WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Puffco Pro 2 Wax Pen. A Complete Guide About the Puffco Pro 2

2nd Jun 2021 | 156 | upends v

What is the puffco pro 2 wax pen?

The puffco Pro 2 is a portable vaporizer from the famous puffco catalog. The puffco brand is usually associated with an American businessman and rapper, P Diddy.

Puffco is among the most prominent performers in the vape industry. Their product flagship has been one of a kind. They introduce stylish, innovative and reinvented products in the market.

The puffco pro 2 comes as an upgrade from the previous puffco pens released into the market. This vape pen is a high-quality vaporizer that users have so much welcomed.

This particular pen is an upgrade from the puffco pro, and it comes with a new atomizer design accompanied by good battery life and a rugged stainless steel exterior. Most importantly, this is the most miniature puffco product you can find in the market currently.

Build and design of the puffco pro 2 vape pen

The building design and quality of this vape pen are very magnificent and outstanding. One notable feature is that the device is very tiny and has a perfect brushed stainless steel finish.

This pen can be easily carried in your pocket because, for one, it fits well, and it does not get scratched up.

The only downside is that the atomizers do not have any versatility, so you will not customize them to your liking.

Puffco Pro 2 Instructions

This pen works in a fundamental way you could imagine of. If you have been a wax pen user, you can sure that the work is similar to what you would expect in a wax pen. If you do not understand how a wax pen works, we will break it down for you.

The bottom of the device has a 510 threading connection where you can screw in the atomizer or charger because it is compatible with both these accessories. The base comes with only one button, the atomizer and the mouthpiece come together as a unit.

It all depends on what you want to do. The mouthpiece can be separated from the atomizer by pulling off because it is loosely held in place using an O-ring gasket.                                   

To turn on the device, you will need to click on the button five times, just as you would do for a standard one-button vape pen. To navigate through the temperature settings, you have to click on the button three times which will go higher or below the standard setting.

With your temperatures already selected, you can now switch up the heat by pressing and holding the button down or even double-tapping to engage the sesh mode. The sesh mode is just a simple heating mechanism that lasts 12 seconds only.

To load the atomizer, all required is pulling the mouthpiece off and packing up your cannabis extracts into the tank. The chamber holds a ceramic rod and coil inside.

Features of the puffco pro 2 vape pen

  • Single-button for controlling everything
  • You get three temperature levels for flexibility
  • Equipped with sesh mode
  • Increased chamber capacity
  • Carrying case for your device
  • 510 threading connection for easy fixing of accessories
  • 430mAh built-in battery with extended battery life
  • High-efficiency bowl design for better use
  • Premium finish 

Performance of the puffco Pro 2

Most of the vape users want a tiny and portable vape pen they can walk around with and still get massive clouds from it. Well, we are here to inform you that your dream has finally come true.

The initial thing to note about this device is that it has a coil-style atomizer, and we must remind you that the best reason for using this device is its restricted airflow. But all these speak for themselves when you set a blue or white level.

If you are after more flavor, then you would want to maintain medium heat. It delivers extraordinary amounts of clouds only that the flavor can be overshadowed when you take the first draw. But either way, it is hot. Even when using your device on lower settings, the pen still does an excellent job minimizing flavor and is oriented for stealth, portability and massive clouds. 

The temperature flexibility feature on this pen is very suitable for a wax pen. You only get three options which are better than not having any control freedom at hand. When you go through the user manual, there are three temperature levels: low, medium, and high. Green, blue and white lights indicate these levels in that order.


The puff pro 2 gives you 100 sessions when you fully charge it in terms of battery life. But theoretically, getting these 100 sessions means that you have to be running your device at low temperatures. When using the pen at higher temperatures or running the sesh mode, you will get less than 50 sessions. But this is still good if it is in the case of an advanced vape user.

If you seek a vape pen that is good in portability, you can trust that the puffco Pro 2 will do the trick for you. In many cases, you will find that vape pens get scratched up when placed against keys or coins, but the brushed stainless steel is the hack to protecting this magnificent device. The pen’s slim design also makes it very discreet compared to other devices. If you want to avoid visible vapor, you are advised to use the low temperature at the green level. And take quickdraws as possible.

When you consider pen usage, you will realize that the vape pen features a one-button design that controls everything on the device. This is very good for new users because it is user-friendly ad does not stress so much. 

As we mentioned above, all you need to do is click on the button five times, and your device will light up, and an additional three clicks will adjust the temperature.  Clicking on the button on a temperature setting will initiate and engage the temperature setting.

Pros and cons of the puffco pro 2 vape


  • The device some with a single button that is used for powering on/off and also for controlling temperatures
  • You get flexible temperatures that you can use to improve the performance
  • An increased chamber capacity that can hold more substance
  • The stainless steel feels solid in the hand
  • Produces thicker clouds when set to medium and high temperatures
  • The carrying case of the device is practical
  • The base is fitted with a shock-absorbing silicone cap
  • The sesh mode gives heating for 12 seconds giving strong hits
  • The device is easy to clean


  • Limited flavors when it comes to using the atomizers
  • The battery life could be slightly bigger for such a kind of vape pen
  • You are required to do frequent cleaning, which can be challenging for some people

Alternative vape: UPENDS


When looking for a vape pen that will satisfy you with the very first draw, you will need the Uppen from UPENDS, which is fitted with an Etchip coil that has an enlarged heating area to provide proper heating efficiency, with high resistance mesh coils that give you a satisfying and well-preserved vapor.


The pen is well tested and is highly compatible with most mainstream e-liquids. You are sure that you are getting the best performance with juices.


Generally, the puffco pro 2 vape pen is a magnificent wax pen. This is true, especially if you are primarily interested in the matter of portability and discreetness.

The most attractive features are the portability, the stainless steel finish and the battery that performs above average. When you combine these features, then this pen is one of the best you can use.

It has a good vapor production and does a good job delivering solid hits and more enormous clouds. 

When using this vape pen from puffco, you feel more superior, and you get to enjoy a classy and high-quality vaping experience. This device is, above all, compatible for use with beginners and advanced vapers altogether.