Posh Vape Pen. The Types of Posh Vaporizers, Features, and How to Use Posh Vape Pens

    Posh Vape Pen. The Types of Posh Vaporizers, Features, and How to Use Posh Vape Pens

    What is a posh vape pen?

    The posh vape is a brand of disposable e-cigarettes. The posh pods come with a metallic design finish that offers a variety of flavors. Vape users can choose some well-known vapors such as mango frost, frozen grapes, blueberry ice, cotton candy, pineapple, cool melon, cool mint, and pink lemonade.

    These nine flavors to select from making sure each vaper finds something good for their taste buds. The only problem is that they do not have any tobacco flavors, but these may be added to the collection later.


    These disposable posh vape pens are easy to use, and there is no maintenance needed, which makes for a perfect vape for beginners and advanced users. To Kickstarter your usage of these vape pens, you have to open the kit, take out your vape and take a draw.

    With the draw to activate the feature, you do not have to worry about activation buttons and minor settings. Once your pod is out of juice, you have to get a new one. These pods are relatively cheaper, and buying them is no different from buying a whole pack of cigarettes.

    The posh vape pens hold a good amount of juice that is incomparable to most vape disposables. You get 1.8mls for each pod with a 6% nicotine salt juice. You can be sure that you will be sorted for a couple of days. This is a better money-saving option for people who want to spend less on nicotine products.

    These pods are good in terms of quality, especially from the design. The colors are bright enough and easily distinguishable. The smack size also makes the pod portable enough because its palm-size allows you to carry it around as you wish.

    Design and build of the posh vape pens

    Being disposable vape pens, there are no many details about the interior build of the cells. They are built to give tight draws, and you get a quality flavorful drag from using the pod.

    The battery on this pod is a 280mAh cell, and it is not rechargeable, so you are assured of 200 puffs when the device still has power. But for the battery to last long, you need to use it in moderation.

    Using the posh vape pen

    To use the posh vape, all you need to do is take it from the packaging case and check it well to ensure that everything is in place. When you are satisfied with what you see, then you are good to go.

    Just place it on your lips and take a draw, but remember not to worry about depleting your pen because it is non-refillable.

    The experience you get from this pod is very impactful. To begin with, it has a tight draw which is ideal for mouth-to-lung vaping, and a lot of vapor is produced in the process.

    The flavor selections are excellent, and the menthols come at the top of the list, giving you good sensations. The advantage of using these pods is that you do not have to toggle around settings to find the perfect conditions for vaping.


    You do not need to adjust the wattage, temperature of airflow. You have only one job, and that is taking draws. 

    Posh plus vape

    The push plus is an improvement of the posh vape pen, and for lovers of disposable vapes, this one right here is a jackpot. Forget about the 1-2ml vape pens that you get when looking for a disposable vape pen.

    The posh plus comes with a 5ml pod with juices of 6% nicotine salt content. You can effortlessly get 1500 puffs from using this device, and they are relatively cheaper. 

    When you buy these disposables, they come fully charged, and you do not have to do any maintenance or lookout. The posh plus vape pens are very easy to use and draw to activate the device, and you have to tuck them in between your lips and get started.

    The posh plus has upgraded in terms of flavor because you get 14 flavors compared to the 9 for the posh vape pen.

    Design and build quality

    When you take the disposable pen from its package, you get to see that it is taller than the other disposable vape pens. The only challenge would be one of the Juul products.

    Standing at 112mm tall and 17.5mm wide, you can be sure that this is one of the biggest disposable vape pens available. Despite the size and weight, it is still a perfect device that perfectly fits your pockets, and you will not even realize that you are carrying it around because it is so light.

    With 5ml e-juice content, you can be sure that the disposable will last you for a few days and, better yet, even a week if you are on moderate vaping. They can deliver up to 1500 puffs.

    Another feature you might like about this pen is that they have a cap for the tip. You, therefore, do not have to worry about lint and dirt making their way into your mouthpiece when in your pocket. 

    The aluminum body is pretty solid, and the color on it represents the flavor of the vape. The colors make these disposables look good and feel high quality. The drip cover is made of plastic and has a slopping angle to look like an oval.

    The bottom of the pen is also plastic and has a LED indicator within. When taking draws from this pen, the lights go up and display different colors of the posh logo, making it very attractive.

    How to use the posh plus vapes

    These posh plus disposables are filled with 60mg nicotine salt liquid, and they deliver powerful and potent throat hits that are satisfactory to heavy users. This makes them unsuitable for social vapers.



    When taking a draw, you get a friendly mouth-to-lung draw that is softer compared to a cigarette. The vapor produced is very warm but more relaxed for a warm vape.

    Flavors of the Posh plus

    • mint; this flavor gives you a chilly and freshness of a mint flavor with a nice cooling
    • frozen apple; this flavor has a cooling component and is very light
    • Blue razz ice; this is standard raspberry which is sweet and tart. The cooling flavor is barely noticeable
    • Kiwi strawberry ice; this flavor combines a lovely, perfect balance of kiwi strawberries that are good to inhale.
    • Minty strawberries; this flavor has faint notes of the strawberry and too cool. It is not so sweet like you would expect a strawberry to be
    • Lychee ice; is a sweet flavor with tropical notes, and it is sporadic, especially with the strong menthol flavor in this mix
    • Arctic melon; this is a watermelon and menthol flavor that does not give a strong cooling that you expect
    • Cool grape; the cooling in this particular vape flavor is strong and has a rich grape taste. You will enjoy this flavor
    • Strawnana ice; this name comes from the mix of strawberry and banana, and it is a prevalent flavor that not everyone can understand how it works. The banana flavor appears to be dominant but still has an excellent cooling to it.
    • Frozen mango berry; this is also one done mix just like the strawnana. You get a tropical taste from the mango and an overall feeling of sweetness.


    With the metallic finish on these pens, you realize that these pens are easy to maintain and are equally reliable for beginners and advanced vapers. You get a simple to use device that does not worry you with numerous control buttons and gives you the quality you desire.

    Generally, these vape pens are some of the best out there. The flavors filled with the icing and cooling effect even make posh vapes a more reliable brand. The other vapor options are also valid for any vaper around if they do not want to deal with the ice and menthol. The performance of these pens is very magnificent and long-lasting.

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