Puff Plus Disposable Vape Pen. A Review About Puff Plus Vaporizer 2021

    Puff Plus Disposable Vape Pen. A Review About Puff Plus Vaporizer 2021

    What is the Puff Plus vape pen

    The Puff Plus vape pen, also identified as the Puff Plus Bar e-cigarettes, are disposable pod devices. The vape pens are individually integrated and they have an internal cell and pods for flavor.

    The battery of the puff plus is an auto activate which is due to the button less design. To use the pen, you need to take a draw through the mouthpiece and you will be guaranteed to feel different and satisfied.

    There are many nicotine content strengths that a user could choose from and in terms of quality, you get the 20mg and a 50mg e-liquid content. There are close to 20 flavors for the 50mg pod and the 20mg pod could only offer close to four flavors but they are not so much different.

    The battery when fully powered could serve you with more than 200 puffs and when you are done you can dispose the unit.

    Puff Plus vape pen design and build

    When you take a look at the puff plus bar, it has a short design standing at 3.7 inces tall and 0.2 inches wide. It is designed to look like a short pen. The edges are straight and you cannot separate the mouthpiece.

    The design is pretty common for vape pens and the only biggest difference is the smooth design. Majority plastic of the device components are enclosed behind the plastic outer casing.

    At the bottom of the pen, you will note that there are two holes and to confirm their location, check on the arrows that point where you should place your lips. The color code on the casing represents the flavor and it has also indicated the nicotine content and the logo representing puff plus.

    The colors on the casing of your pod show the flavors you get in the device. the yellow color stands for pineapple lemonade, Blue represents the blue razz, the white color is branded on the unflavored versions of the pen. The entire device has a solid color and you cannot take the device apart.

    Simply put, there is no separate pod to take out and it is not rechargeable so there are no recharge ports and when you are done using it you can fully dispose it.

    When buying puff plus bar, the whole thing is covered using a cellophane wrap and the carriage box is a flip-to open which also has a small window that allows you to see the pen colour.

    Features of the Puff Plus vape pen

    • The device is a disposable AIO system
    • Strong nicotine contents of up to 50mg
    • You can easily get up to 800 Puff Plus on one device
    • It is a draw to activate vape pen
    • Has a 550mAh  battery 
    • Liquid capacity of up to 3.2 ml
    • The device is equipped with overheating and short circuit protection.

    Performance of the Puff Plus vape pen

    The puff plus vape pen is a normal mouth-to-lung delivery device that has a god vapor delivery. It produces quick vapor, and you do not have to wait for the device to activate for you to use it.

    The device has a loosely fitted draw resistance because of huge intake of air.

    You only do not get to regulate the airflow but getting vapor from this pen is as simple as it gets. You need to focus on every hint of flavor.

    The 280mAh battery on the puff plus bar can give the device a power output enough to last between 200-300 puffs. In regards to how you usually vape, it may last you up to a week. When you carefully use it. With poor vape use. The juice may last longer than the actual battery

    The disposable puff plus has a 1.3 ml non-refillable pod capacity and being wholly integrated you cannot take it apart or adjust the device, this cannot compare to juul that can be detached.

    In terms of how the vape pen can hold power, we can place the estimation at 200-300 puffs and people will have different views about the device. When you experience the vape on a personal level you will understand why many people like it. It has many flavors that you can mix and select from a line of flavors. 

    How to use the Puff Plus bar

    This pen is very simple and straightforward to use, when you take it out from its pack, the pen is ready to use and you can start vaping immediately. The pen is activated with air and the users are only need to take a hit from the mouthpiece and the installed air vents help in pushing air into the mouthpiece.


    You only have a compact device so there is no separate mouthpiece. The end where the logo is placed is where you place your lips on and when you find out that the device is not giving good taste or steam, you will have to throw it away because it is depleted.

    You cannot track the levels of power left so you need to be keen on how you use the pen.

    Pros and cons of the puff plus vape pen


    • The disposable unit is very easy to use making it simpler than smoking
    • It is one of the most available disposable vape pens in the market
    • There are plenty of flavors that the user can select from
    • You are guaranteed that each vape pod will give you 800 puffs
    • You do not need so much experience in vaping to handle this unit
    • The e-liquids have a high amount of nicotine concentration of up to 50%
    • The device is very portable and convenient matching its intended usage
    • The pen is readily available and can be found in any vape shop


    • If the device is used constantly without breaks, it could overheat
    • The pen has limited flavors compared to other well established vape pens in the market
    • The draws from this vape pen are somehow losse compared to tighter ones which are mostly available

    Considerations when selecting a disposable vape pen

    1. Consider the number of hits you are getting from the vape pen, the number should be 100 and above
    2. Know which function is important to you when it comes to vaping 
    3. Choose a vape design that fits your personality
    4. Always test the disposable before leaving the shop
    5. Ensure that the battery life on the device can last you for good hours
    6. The kind of coil is important because it determines the flavor
    7. Quality of the pen should give you good flavor, more consistency and a long life battery

    Alternative vape: UPENDS


    The UPENDS have developed a unique mod known as Uppor. The mod come with an Etchip 2.0 cloud chase and high quality third generation coils which give direct lung and mouth to lung experience.

    By configuring the power balance, airflow and viscosity of liquids. The coil is easily compatible with most widely known e-juices. The pen is definitely a performer.

    The coils have a cloud chaser coil which has some of the best wicks. You get pure natural vapor that is good for direct lung vaping and gives the best clouds.


    The Puff Plus vape pen has many flavor options you can select from, most importantly it is a good disposable for people who are so considerate on vaping so they try out different flavors. You still get to choose whatever will tickle your fantasies.

    These pens have performed so well in the vape market, and they are highly liked by beginners who are trying to get into the vaping world. Even though some flavors may taste weak and off from what the descriptions say, but some flavors are good, and generally, you get good throat hits for flavors that stand out.

    The flavor ban on disposables has proven to be a big challenge among manufacturers, and maybe things could get better so that people would enjoy the good stuff.


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