WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

R2 Vape Pen. A Complete Review of Features and Performance of the R2 Vaporizer

21st May 2021 | 191 | upends v

What is the R2 Vape pen

The R2 Vape Pen is a portable vape device developed and manufactured by the This Thing Rips Company, specializing in making vape products. These products have been a significant figure among vape users and have seen an increase in usage.

For a very long time, the r2 brand has developed vape pens that resembled cigarettes, but they chose to go for a more advanced and well-performing shape that is sleek and sturdy. This was when the R2 Vape pen was introduced.

The R2 Vape pen has a magnetic connection system that is compatible with wax and oil cartridges. You can easily swap these carts, and you are assured of quality and durability with leak-proof protection.

Design and build of the R2 Vape pen

You have seen the eGo battery types being mentioned at some point, and you might also have seen a few vape pens of the same in our articles.

These pens come with a clearomizer that should be screwed on top of the pen, unlike some that use the bottom coil clearomizer technique.

This pen is unique with its blend of luminous green and black outlook that will be the first thing you note when you take the device out of its package.


This vape pen also features the enclosed battery system located behind an aluminum-made shaft that perfectly fits the clearomizer, giving the pen a complete and sustainable look.

To do away with commonality and familiarity, the R2 Vape pen uses the magnetic connection to fit the components. 

Other than the high-end magnetic connection, you get a magnetic USB charging that will let you vape even as you charge your device.

Features of the R2 Vape pen 

  • The device is equipped with ceramic dual coils.
  • A proven R+ airflow system that guarantees maximum draws
  • Quick loading and rapid-fire cartridges fitted with premium ceramic rods
  • Polycarbonate heating chamber that is very visible
  • Threaded chamber and cartridges that are good for break down and cleaning
  • 6500 microamp battery that has a microchip processor for holding two times the charge
  • The discreet device that can be used on the low            

Performance of the R2 Vape pen

For advanced vape users, you will need to have your battery recharged repeatedly, and if things get out of hand, you may be forced to buy a new battery altogether.

In its initial usage period, you will be getting between 6 to 7 hours of vaping when you fully charge your pen.

The R2 Vape pen comes with a built-in battery of 650mAh protected within the stainless steel casing. With this kind of battery capacity, the R2 Vape pen will be tough to use the device for advanced vapers who lock for more than just the design and outlook of the vape pen but pay attention to the functioning.

Even though the battery runs out so quickly, they added the quick charge feature to compensate for that and the pass-through feature that will let you vape even as your vape pen is charging.

On the R2 Vape pen, you get a single operating button located in the middle of the pen. This button is used to activate the pen, and you need to press the button five times consecutively to turn the device on and off.

Once the device is turned on, there is a three-second preheat feature that heats your oils and waxes to be ready for vapor production. If you leave your device on for more than ten seconds without using it, it will switch off because of the cut-off time protector.

This feature is good because it helps protect your coils from burning and ensures that you do not get burnt oil. The button pressing feature is good to help your device not accidentally fire when in your pocket or the bag.

It is good to store your pen inside the casing provided to protect it from further damage and accidents.

The good thing is that the cartridge is well protected, so it will not break in case of an accidental fall.          

R2 Vape pen vapor production

It seems that vapor production is one of the reasons why people choose to vape. Vapor production is significant when it comes to vape, and this is one thing the R2 Vape pen has specialize in and heavily banked on it.

In addition to its price and high-quality functionality, you get a worthwhile vape pen.

The pen gives smooth hits from the draw with a reasonably good resistance that gives you a similar feeling to smoking combustible cigarettes.

This pen is truly magnificent for beginners and advanced vape enthusiasts.

E-liquids and flavors

The R2 Vape pen kit has two packages of similar e-liquids that give you flexibility and versatility because you can use them for both oil and wax carts. When screwing in your components, the magnetic drop-in attachment perfectly snaps into position when dropped into the metal tube.

This feature brings about the distinction between normal vape pens that use threading technology. The fixable cartridges have different bottom connectors. It let the device know how to adjust the temperature in the coil for various substances.


The provided cartridges hold only 2mls, which is pretty much a lot when compared against the other vape pen brands that would fall under the same category with the R2 Vape pen.

We can attest that the cartridges are a perfect design for beginners who are still not aware of their tolerance. This feature does not mean that advanced users should not use this pen is the device very versatile in usage. 

The only missing feature is that there is no glass window or any window at all that can show you how much liquid is left in your tank.

FAQs about the R2 Vape pen

How do you select the best R2 Vape pen?

When you set out to look for high-quality vape pens, you need to focus on man things, not the price and appearance only.

  • Consider the shape of the pen. Pods and mods come in different shapes and sizes, and it is essential that you find one that fits your purpose, make sure its design is portable, and feel comfortable looking at it.
  • Vapor production, for vape users, vapor production is one attractive feature of the device. It is good that you select a device that will serve you the amount of vapor you desire.
  • Good battery life, having a low battery capacity vape pen will keep going off on you while you are busy getting through some good sessions. Make sure that you get a pen that has a long-lasting battery that will please you.

Alternative vape: UPENDS 


Your indispensable MTL open pod system.

This vape pod is one of the kits that satisfy you from the very first draw. This is the working of a very innovative Etchip coil with an enlarged heating bay that improves the heating of your pen.

The high resistance mesh gives you a satisfying and sustaining vapor when you take your first puff. In the development of the coil UPENDS tested with mostly accepted e-liquids worldwide, you are promised a good performance with the most popular juices.

Your Uppen is well protected by the cap from exposure to air when it is not being used. This feature is good for preventing oxidation when the pen is left in the open for long.                  


The R2 vape pen has shown excellent performance with its unique designs that feature multi-color types of pens. You get a variety of features that are so attractive, and they deliver more than you would expect.

You can try these pens today, and you will be sure that nothing will go wrong. They are the perfect device to give you that high you want so bad.