Pulsar apx vape (v2) price, flavors, colors & skin, coupon codes, and general review

    Pulsar apx vape (v2) price, flavors, colors & skin, coupon codes, and general review

    1. What is a pulsar apx vape (v2)? Pulsar apx vape (v2) instructions

    The pulsar apx vape (v2) is an upgrade of the pulsar apx vape. It stands 4 inches and is ideal for quick on the go access as well as traveling.

    If you are a beginner vaper, then this particular vaping pen is a great choice. It produces decent vaporizing quality with easy to use button functionalities. As opposed to the other kinds of pulsar vapes we have, you do not need to be an expert vaper to use the pulsar apx vape (v2).

    Note that Pulsar brand specializes in high-quality dry herb vaporizers. A dry herb is also another ideal alternative to E-vape juices or wax.

    Instructions: How to use

    Once you get the pulsar apx vape (v2), you will need to charge it for at least one hour. Charging the dive helps improve your vaping performance. It is a sure way to eliminate pre stuck oil or wax in the heating chamber of the accessory. Wax and oils are used to test the chambers during manufacturing.

    Where to charge? There is an easy to access USB port at the bottom of the vape pen to facilitate efficient charging time.

    It only takes precisely one and a half hours to fully charge the apx vape (v2) pen. Check the battery level colors to know where the battery level is.

    Here is a breakdown to understand more about the battery level.

    • Red 0-20%
    • Yellow 20-60%
    • Green 60-100%

    How to load the canister:

    Gently remove the plastic mouthpiece to access the loading chamber of the pulsar apx vape (v2). The mouthpiece easily detaches from the vape pen.

    Load your favorite vape flavor using the available loading tool that comes with the accessories. Ordinarily, the pulsar apx vape (v2) can hold up to 0.35g of dry herb.

    Turning the vaporizer on:

    Press the power button five times to turn it on.

    Hold down the power button to scroll through different power settings. There is an LED display screen to show you the current power setting you are using. Usually, the LED screen is blue.

    Release the power button once you are comfortable with the particular power setting. Note that there are five different heat levels that range from 374 °F - 446° F (190°C-230°C). Afterwards, the unit starts heating the oil/wax in the pulsar apx vape (v2).

    Heating takes less than 5 seconds. Improving your vaping experience.

    The five temperature levels vary in the following levels.

    • 180°C (356° F)
    • 190°C (374° F)
    • 200°C (392° F)
    • 210°C (410° F)
    • 220°C (428° F)

    Observe when the heating stops. To know when the heating stops, the LED screen stops to blink and becomes solid. Furthermore, you should notice the vape pen softly vibrating when it is ready to use.

    Wait for approximately 5 seconds to let the vapes accumulate in the chambers before inhaling.

    The pulsar apx vape (v2) heats up really fast and produces huge vapor that is not only satisfying but stimulating.


    Cleaning the pulsar apx vape (v2) is significantly easy.

    After using the vape pen, take the cleaning brush and remove all vape residue from the loading chamber. Deep clean your pulsar apx vape (v2) once a week with alcohol or any other recommended disinfectant to spot clean it. Besides, this helps eliminate all bacteria and keeps your vaporizer spotless.

    Automatic functionalities:

    The pulsar apx vape (v2) has some slight differences and similarities from its predecessors. The pulsar apx vape.

    The pulsar apx vape (v2), for instance, will automatically turn itself off if you do not use it for at least five minutes. This functionality not only helps preserve the battery life but also enhances safety. You won’t have to worry anymore about putting the vape pen in your pocket when it is still on.

    Similarly, this particular accessory has maintained the same 4-inch size as its predecessors. Though, some pulsar vape pen still come in a 3 ½ - inch size.

    2. Pulsar apx vape (v2) near me

    Find pulsar apx vape (v2) shops near me

    Using this free Vape locator tool to help you to find Pulsar apx Vape shops near me(my location).

    3. Pulsar apx vape (v2) flavors

    Pulsar apx v2 is a dry herb vaporizer that does not have many flavors.

    The available flavors, however, have a mild berry-like scent.

    4. Pulsar apx vape (v2) battery & charger

    The Pulsar apx vape (v2) has a 1600mAh lithium battery. This is enough charge to give you unmatched vaping experience. Pulsar apx vape (v2) pen has a usb charging port at the bottom that is easily accessible.

    Connect the charging cable to the usb port and plug it in to a power supply with the recommended voltage.

    Additionally, the pulsar apx vape (2) charges for approximately 2 hours. Its battery life runs for about 90 minutes to 2 hours.

    The LED vape indicator turns blue when fully charged. Press the button located on the side of the unit five times to turn the vape pen on.

    5. Pulsar apx vape (v2) colors & skins

    The pulsar apx vape (v2) is available in a diverse array of colors.

    Here are the available colors to pick. So far, there are 11 distinct skins with exclusive finish.

    Rainbow tye-dye, wood grain, black, cold silver, emerald, Mrow, Psychedelic Desert, melting mushroom, Zion lion, nebular, and THC


    6. Pulsar apx vape (v2) coupon & promo code

    Pulsar apx vape (v2) discount coupon code1: Get 15% off of your pulsar apx (v2) dry herb vape purchase.


    Pulsar apx vape (v2) discount coupon code2: Get a 30% off discount code with signup for pulsar vaporizers´ email newsletter.


    7. Pulsar apx vape (v2) Review

    Build and design

    A pulsar apx vape (v2) is a portable and easy to handle vape pen.

    The mouthpiece assumes a natural design to effectively fit your mouth and boost the vaporizer’s natural air flow.

    The v2 version of the pulsar vaporizer has advanced LED display screen to improve the functionality of the unit. You can check the battery level and power settings easily with this functionality.

    Using the unit

    It is easy to use the Pulsar apx vape (v2) pen. This particular pen is considered a low-technology pen that is ideal for novice and experienced vaping enthusiasts.

    Open the mouthpiece, load the canister, close the mouthpiece, press the power button five times to adjust the settings and enjoy.


    The pulsar apx vape (v2) unit has five temperature settings to enhance its performance. The lowest setting reaches 180◦C while the highest setting reaches 220◦C.

    This unit comes with a 1600mAH lithium-ion cell making it ideal on the go. Unfortunately, you need to worry about the charge if you plan to travel more than 2 hours.

    Portability and handling

    A Pulsar apx vape (v2) is portable and easy to handle.

    The 4 inch structure makes it very light and you cannot feel its weight inside your pocket.

    8. FAQ

    1) How to refill

    Open the mouth piece to access the hitting herb chamber. Next, fill the chamber with enough herbs (about 2 grams) using the scoop. Replace the mouth piece and turn the temperature button on.

    2) Fake pulsar apx vape (v2) Vs real pulsar apx vape (v2)

    It can be challenging to spot the difference between a fake pulsar apx (v2) vape pen and a real pulsar apx (v2) vape pen.

    However, check the physical construction. An original pulsar vape pen has sturdy plastic construction while a fake one has light construction.

    3) Where can I buy a pulsar apx vape (v2)?

    Pulsar apx vape (v2) are available on vaping stores near you. Also, you can find the accessory available on the official pulsar apx (v2) website.

    Note that the price varies with the particular size.

    4) Pulsar apx vape (v2) not hitting

    If your pulsar apx vape (v2) pen is not hitting, you can easily troubleshoot it with a two-step guide.

    • Check if the flavor tank is loose or over tightened
    • Counter check if the oil in the tank is depleted

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