Puff bar plus wholesale in bulk: Price, Flavors List, review, and more.

    Puff bar plus wholesale in bulk: Price, Flavors List, review, and more.

    Why choose Puff Plus?  Puff Plus Disposable Vape Review

    Puff Plus is a disposable vape pod that is more liquid than other disposable pods and it is important to note that this disposable is available in several flavors. Each disposable contains a reasonably high amount of nicotine that will satisfy the strongest cravings. The design of this device is ergonomic and it is therefore ideal for vapers who want something easy to use and portable. 

    Puff Plus disposable vape holds 3.2ml of liquid, and their batteries are large enough to ensure that they can last longer than similar products.

    One thing worth mentioning about this amazing vape is its verification. Unlike other vape products, Puff plus has a product verification page on its website so that customers know they are getting the genuine article.

    Puff plus disposable vape is the updated version of the puff bar and it provides you with the best possible pricing for all the devices listed on the website. This amazing disposable has enough power to deliver flavor without any complicated settings and it also supports an AIO system that enables a draw-activated firing mechanism. 


    1. Puff plus contains a pre-filled liquid of 3.2ml salt Nicotine and this available nicotine is of the quantity of 5% or 50mg
    2. It consists of an in-built battery of 550mAh capacity that comes pre-charged. You just have to puff on the device to activate.
    3. Since this disposable vape is pre-filled, no need for a messy refilling.
    4. Puff plus disposable comes with a compact size and portability and exhibits a draw-activated firing mechanism.
    5. This disposable and non-rechargeable device consists of 800+ puffs per pod which are approximately equal to 20 cigarettes.

    Internal Build Quality and Design

    The build quality that one would expect from a disposable pod device is impressive. You won't hear any strange sounds coming from the vape or any other problem related to vaping.

    It is also comfortable to hold, thanks to its excellent external design that is round. Puff Bar plus have a great mouthpiece that perfectly fits the lips.

    Battery Life

    With an in-built battery capacity of 550mAh, which happens to be some of the best battery life on the market, each of these vapes last around 800 puffs, this amount of puffs is equivalent to about 40 cigarettes. Even though this battery capacity is not as high as some disposables, it is still high enough to function adequately.

    Puff Plus Flavors List:

    Puff Plus disposable vape consists of about 7 flavor options. These flavors include;

    1. Cool Mint;- This amazing flavor consists of a combination of mint and menthol, and it is, therefore, an amazing choice for former menthol smokers.

    1. Guava Ice;- This flavor is simply an ice flavor enhanced by the sweet taste of guava fruit.

    1. Lychee Ice;- Lychee Ice is a menthol flavor that uses sweet and tart lychee to enhance the taste.
    1. Peach Ice;- This is simply peaches combined with menthol flavor.
    1. Mixed Berries;- This fascinating flavor is possibly the best, and it has no ice or menthol flavoring and consists only of sweet and assorted Berries like strawberries.
    1. Strawberry Watermelon;- This liquid has the flavor of strawberry in addition to the sweet Berry taste.
    1. Watermelon;- This mellow flavor should be popular with those who want something sweet but not sweet. One thing worth mentioning is that it is a great alternative to the strawberry and watermelon vape.

    What Is the Most Popular Puff Plus Flavor?

    Regular Mint, which happened to be our favorite ice flavor, was just overpowering, but it was icy enough to be satisfying. Then, the most popular non-ice flavor was their mixed berry vape.

    Are puff bars better than plus?

    Of Course, Puff plus disposable vape has better features than the original puff bar.

    The various features include;

    • Puff Plus disposable vape comes with a more battery capacity, 3.5ml nicotine liquid capacity, and also this amazing device has more puffs per device. Unlike the puff bar disposable that has a 280mAh battery, 1.3ml capacity and it is therefore only good for puffs of around 300.
    • Another advantage of puff plus disposable is that it has a round body instead of the puff bar vape which has a rectangular shape.
    • However, Puff plus has a looser draw than the Puff Bar and therefore does not have as many disposable flavors as puff bar does.
    • Even with the limited flavors that puff plus possess, it is still a more solid option overall. 

    Pros & Cons of puff bar Plus

    The Positives

    • High juice capacity
    • Powerful battery
    • Excellent flavor
    • Decent vapor production

    The Negatives

    • A limited number of flavors
    • No tobacco or coffee flavor options

    Closing Thoughts

    It is worth mentioning that these vape products have every feature that a disposable product should have. Puff Plus is small, can be carried and used easily, and contains more than enough nicotine to satisfy any craving. Other excellent features of this fascinating vape device are the large battery and high liquid capacity.

    The only negative about this vape device is that there are no tobacco or coffee flavors.

    How to Use the Puff Plus Vape

    Puff Plus disposable vapes are easy to use and are therefore the most straightforward product to use on the market. All you have to do is to take it out of the package, then put the mouthpiece in your mouth and simply take a drag, a process known as Draw activation.

    Draw-activated vapes are ideal for those who are just transitioning away from smoking tobacco and are therefore used this way until they are depleted and thrown away.

    Step by step guide

    Okay, so now that you know what not to do, here are the steps you should take for the best experience:

    1. The draw: It is important to take it slow and steady when inhaling. The activated draw you take in will be smooth until you have a mouthful of vapor, similar to how you smoke a cigar. It is also worth noting that with vaping, you don't necessarily need to draw the vapor down into your lungs when you inhale, as you would with a tobacco cigarette, for you to get the full effect.
    1. Hold and exhale: The next step after taking the draw is to hold the vapor in your mouth for 3 to 5 seconds before inhaling it further or exhaling it. The nicotine present in the vapor is absorbed through the mucous membranes in your mouth, unlike traditional tobacco cigarettes where it would only be absorbed through the lungs. So this is a major factor to consider to ensure you’re getting the right amount of nicotine.
    1. Patience is a virtue: It is worth mentioning that after taking draws, you need to wait about 30 seconds before you feel the effects of the nicotine. The absorption is a little different with vapor cigs, unlike traditional cigarettes which require a wait time of about eight seconds.

    How many hits are in a puff bar plus?

    With the increasing rate of disposable vaping right now, one major question seems to be on the forefront of new vapers' minds– which is how long does a disposable vape last?. The improved Puff bar plus comes with a 350mAh battery capacity and has a salt nic juice of 1.8ml. Each Puff Plus disposable bar device comes in different flavors and comes up to 800 puffs which are quite a few hits before the juice is completely depleted and it's time to dispose of it.

    Why Is My Plus Bar Device Not Hitting?

    When the battery runs out or when the device is leaking, the disposable vapes stop hitting. When all of this happens, it is likely time to throw it away and change to a new one to vape. 

    Can You Recharge a Puff Bar Plus?

    It is worth mentioning that a puff Bar Plus Disposable vape cannot be recharged. The very moment they run out of liquid, they should then be thrown away.

    Where can I buy a Puff bar plus? 

    Still, Puff Bar should never have been sold because it is illegal, but regardless, Puff Bar appeared on the market in 2019 and raked in profits before the Food and Drug Administration took enforcement action.

    You can also purchase Puff Bar vape in bulk. There are a couple of online stores that offer this service and they include;

    Puffecig;- At puffecig.com, you can shop all puff items and get amazing offers that can be delivered to your specific location.

    FDA sent a letter to Puff Bar ordering them to remove all flavored e-cigarettes and flavors that are appealing to the youths from the market. Puff Bar products can still be found on eCommerce sites like Eliquidstop (owned by the same people identified as Puff Bar CEO and CFO), although the website has now ceased all online sales and distribution in the US.  


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