WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Rainbow Vape Pen. A Review and How to Use the SMOK 22 Rainbow Vaporizer 2021

12th May 2022 | 13 | upends v

What is a Rainbow vape pen?

The SMOK 22 rainbow vape pen is a portable vaporizer that can be counted as an addition to the aesthetically pleasing vape brands in the market. It has a compact design that looks similar to the kandypens prism and the slim vape pens.

You would confuse it for a pen in case you come across it. The additional feature that sets this pen to be unique and different from the others is the rainbow color that is glossy and shining. You get a 20mm diameter that makes it easy to carry larger-sized coils in the oven.

The battery is also strong enough to handle heavy heating of the coils for a very long time. This device also adds to the list of single-button vape pens that are currently trending in the market.

Features and functioning of the Rainbow vape pen

  • High capacity battery for more power
  • The airflow system is foxed at the base for smooth vaping
  • 510 threading connection for easy fixing of accessories and charging
  • The pen is easy to clean owing to its easily detachable nature
  • Top filling chamber for effortless loading of substances.      

Design and build quality of the Rainbow vape pen

The SMOK 22 rainbow vape pen comes with a simple design that is more welcoming than the usual plain designs that are so common in the current market.

This device is suitable for beginners and experienced vape users because it is so attractive that no one wants to resist it. The pen is among the vape pens that use sub-ohm heating formulas, and you get a 510 threaded battery that makes the connection of components easy.

The device comes with a tank hidden behind the shaft, and with one button on it, it is straightforward to use. All you have to do to get started is to press the activation button five times to switch it on and off.

Press on the button three times to control the temperature settings, then press once to lock in the selected pre-set. Device 

The Rainbow finish is good, accompanied by its lovely texture and ergonomic design that makes holding the mod easier. One impressive feature about the SMOK 22 vape pen is that you can dismantle the components to make it even smaller for portability purposes.

You will find that the tank and the coils can be unscrewed, including the top cap which covers the battery. The pen looks like a tube but impressive enough because the tank is also part of the pen. It would be better if the airflow system could easily be adjusted to maximize performance.

The SMOK rainbow vape pen is one device that has a well-crafted stainless steel structure. This stainless steel material is strong and can handle many falls and scratches without any significant damage.

This is because it is meant to preserve the rainbow-like paint on its walls. You can be sure that this device will last you many vape sessions before it runs out on you. The device components are well held in place, and it is not easy to lose them accidentally in case of a fall.

Like many other vape pens, the cap fits nicely on the battery, and this is one way to ensure that the device maintains its compact design, which is the most significant selling point.

The tank fitted in this pen is said to withstand leakages for very long hours, and you do not have to worry about your liquid running down on your bag or pocket when walking around with it. It is better when you get quality assurance when using your favorite vape pen.

This shows that the company cares about their clients, and they do their best to safeguard clients' interests.

Rainbow vape pen performance

One thing that makes the performances of vape pens outstanding is the coils. These are the determinants of vapor production and how satisfactory they will be. With the SMOK rainbow vape pen, you get 0.3-ohm coils that are built-in.

These coils produce a more robust vape that is perfectly fit for experienced vape users. You get huge vapor clouds, and it is smooth but with complex kicking effects depending on the content, you are vaping on.

This kind of vapor production might be suitable for beginners and advanced vape enthusiasts as well.

This device prides itself on being a sub-ohm tank that does not come with an RBA tank base. The only way to vape using this pen is by using premade coils. Additionally, you cannot use other coil heads on this device because it explicitly uses its coils. 

The Rainbow pen comes in two designs: the 0.3-ohm dual-core and the 0.4-ohm quad-core. These two coil heads are rated at 20W and 50w, respectively. But all these ratings do not matter because there is no wattage control enabled in the Rainbow vape pen.

Unfortunately, the device fires up well at high wattage after being fully charged, but you will realize that the device power drops after some usage.

The device is very much portable, and you can carry it around as you wish. It has a minimalistic design that is so sophisticated and beautifully sturdy at the same time.

The only disadvantage is that you have to dismantle the pen by removing the atomizer from the top and loosening the base for you to recharge your vape pen adequately.


The application of vape pens has improved dramatically ever since 2.3-volt e-go batteries were introduced. The same pens have 510 threading on the atomizers, and the battery is strong enough to power the atomizer. 

This device is well known for giving the best flavor you would ever imagine. Most probably in the market, no vape pen matches the SMOK rainbow in delivering quality vapor.

You get high-quality satisfaction, and you will keep wanting more of the pen. The coils do an excellent job in heating the elements to give you the best kind of Smoke. It safe to say that the rainbow vape pen is a magic wand.

Pros and cons of the Rainbow vape pen


  • USB enabled charging of the device
  • Improved vapor production compared to other SMOK devices
  • The vape pen is built to maintain and hold the flavor
  • Quick charging feature that fills up the battery in less than one hour
  • Simplistic design that is appealing to the user
  • Sleek design with a single button makes it portable and discreet
  • The pass-through feature allows you to vape as you use the device.
  • Cons

  • Tank is a bit smaller for holding concentrates
  • The device can sometimes perform out of line, causing problems
  • The mouthpiece cannot be adjusted to increase airflow
  • The device at times gets hot when you use it for prolonged hours
  • Alternative vape: UPENDS


    The UPENDS Upcott vape pod introduces a simple yet innovative structure that saves you from unnecessary expenses and gives you a pleasant vaping alternative for a very fair price. For people who use disposable and prefilled kits, you get a reduced cost of up to 50%, making vaping affordable again.


    After looking at the SMOK 22 rainbow vape pen, you can see why this is one of the best rainbow vape pens people can get their hands on. It has attractive features that are appealing and give the best performance.

    The vape pen is well designed to be easy to use with beginners and advanced vape users, which means it can be used as a starter kit for those who want to start vaping. 

    It also has good vapor production, which is pleasing to cloud chasers who prefer massive vapor build-up to satisfy them. 

    Using the SMOK rainbow vape pen, you are putting yourself in another dimension altogether in terms of vaping. We can add that the rainbow color adds to the flavor of your vaping session.