Relx Alpha Pod Kit Review and Instructions

    Relx Alpha Pod Kit Review and Instructions

    The use of Pods for vaping among many vapers is increasing as many people are quitting smoking for vaping. This is due to their effectiveness in the facilitation of vaping, thus winning the hearts of many vapers. Apart from their effectiveness, the pods are also cheap to maintain, easy and comfortable to carry along and provide an all-in-one vaping kit and many other conveniences.

    Because of the high demand for vaping pods, there are many pod developers that are many pod developers that are emerging to serve the rising demand. This way, there are many pods flooded in the market that may make it hard for you to choose the best for you. With UPENDS, you don’t need to worry as we always set aside articles to give reviews of various vaping pods. This article is set to give you a review of the Relx Alpha Pod kit and instructions on how to use it in vaping.

    What is Relx Alpha Pod Kit?

    The Relx Alpha Pod kit is one of the newest vape pods developed by RELX. It combines Alphastream technology combined within the pods of the Relx Alpha Pod kit to make sure you get the smoothest puffs. Besides its compact nature, the Relx Alpha Pod kit also guarantees you as a vaper high-quality vaping using the latest vaping technology. 

    Relx Alpha Pod kit does not disappoint in delivering nicotine in every puff. 

    Relx Alpha Pod Kit Specs

    • 112mm x 23mm x 10mm dimensional size
    • 7g pod weight
    • 350mAh Capacity Battery
    • USB Type-C Charger Type
    • 40 Minutes charge time
    • 15A Maximum Current
    • 6ml pod capacity
    • 400-600 puffs per pod
    • LED battery life indicator

    Relx Alpha Pod Kit Features Review

    Battery and Charging

    The Relx Alpha Pod Kit is powered by an in-built rechargeable 350mAh capacity battery. After a full charge, this battery can serve you for a while before it is depleted for the next recharging. This battery allows you to make over 280 puffs before you can recharge it again.

    The battery can be recharged through its USB Type-C charging port. When you buy the Relx Alpha Pod kit package comes with a USB Type-C cable that you need to connect to the power source to have the battery recharged. After the battery is depleted, it requires just 40 minutes to recharge fully.

    Pod Capacity

    Relx Alpha Pod Kit comes with pods of 1.6ml capacity. Once the pods are refilled, they can give you up to 500 puffs before one pod is depleted. The pods' section is located at the top part of the Relx Alpha Pod Kit unit. The pod attaches to the battery in a secure and convenient magnetic connection. This connection is not only secure but effective as you don't need to struggle to attach the pods to the battery.


    A package of Relx Alpha Pod Kit always comes with two main flavors: Smoothie Mung Bean Ice and the Glacier Spring Mint. The smooth mung bean flavor gives you a fragrant mung bean taste that is similar to that of mung bean ice cream. The Glacier Spring flavor, on the other hand, allows you to enjoy a cool mint taste.

    Some other flavors that come with Relx Alpha Pod kit pods include;

    • Lush Tobacco
    • Sweet Mint
    • Mango Pomelo Sago
    • Ludou Sobet
    • Chinese Lychee

    Cost of Purchase

    The average cost of the Relx Alpha Pod kit lies between $57.67 and $79.99 CAD. This price varies from one vape shop to the other or from destination to destination. If you plan to buy the Relx Alpha Pod kit online, then you also need to consider the shipping fees too.

    Ease of Use

    Many beginner vapers have been attracted to the Relx Alpha Pod kit because of its ease of use. It does not have any button that you need to learn how to press to operate. It instead comes with a puff sensor that you only need to make a puff to have it activated. This makes it easy, and you don’t need any prior knowledge to operate it. 

    Structural Improvement

    Many vape pods are often affected by e-liquid leaking. Relx Alpha Pod kit is structurally built to eliminate such shortcomings as it is built 175% stronger and durable than its competitors in the market. It is also structured with a condensation trapping airway wall and silicone injection molding to make sure no e-liquid escapes the pod even when it is stored.

    General Performance

    The performance of the Relx Alpha Pod kit is an outstanding one owing to the fact that it comes with exceptional features that combine to give an outstanding vaping experience. Its battery is outstanding, giving you a fade-free vaping quality even when it is depleting. You can enjoy longer vaping time before stopping to recharge the battery.

    The performance of its pods is a lot worth sharing. The pods come with a 1.6ml capacity that gives you over 500 puffs before one Pod is depleted. In addition, the pods are connected to the battery using a magnetic connection which makes it easy for you to swap the pods when depleted with newer ones. 

    The performance of this pod kit is further pegged on its upgraded FEELM 4.0 that is characterized by the 4th generation honeycomb atomizer. This guarantees you a softer throat hit and a richer flavor in every puff you make. With a wider atomizer inlet, you are sure that you cannot encounter any dry or burnt hit as you use this pod kit.

    Pros and Cons


    • It is sleek, compact, and lightweight, making it highly portable
    • It is leakproof
    • Relx Alpha Pod kit gives you a high amount of puffs per Pod
    • Its patented design allows you to enjoy a flavorful vape


    • It on available in two color option

    Relx Alpha Pod Kit Competitors

    Relx Alpha Pod kit compares with other vape pods in the market as follows;

    Relx Alpha Vs. Relx Classic

    1. They both come with the same battery recharge time of 40 minutes.
    2. They are both draw-activated: Buttonless.
    3. Whereas Relx Alpha comes with a 340mAh battery, the Relx Classic comes with a 350mAh capacity battery.
    4. Relx Alpha is lighter with a weight of 27.2gas compared to Relx Classic, with a weight of 35g
    5. Relx Alpha comes with mouthpiece leak protection, whereas Relx Classic does not.
    6. Whereas Relx Alpha comes with a 1.6ml pod capacity, Relx Classic comes with a 2ml pod capacity.
    7. Relx Alpha comes with a dimensional size of 11.2 x 2.3 x 1.0 cm while Relx Classic comes with a dimensional size of 12 x 3 x 1.5 cm.

    FAQs About Relx Alpha Pod kit

    How many Hits are in Relx Alpha Pod kit?

    The Relx Alpha Pod Kit comes with a 1.6ml pod capacity. This capacity is enough to give you 400 – 600 puffs before it is depleted.

    How do I turn ON my Relx Alpha Pod Kit?

    The Relx Alpha Pod kit does not come with any physical button you can press to turn it on. To have it activated, you only need to connect the Pod with the battery, place its mouthpiece on your mouth and take a puff and start enjoying the vape.

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    Relx Alpha Pod kit has attracted many vapers because of its outstanding flavor and throat hit quality. It is engineered with outstanding features that make every puff count. Even with its wonderful performance, we always have an alternative vape tool that you can always count on. Visit UPENDS and get your alternative vaping tool.



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