit two 3.5mm ID coils. The build deck is pretty straightforward and extremely easy to use. It wicks smooth as long as the cotton is nicely packed into the wicking holes.   



    • Wonderful design
    • A large capacity
    • Excellent flavor
    • Commendable build quality


    - A bit large RTA

    Dead Rabbit V3 RTA (Best Dual Core RTA): It features a postless build deck to bring you the convenience of a tank while delivering the great flavor. It comes with a coil leg measuring tool so that you can simply trim the coil legs to 5mm and it is ready to build. The airflow design is great with two wide airflow slots that are located at the top of the device. It features an internal honeycomb airflow, 5.5ml e-juice capacity, and a super secure top cap.


    • Easy-to-use design
    • Top airflow design
    • Postless build deck
    • Coil leg measuring tool
    • Super secure top cap
    • No leakage or spills
    • Good flavor and performance


    • Wicking can be a challenge
    • No bunny-ear styles posts
    Fat Rabbit Solo (Best Single Coil RTAs): It features a large 4.5ml tank, four terminal build decks, and a secure threaded fill port to prevent leaking. Its build can take coils wrapped in either direction. It also features both side and bottom airflow for providing a great vaping experience. Moreover, it also hits the coil from all angles for smooth vaping and enhanced flavors.


      • Aesthetically pleasing
      • Delivers smooth vaping
      • Enhanced flavors
      • Dual airflow for a better draw
      • Spacious build deck
      • Coils wrapped in either direction


      - May leak if not wicked correctly

      Wotofo Gear V2 RTA(Best Single Coil RTAs):It is the latest single coil RTA from Wotofo and is known for its unique design. It is designed as beginners friendly and perfect for those who prefer a restricted DL draw. It has a simple, compact design with a 24mm base diameter and an easy-to-build on deck. The deck has two posts on opposite sides of the deck with a 2.5mm to 3mm inner diameter.



        • Small and compact
        • Unique design
        • Two post-build deck
        • Delivers good clouds


        • Fixed airflow design so cannot adjust it
        Hellvape Dead Rabbit M RTA (Best Mesh Coils RTAs): The Dead Rabbit M is a new mesh RTA and comes with everything you need to build. It is designed to be completely leakproof and provide an unforgettable vaping experience. It comes with four mesh strips but also allows you to install single coil builds on the deck. It features a dual clamp, isolated airflow paths, inner domed honeycomb airflow, and many other features.   



          • Isolated airflow paths
          • Leak Proof design
          • SS316L 0.15Ω mesh trip
          • Allows installing mesh or single coils on the build deck
          • Comes with everything you need to build


          - Diameter may flare out to 27mm

          Wotofo Profile M RTA (Best Mesh Coils RTAs):It is one of the best new mesh RTAs on the market and is designed to be aesthetically pleasing. It has a diameter of 24.5mm and comes with the Profile M for flavorful mesh builds. There are two clamps on the build deck and a center block to push up the cotton ensuring full contact with the mesh. It features two wide airflow slots and the airflow is fully adjustable.



          • Good design
          • Smooth top airflow
          • Multiple mesh options
          • Two wide airflow slots
          • Fully adjustable airflow
          • A 3.1ml standard e-juice capacity


          - Plastic bubble tank

          Vandy Vape Kylin M Pro (Best Mesh Coils RTAs):The Kylin M Pro has a 24mm base diameter, large recessed fill ports, and an 8 ml tank capacity. The tank uses Vandy Vape’s M Class coils and it comes with four mesh strips of two different types and resistances. It also comes with three additional types of mesh that you can get from the store. The airflow is spot-on for DL vapers and it has an anti-leaking design.


          • Excellent build quality
          • Easy refilling
          • Huge capacity
          • Anti-leaking design


          - May be tricky to wick

          FAQs About RTA Vape

          What is an RTA?

          RTA stands for Rebuildable Tank Atomizer and it is a type of rebuildable atomizer (RBA). It features a tank pool for storing e-juice and the deck is enclosed by a sealed metal chamber cap.

          Which is better: an RTA or RDA?

          When it comes to which is better, an RTA or RDA, it is like no one size fits all which means it will depend on your specific needs.

          Which is better: RTA or sub-ohm?

          Most vintage vapers and coil builders prefer RTA while sub-ohm atomizers can be a great choice for beginners. With sub-ohm tanks, you don’t have to spend time building coils.

          How does an RTA work?

          It works just like a typical refillable tank but the users need to build the coil and install it onto the build deck of the atomizer.

          Why use an RTA?

          There are many benefits of using an RTA, such as building your coil(s), customization, tailoring the resistance, and vaping as you like. It also allows you to save money as you can get everything you need for coil building.

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