Prism Vape Pen. The Specifications, Design, Features and More About Prism Vape Pen

    Prism Vape Pen. The Specifications, Design, Features and More About Prism Vape Pen

    What is a Prism Vape pen?

    The prism vape pen is a wax and concentrates portable vaporizer. From the KandyPens catalog, we can see that they offer the best pens around. From their spectacular designs and classy outlook, you are can be confident that you are on another level of satisfaction.

    KandyPens has done so much to remain the best among. These pens have combined vapor quality and stealth with a super contact body fitted with high-quality vaporizers, a glass mouthpiece, and a durable battery.

    The prism pen comes in a different shape, different from what we may have seen before from the KandyPens collection. 

    This pen is the new generation of sub-ohm wax and concentrates vaporizer, with dual quartz rods and titanium coils for the atomizers. You get four temperature presets for this device, and it is scarce to have such in modern vape pens. The temperatures are easily controlled with the single button feature located at the center of the pen.

    Specifications of the KandyPens prism vape pen
    • 1 x KandyPens prism vape pen
    • 1 x Dual quartz atomizer
    • 1 x Ceramic coil-less atomizer
    • 2 x glass mouthpieces
    • 1 x Keychain dab tool
    • 1 x USB charging cable

    Design and build of the KandyPens Prism

    One thing to note is that there is a difference between Prism and the prism+, and these two do not come packaged together. The device comes with a long-lasting stainless steel body that is sturdy and attractive when you look at it. It has an improved activation power button that simplifies the process of switching on the prim.

    You get a premium quality atomizer with no coil, as well as the quartz double-coil atomizer that you can switch at any time. Unfortunately, the device does not work with the elite, galaxy, or gravity because it has a 510 threading. We have to recognize that high-quality titanium coils are essential when it comes to retaining flavor and taste.

    When you get yourself a prism vape pen, you get a 320mAh battery that can effortlessly power the big chamber. You can use a USB charger to power up your device when you run out of power, and it takes less than two hours to charge fully.

    With a 4 inch length, the prism vape pen can easily be carried around without so much hassle. You can place it in your pocket, and no one will even notice it is there.

    When it comes to being discreet, the prism 7has improved significantly compared to the released devices. With this new design, you do not get that bright light to glow beneath the battery.

    The LED indicators have also been strategically placed, and it is straightforward to conceal them with your thumb as you vape to keep it low-key.

    Features of the Prism vape pen

    • The pen has a coil-less ceramic atomizer for quality
    • It has an extra dual-quartz atomizer for easy swapping when you need to change the setup
    • Sub-ohm battery for maximum power optimization and long-lasting usage
    • Features a compact and discreet design that is very easy to walk around with
    • Four preset temperatures that let you select the appropriate vape temperature you require
    • Micro USB charging and lighting 
    • Award-winning vape pen of 2018    

    KandyPens prism performance

    Using the KandyPens prism is one of the hassle-free devices. With just a few clicks on the power button, your device switches on, and the LED indicator will show a blue light.

    The device heats up so fast when it is switched on, and in collaboration with the easy to clean the leak-proof atomizer, the Prism ensures that you do not have a messy vape session.

    With the dual quartz coils, you are assured of fast heating that produces a more intense vapor than the ceramic coil located on the right side of the device. The ceramic ring is there to deliver excellent and smooth smoke.

    With the two coils working together, you are assured that you get good vapor and a potentially strong flavor. The downside is that this vapor might be too intense for beginners.

    You get to select from temperature presets that range from lows of 320° up to 420°. Moderate temperatures of 340° to 400° give you a sweet spot of solid vapor with adorable clouds.

    When you adjust to the higher temperature setting, you get more intense clouds and potent smoke. The resin mouthpiece is suitable for higher temperatures because it assists in cooling down all the vapor before it gets into your mouth.

    The splash guard installed in the mouthpiece will ensure that there are no splattering hot oils and the absence of draw resistance makes you feel like you are inhaling through the air.


    In terms of flavor production, you need to understand that there is no difference from what you would expect from other KandyPens products, so it would not be classified as a significant improvement. The vapor quality feels good.

    Pros and cons of the KandyPens prism 


    • Strong battery life for a long-lasting vaping experience 
    • High-quality material that gives you a durable device that promises longevity 
    • Great flavor and taste, just what you would get in a KandyPens brand
    • Ultra-compact design for easy portability and use


    • Replacement parts are costly 

    FAQS about the KandyPens prism 

    Is the KandyPens prism worth it?

    The prism vape pen is similar to many other KandyPens products, but this pen is worth every penny with its updated features. You get portability, discreetness, durability, sweet flavor, and a long-lasting battery. The general performance of this pen is remarkable and is recommended. 

    Where can I buy a KandyPens prism pen?

    KandyPens products are readily available across many stores in the United States, and many vape shops have them in stock. You can order these pens online from genuine and certified stores to avoid being duped into purchasing fake devices by random websites. 

    How do you know a KandyPens prism vape pen is fake?

    With advanced technology in designing and building vape pens, manufacturers of counterfeit goods have advanced in their trades. They create products that are so similar to the original ones, and without a Keen eye, you will not realize the issues.

    To check for genuine products from KandyPens;

    1. Check the K logo on the KandyPens. It should be able to light up when you press on the button to show that the device is active
    2. The design should be flawless stainless steel with a perfect matte finish. Any off-colors or funny names should raise the alarm over the products in question.

    You should purchase products from a licensed and legal vape dealer to avoid landing your hands on some fake product. 

    Alternative Vape: UPENDS


    For ultimate satisfaction, get yourself an UPENDS Uppen, and you will get fulfillment from the first draw. This is because of the enlarged heating area coil known as Etchip.

    The coils provide improved heating efficiency with a high resistance mesh that gives you sustained vapor from every puff. The coil is compatible with most of the mainstream e-liquids. 

    The Uppen has a cap that is very effective in protecting your liquid from getting exposed to air. This also helps to maintain the flavor by lowering the oxidation process.


    KandyPens are steadfast in maintaining their quality products, and they are even trying to outdo their track record. Their specializations in wax and oil vape pens have proven the efficiency and quality of the whole brand.

    The Prism has been remarkable in vapor production, and there seems to be no match for it.

    The building design of the Prism is top-notch with the use of high-grade materials, and the addition of temperature settings made the vapor productions more intense and soft. This is a perfectly genuine vape pen, and it is worth every dime.

    You are assured of quality, durability, and ultimate satisfaction with the prism vape pen. 


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