WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Randy's Vape Pen. Types and Features of Randy's Vaporizers

21st May 2021 | 276 | upends v

What is Randy’s vape pen

Randy’s vape pen brand is a well-known company that deals with the best dry herb vaporizers in the market. The company has been around since 1975, and they have done so much for the cannabis and vaping community.

They have high-quality cleaning solutions, papers, and vapes. Their newly inducted line of dry herb vaporizers has been a tremendous influence in the market.

Randy’s vape pen types

Being a company that has been in the cannabis industry for a long time, Randy’s has introduced some products to serve both marijuana users and vape enthusiasts. With the vape products from Randy’s, you get various product species you can choose from.

Here are some of Randy’s products available.

Randy’s CHILL vaporizer

Features of the Randy CHILL vape pen

  • World’s first CHILL vape pen that can freeze tube
  • 2-in-1 portable hybrid vape pen
  • Works for dry herbs and concentrates
  • Three temperature presets for control purposes
  • Two unique mouthpieces for maximum delivery
  • LED light indicator for power and temperature
  • Built-in storage for storing your extra components
  • New school magnetic coil chamber system

Randy’s CHILL is the first and only vaporizer in the world that has a freezable tube. The CHILL vape pen is a 2-in-1 vape used for both dry herbs and wax concentrates.

You get to enjoy full flavors without coughing, and that is because it has a freezable mouthpiece that cools the vapor to a desirable temperature. This is different from water that expands when it is frozen. The freezable pen uses glycerin which is very unlikely to expand.

In addition, you also get an aqua bubbler mouthpiece which is suitable for filtration of water. The mouthpiece comes in handy when you do not have time to freeze the tube, and it still delivers unfiltered, smooth hits with good percolation. Both of these mouthpieces are easy to replace, and you can swap them as you please.

Switching between the dry herb and concentrate coils atomizers is very smooth, just like the vape rips. It comes with a magnetic chamber that holds your atomizer to the body and gives you the most straightforward transitions if you need a change of materials.

The chamber is made with a rare solid magnet that grips your coils in position, and the chamber door swings to let you swap and clean the atomizers easily.

Performance of Randy’s CHILL vape pen

The two different coils you are issued with have three different temperature settings. For the dry herb chamber, you get temperature ranges of 212°F, 450° F and 600° F. for the concentrates, and your coil will heat up between 450°, 600° and 900°. These temperature control features allow you to use your device with maximum personalization.


The Randy’s CHILL is a bit complicated in terms of vapor production because it needs you to be extra careful when working with the power button. Because it can heat up to 428° in three seconds, it means that you have to be careful if you need some quality vapor. So what matters here is how you handle the timing.

Pros and cons of Randy’s CHILL


  • Adjustable temperature presets
  • USB charging with pass-through feature
  • Quality ceramic coil chambers
  • Easy swapping of the heating chambers
  • Long-lasting battery that keeps your device fully powered


  • The heating feature could overheat your device when pressed at the wrong timings.

Randy’s TREK vape                           

Features of the TREK vape pen

Available in the packaging kit

  • TREK vape
  • USB charging cable
  • Cleaning tools
  • Two rubber grommets
  • Two replacement screens
  • Rubber mouthpiece

Here are the features of the Randy's TREK vape pen.

  1. 1500mAh battery capacity that ensures you maximize your vaping experience with quality power
  2. Variable voltage feature with presetting between 3.2V and 4.2V
  3. Hand blown glass mouthpiece that offers you a unique experience and comfortability
  4. Ceramic heating chamber for quality distribution of heat and good vapor production
  5. Can heat up to 428°F in only three seconds
  6. Good looking like design that is so easy to use
  7. You get two coils for easy swapping of substances.

The Randy’s TREK is a new introduction herbal vape from Randy’s, and it is one of the beautiful pens you will see around. For the build, the pen is very amazing, and it is substantial when held in hand.

Every piece of the device is fastened securely, and you will not experience any rattling. The TREK has adopted the one-button feature that is found in most modern vape pens. 

To start the device, you press the power button five times, and the same process can be repeated for switching off the device. To activate the vape for vapor production, you have to press down the power button and release it after taking a hit to prevent the coils from overheating.


One selling point of the vape pen is that it gets to heat up at 428°F in just three seconds. The problem with this is that the device can burn when held for so long, and you will realize that ashes are pouring from the chamber when you empty them. 

Pros of the Randy’s TREK


  • Premium solid build quality from satisfactory materials such as Pyrex glass and ceramic coils is outstanding compared to the metals and plastic covered metals.
  • Easy to operate and clean with its good looking sleek and classy design
  • The price is relatively low for a herbal vaporizer, a good deal when compared to the market price for most of these products
  • The components fit together efficiently, and you do not get a hard time trying to disassemble and assemble the TREK.


  • The quick heating feature makes the device get hot too fast and produces so much smoke when pressed for more than four seconds.
  • The deep ceramic chamber is not satisfactory for equally heating the herb

Randy’s TROO vape pen

Features of Randy’s TROO vape pen

  • USB enabled charging that keeps your device powered for a very long time
  • You get five mouth guards for your mouthpiece to protect you from extreme heat
  • Pass through feature that lets you use your Vape pen even as you charge
  • 2200 mAh battery capacity that makes sure you do not run out of power as you vape your way into ultimate satisfaction
  • Three temperature presets that lets you control your device heating
  • Convectional vaporization that protects your herb from combusting

The Randy’s true is an affordable dry herb vaporizer that is very compact, simplistic, and reliable. In line with the compact size, Randy’s TROO has an enormous dry herb chamber.

The chamber is very easy to load and can hold you for a couple of vape sessions. The simplistic engineering of this product gives you a remarkable user experience with mouthpieces that protect your lips from getting burned, with the auto on and off feature. 

The long-lasting, powerful battery ensures that your pen is always ready to serve you at any time and does not go off on you. You get the pass-through feature that allows you to vape even when you are charging your device.

Pros and cons of the Randy TROO vape pen


  • LED display screen for easy usability interface
  • Three preset temperature adjustments for maximized usage
  • Simple and unique design for satisfying usage
  • Small and portable design and you can carry it anywhere
  • 2200mAh battery capacity that gives you better heating mechanisms
  • Deep chamber of 1 inch that lets you hold substances for a very long time


  • The device gets too hot after usage for a long time


Using Randy’s vape pens is satisfying. When you compare the looks, feel, and quality of their devices in general, you get good products. The price tag on these units is favorable, and you get the value for money.

The introduction of the CHILL pen is a groundbreaking move that stands out among other vape pens. 

The introduction of the three high-grade dry herb vaporizers puts Randy's brand on the map as one of the best. You can trust that using their various vape pens will satisfy you.

The only disappointment is that your device heats so much when you fire it for more than four seconds.