WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

R2 Series Vape Pen. A Complete Review of the R2 Series Vaporizer

4th Jun 2021 | 56 | upends v

What is the R2 series Vape pen? 

The R2 series vape pen is a hand held vaporizer that hails from the popular ‘Thisthingrips' brand. The R2 series pen was developed to be an improvement of their flagship device the Roil vape pen. The pens are well known to be good performers when it comes to analyzing the quality of vapor produced.

They have a good and huge vapor production like never seen before. The kit is equipped with two separate atomizers and the chamber is made from polycarbonate so you can see how your vapor builds up. The R series were started in 2013 and the brand has gained so much following rapidly.

Their collection of well designed pens have a good style and they have grown to be liked by many people considering their daily improvements and everyday new additions.

The cartridges are good for any vape users and they deliver much more than its actual value, considering it is cheap. The device has been designed to have compatibility with most R series products and you can switch tanks to get a new design.

The R2 series vape pen has an improved coil-less ceramic atomizer technology that is designed to give you the smoothest of vapors and there are very rare chances of getting burnt tastes.

There are no exposure of wicks and wires which makes the device to give a pure taste of vapor that heats up your liquids slowly when you set minimum temperatures.

The battery features a 510 threading that is also a variable voltage pen. The pen had its own temperature pre-settings that you can tweak to give you the best performance.

The pen has also been a massive success for the STOK company and their products are beginning to get recognition from many vapors worldwide where the pens are Available.  

Features of the R2 Vape pen

  • Quick heating from the coil less chambers offers efficient heating
  • The battery is a strong 650mAh capacity with boosted storage
  • The battery can last for up to 12 hours and gives you longer vaping hours
  • The base has been made from silicone to hold the pieces together in position
  • The pen features a pocket friendly design that is portable for moving place to place
  • The mouthpiece is detachable from the tank making it very discreet.
  • Introduction of the temperatures recalling feature that knows what your last vape setting was
  • Features a ceramic dual Ti design of coils which is effective for heat control
  • 510 threading battery design for easy fitting of cartridges  
  • The 510 threaded battery makes it easy to load and switch tanks                               

Design and build quality

One notable feature about the R2 series vape pen is that the atomizers have big enough cartridges which provide room for stealth usage. This could be attributed to its slim design which is able to hide the unit hence it cannot attract attention. The chamber is made from polycarbonate making your vapor production process visible.

The two extra atomizers share the same mouthpiece and this would improve on the life of the pen. It is likely to last longer than any standard pen. In terms of vapor production, the pen does nothing else apart from delivering quality. The draws are tight and strong and the huge clouds are the icing on the cake.

The R2 series vape pen battery is built in and the atomizers easily fit the pen giving it a compact and sturdy look. The wax and oil vape pens give you variety.

The 510 connection technology is easily compatible with some of the best cartridges that are available in the market. You can cross fix tanks to see how different colors look on your pen.

Performance of the R2 series Vape pen

The R2 series vape pen has an amazing feature that can work so discretely depending on how you are using it. The wax tanks has the latest technology that can remember the last setting you used to vape. This is a new feature that not many brands have used. The dial coil ceramic cartomizer gives full type of flavors.

The silicon bottom of the vape pen seamlessly holds most of the vape pen components in place. The pen will give you huge rips and massive clouds which are very convenient for most of the vaporizer types. The heating rods are top quality and are covered in titanium rods which deliver the most significant vapor. The ceramic cups improve on conduction for decent heat distribution. 


The variable voltages allow you to set vaping temperatures at any setting you prefer. This together with the temperature recall gives you the best of oil vapor. It easy to use this pen. 

The battery cell is there to ensure you get uninterrupted sessions of vaping. The pen can be used daily without having to charge frequently. You also have a USB charging cable that is very convenient when you need to recharge your vape pen. You will realize that the design is pocket friendly and can easily fit like a biro pen. 

The pen is very discreet and you can use it in public places without being noticed, except for the huge sized vapor. This pen is a perfect fit for any vape user out there. You can also clean this pen easily 

Pros and cons of the R2 series Vape pen


  • The pen is easily affordable and has good wax units for diversity
  • The improved signature R+ airflow system is suitable for taking down the coil resistance of the R2 series vape pen
  • The pen has good heating components that give excellent vapor quality of the pen
  • The device is simplistic and easy to use despite having various components that need to be put together
  • The detachable chambers are very easy to work with because you can easily take them out to refill
  • The design is unique, colorful and look superior. Making it looked like a new school vape pen 
  • The battery of the pen is strong and can hold vape sessions for even more than 12 hours


  • The polycarbonate material used for the chambers does not work well with the heating elements hence bad flavor at times
  • To some people who prefer super small sized vape pens might find this pen to be very huge hence it has not achieved full discreetness.

FAQs about the R2 series Vape pen

How do you charge the R2 series vape pen?

In the R2 series vape kit, you get a micro USB charging cable. The cable should be connected to the charging port on the device and the other USB outlet connected to a wall socket or car charging block.

How long does an R2 series Vape kit last?

The R2 series vape pen is designed with a strong battery of 650mAh capacity. This pen is enough to hold power for more than 12 hours offering you so much options when it comes to optimize the power output.

Alternative vape: UPENDS


The UPENDS Uppen is going to satisfy you the moment you take the initial draw. This works because the pen has the unique Etchip coil which has an efficient heating system with an expanded heating bay.

This features come in handy to boost the vaporization process and with the high resistance mesh, the vapor is highly satisfactory. The pens have been tested to work perfectly with majority of the mainstream e-liquids. These in turn give good performance 


The R2 series vape pen is one of the best vape pens that you will get at a favorable price. The performance of this pen is better than most pens in the market that you would choose to compare with.

It is reliable, durable, portable and above all has all the good stuff that you would expect from a high quality vape pen.

The pen has some good hits and when you vape on low temperature settings, you get the best taste especially from the Ti coils. This pen is highly recommended for anyone who wants to start vaping or is already a seasoned vaper.