Quill Vape Pen. The Features, Design, Performance, and Alternative for Quill Vape Pen

    Quill Vape Pen. The Features, Design, Performance, and Alternative for Quill Vape Pen

    What is a Quill Vape pen

    The Quill Vape pen is one of the most reliable recyclable CBD vaporizers. This pen is a slim cylindrical and portable vape device that uses refillable pods. The Quill Vape pen is mostly used for THC and CBD concentrates and the other strains.

    The pen works perfectly and is sleek enough to stay low-key. The Quill Vape pen has one amazing feature that allows you to take your old pen to their stores for recycling purposes. 

    These Quill Vape pens come in different flavors, such as strawberry, vanilla, and watermelon. Quill provides full spectrum hemp-oriented, sustainable and recyclable personal vapes highly regarded in terms of standard.

    You get pure uninterrupted and strain-specific extracts from their flawless stainless steel design case and the well-crafted paper packaging. Everything about this pen is extravagant and authentically pleasing.

    Features of a Quill Vape pen

    • Has 300 puffs for every pen
    • Full-spectrum extract filled pods
    • Sleek and elegant design that is very portable
    • Has no buttons on the shaft 
    • Draw to inhale activation feature

    Design and build of the quill pen

    The Quill Vape pen has an ergonomic battery that has a top-loading bay. The physical design looks like a standard vape pen with a cylindrical shape and cigarette look.

    Their design could be easily confused with one from the Kandypens brand. The pen is smooth with no buttons and is air-activated, so there are no settings to tweak around. 

    The vape pens are designed to serve a general-purpose, and with their line of flavors to choose from, you get an amazing vape experience. The design is very much lightweight, and you can easily slide it into the paper case and walk around with it wherever you want to go.

    There are no misfire problems because it has a casing to hold it, and also, there are no buttons that could get triggered in the package.

    Your quill device comes pre-charged, and with it set up, it is already prefilled, and all you need to do is take it from the package and start vaping on it. 

    Performance of the Quill Vape pen

    When using this device, you will not get disappointed. The air activation hits you with smooth effects as long as you are using it. The non-psychoactive effect of CBD is the key feature that makes this device useful.

    The top end of the pen feels good when placed on the lips and blends perfectly with the rest of the body. This maintains the sleek design of the pen. You are getting yourself a relaxed CBD experience like never seen before.

    Vaping on CBD is the most potent way to consume CBD, going by standards. But also, most of the CBD gets lost in the bloodstream.

    But this is still the certified stress-free and most effective way. When you vape on CBD, you also get a faster absorption rate, which kicks in sooner than expected. 

    Using the Quill Vape pen

    The Quill Vape pen has more to it than just the power source. With an internal 180mAh battery that has an enabled USB charging that allows you to vape even as you charge.

    You get a good groove when using it, and it is very comfortable to hold. The device has a pod holder at the top where you input your pods. There is no special connection, but the components fit in perfectly. You have to make sure that the pod fits perfectly onto the device.

    The vape pen comes pre-charged to get started, but to be sure, you can pass it through the charging to get it powered more. However, this process might take longer because it takes two hours to charge. Once the pen is charged, insert a pod into the device and take a draw. 

    Even with a small design and low battery capacity, the pen can give you a good vapor cloud from the CBD in the chamber. It does this effortlessly without losing the flavor profile, and the terpenes are well taken care of so that you do not feel the taste or smell after each inhales. 

    The pods hold 0.5ml of liquid, and this depends on the flavor and ingredient of your selection. Most of the Quill Vapepods use a mixture of high-quality extraction with some PG and VG for easy evaporation. 

    The Quill Vape pen is guaranteed to give you close to 20 vape sessions because it can hold at least 200 puffs. But going by the battery and capacity, you might realize that the pen goes out before you attain the number of puffs.


    With the pass-through charge, you are at the freedom to keep vaping as you charge your device. The pen does not have any variable wattage or any other power settings. So you have a very friendly vape pen.

    When you are done using the Quill Vape pens, you can take them back to the company for recycling. This is because they are unique and rare, so to keep their brand going, they protect the environment by collecting their used products.

    These pens only use quill-specific pods, and you might be disadvantaged if you wanted to use other devices apart from the quill-provided ones.

    Pros and cons of the Quill Vape pen


    • The device is ergonomic in design which makes it easy to use
    • The device is well priced in comparison to similar products
    • Sleek design that makes it attractive for the user
    • Has an in-built battery behind their casing which protects the inner components
    • has good quality prefilled CBD oils
    • The vape pen can be recycled


    • The device has a low battery capacity that could run out when not used well.

    FAQs about Quill Vape pen

    Is the Quill Vape pen worth it?

    The Quill Vape pens are worth it. They are trusted to have full-spectrum extracts, making them unique from another kind of reusable CBD pend. Their quality is top-notch, and many people have shown their liking to these amazing devices.

    Where can I buy a Quill Vape pen?

    The Quill Vape pen is available for purchase on their official website, and you can make an order from any location within the United States. A few trusted online stores stock Quill Vape products, and it may be wise to check with them if they have any stock and order before they sell out.

    Quill Vape pen not working

    There could be a few reasons why your Quill Vape pen is not working. It could either it has run out of charge, or there has been an internal issue. The vape pen is a draw to activate the device, so maybe you are trying to find a button to turn it on. All you have to do once the pen is out of the package is to take a draw, and an indicator light will show the device is functioning.

    Alternative vape: UPENDS


    The Upone comes with a built-in 850mAh battery and a 4.5ml liquid capacity. The pen is designed for a long-lasting experience that can be equated to using three 1.5ml capacity disposables.

    You get a specially developed thick cotton base coil which gives you a superior and more stable performance. The vapor delivery is strong, and there is no interruption from popping and leaking.

    The adjustable airway feature allows you to get different vaping experiences by just twisting the bottom. 


    It is very rare to come by such a reusable CBD vape pen. The Quill Vapebrand presents the solution to issues that were before not addressed. If you are looking for the ultimate convenience in CBD vapes.

    Then the Quill Vape pen is your go-to device. When it comes to ease of use, portability, and discreetness, the pen comes in handy, and you can never go wrong.

    In the CBD and THC market, this could be among the most suitable pens for beginners. Advanced vapers also have ease of access with this device.


    To use the UPENDS website you must be aged 21 years or over. Please verify your age before entering the site.