WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Raw Garden Disposable Vape Pen,Raw Garden Vaporizer Wholesale & Review 2022

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What is a Raw Garden Disposable vape pen

When we mention the name Raw Garden, most people's faces will light up with surprise because they know how this company is essential to the vaping scene. R aw Garden Disposable vape pen is a portable vaporizer that has been tested and approved to be among the best Disposable vape in the market.

With its place of origin in California, you can be sure that you are getting good quality from using these pens. 

The Raw Garden is one of the best California-based cannabis brands that have an excellent approach to weed. The pen design has an apple-like feeling, especially when the logo lights up when you use the pen.

But this is just one of the aspects that make the Raw Garden beautiful. The Raw Garden has a long list of cannabis strains you can enjoy, with more than 800 strains and many of them being award-winning as well. 

Using the Raw Garden pens and cartridges is filled with quality live resin. They are very affordable, quality, and the best live resin products you can find around.            

Raw Garden Disposable vape pen design and build

Raw Garden pen cartridges 

Suppose you want to experience the best and one of the most affordable, highest quality live resin cartridges. In that case, the Raw Garden is the perfect choice for you. The cart is filled with concentrates extracted from good quality flowers handled by the most experienced farmers.

The various strains used for these carts are varied, such as Sativa, Indica, and hybrids of Indica and Sativa. You will have the choice to select between Kush and many other strains available.

The Raw Garden carts might not be expensive, but we need to understand that their hardware is not cheap. They have the best technology that is compatible with many kinds of cartridges. The glass body and ceramic mouthpiece give you a good hit that kicks instantly. This is one thing the clone versions cannot match up.

You will have nothing to complain about when it comes to using the Raw Garden hardware. One good feature is that the cartridges are refillable, and you can effortlessly drain the oil as well. The use of ceramic tops is good because they screw so perfectly into a device, making it stand out.

Raw Garden vape pen cartridge oil quality 

You can be sure that Raw Garden cartridges are of high-quality oils. You are presented with a refined live resin that looks so amazing and gives you a smooth vape. You get a better cart than anything you would easily bump into in the market.

The first hit you get from the pen is a heavenly experience because the concentrates are not harsh. There are very few live resin pen carts that can match up with the Raw Garden, and these are Just dab carts and Remedy carts.

You may be wondering what is in the Raw Garden cartridge that makes it so unique and liked all around? The answer is straightforward, and the Raw Garden carts have live resin with no fillers or additives. The packaging itself gives you a hint of what to expect inside the cart. 

Strength-wise, Raw Garden still has more strength compared to other oil vape pens. You could not expect anything less from a 90% THC quantity, and that is enough to make you want to try these live resin jewels.

Features of a Raw Garden vape pen

  • Small size portable vaporizer with a sleek standard e-cigarette design
  • 510 threading for the cartridge that can fit most of the 510 cart products 
  • Premium live resin-filled cartridges that promise you an excellent strength, and rich flavor for your vaping experience
  • USB charging that will keep your device recharged when you run out of power
  • White color battery cover that makes it appealing and welcoming to use
  • Mouthpieces on the cartridge are available in wood and ceramic, which gives you options that will make your vaping worthwhile
  • Power button with LED indicator that signals you how much power you have left in your device
  • Top-notch vape oil that delivers many puffs for you
  • Well priced product with quality hardware and quality oils                           

Raw Garden Disposable vape pen performance

With a 350mAh battery and a functioning preheat feature, the Raw Garden gives you a timely vapor quantity just as you would expect from a live resin-filled pen. There are no temperature control mechanisms on this device.

So, you will be working with a pre-set voltage that works perfectly for your device. When the cartridge is plugged in, it takes approximately four seconds for the preheat feature to achieve its goal. Then you can successfully take a draw from the device. 

The cartridges have ceramic coil hardware, which is pretty much a good performer for standard vape pens. There is no much fuss and mess from using these devices. The atomizers are equally refillable. Instead of worrying about your tank running dry, you can get your favorite flavor and refill the tank to continue vaping.

The vapor production in the Raw Garden pen is also good because the THC levels are well balanced among all the cartridges. So regardless of the cartridge you are using, you are assured that the vapor volume will be enough.

Flavors available for your Raw Garden Disposable vape pen

The Raw Garden is one of the vape pens with reliable and tasty THC oils; we will look into some of the flavors that you can use for a full experience.

  • Sour tangy
  • This is a Sativa dominant hybrid that is a crossbreed between east coast sour diesel and a cult favorite tangie

    You get mentally focused effects, and you get a bold citrus flavor profile. 

  • Three bears
  • This Indica-dominant strain gives pungent flavorful buds with smaller and manageable plant sizes. This is an auto-flowering crossbreed of Bear OG, Karma's OG cut, and Triangles Kush, making the three bears.

  • Blueberry punch
  • This flavor was created through the mix of Romulan and the blueberry strain. From this mix, you get a delightful aroma and earth feeling. This favor punches you in its hit just as you would take it from the name. It is a potent and effective sedative.

  • Lime Mojito
  • The lime mojito flavor is a Sativa dominant hybrid crafted by the Raw Garden's clean green certified fresh frozen whole plant flowers.

  • Sky hound
  • This flavor is developed from the sour hound and sky doggie. It is an Indica dominant hybrid made from freshly frozen whole plant flowers. With improves crystallization processes, the sauce is developed into concentration terpenes and cannabinoids with full flavor.

  • Triangle Kush
  • This flavor is an Indica developed in Florida and is named after the three states that produce good cannabis. These states are Jacksonville, Miami, and Tampa. The triangle Kush gives you dynamic, stimulating effects, creativity, and satisfaction.

    FAQs about Raw Garden vape pen

    Is the Raw Garden vape pen worth it?

    The Raw Garden vape is worth it, and this is because this particular vape pen features premium live resin cartridges that are so fulfilling and satisfying. You can never go wrong when using these vape pens because they give you value for money and fewer regrets.

    How much does a Raw Garden Disposable vape pen cost?

    The price of the Raw Garden varies depending on many factors. Still, initially, you can get the product from $65 with cartridges included.

    Where can I buy the Raw Garden Disposable vape pen in wholesale Price?

    To get the Raw Garden vape pen and cartridges, you will be at a higher advantage when purchasing them from their California headquarters, where you can get discounts. You can also order online from their website, and they will deliver the product to you.

    Find Raw Garden Disposable Vape Wholesale Supplier

    Raw Garden cartridges are premium quality, and they are very good at delivering the best hits. With THC contents of above 70%, you are sure you are in for some good time. 

    In terms of affordability, overall experience, and taste, these pens are top standard, and you have to try them. With the details given above, you can feel the awesomeness in the pens.