WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Posh Disposable Vape: Posh Disposable Vape Equipment Review and Instructions

14th Apr 2023 | 9 | upends v

A significant surge in the availability of vape disposable vape devices is a clear indicator of the transition from traditional smoking to an advanced mode of nicotine consumption. Disposable vape devices prove to offer the convenience and premium quality flavors desired by every vape user. There are so many disposable vape devices in the current vape market, and you need the ultimate guidance in selecting the most suitable model for a better vaping lifestyle.

Experiencing easy and hassle-free vaping is the true definition of happiness, and you need the right vaping equipment to get you sorted. This article introduces you to the Posh disposable vape that has caught every vaper’s attention due to its amazing world-class features.

What is Posh Disposable Vape?

The Posh disposable vape is a top product from the Posh vape brand that brings a wonderful change in a vape’s life. The Posh disposable vape devices feature a metallic finish as it comes with a variety of amazing flavors that you are free to choose from. The mouthwatering flavors range from pineapple, cool melon, blueberry ice, cotton candy frozen grapes, lush ice, pink lemonade, and mango frost to cool mint.

From the first impression, you will notice that the Posh disposable vape device is easy and simple to use. This makes it the ideal disposable vape device for beginners. The disposable vape device is draw-activated and has no pressure of firing buttons when you need to relax and only have fun. The interesting part about the Posh disposable vape is that it requires no maintenance measures at all.

The Posh disposable vape is designed to offer its users approximately 200 puffs, and in case you need more puffs, you will need to grab the Posh disposable vape that delivers up to 1500 flavorful puffs. The e-liquid capacity of 1.8ml contains your favorite flavor for a fulfilling vaping experience. The Posh disposable vape is powered by a 280mAh internal battery that is geared towards completely heating the e-liquid selected. This disposable vape is known for its nicotine strength of 60mg, which makes every throat hit smoother than ever.

Pros and Cons


  • It is draw activated
  • It is highly portable
  • It is easy and simple to use
  • It features enough e-liquid capacity
  • It delivers good flavor and quality cloud production


  • It offers no tobacco flavors
  • It has fewer tobacco puffs than other vape devices

Posh Disposable Vape Reviews: Is Posh Disposable Vape Good?

Analyzing the whole disposable vape devices in the market can be hectic and time-consuming. For you to be assured of a great performance from the Posh disposable device, you need to simply go through the review of the actual Posh disposable vape devices for better decision-making.

Posh Plus XL Disposable Vape

This is one of the latest disposable vape devices in the market that is characterized by offering large massive amounts of puffs. The Posh disposable vape device is designed to feature 5ml of prefilled e-liquid of a specific flavor. Every disposable vape device contains an e-liquid that contains 6% nicotine salt that is responsible for smooth throat hits. It is always ready for use as it comes fully pre-charged, and it requires absolutely no maintenance.

There is an LED puff indicator that lights up every moment you inhale from the device. The Posh Plus XL disposable vape displays luxurious vibes as it gives you a comfortable feel from its aluminum body that makes it attractive. It is ultimately fun to use this vape device as it is draw-activated, making it ideal for mouth-to-lung vaping. Most vape users love this disposable vape device due to its powerful 1000mAh battery, its features, and add to the 9 exceptional flavors.


  • It delivers a massive puff count
  • It offers a variety of flavors
  • It offers excellent throat hits
  • It features a solid and attractive physical design
  • It offers nicotine satisfaction
  • It features a powerful battery


  • It features no no-ice flavors
  • It is heavier compared to other disposables

Posh Plus Disposable Vape

If you are searching for a smaller version of the Posh disposable device, then the Posh Plus disposable vape is the right vape for you. The Posh Plus vape device comes with a 2ml e-liquid capacity filled with an e-juice containing 60mg nicotine salt. The disposable is designed to deliver you 13 delicious flavors that include menthol or any other cooling agent. The Posh Plus disposable vape comes pre-charged 450mAh battery to keep you set for vaping at any given point.

The Posh Plus disposable vape brings you the ultimate portability you deserve in a vape device. This is made possible by the lightweight and small size of the Posh Plus disposable vape. You will love the comfortable feel of the round-shaped Posh Plus disposable vape that will keep you in touch with the device even at your workplace.


  • It is easy and simple to use
  • It features flavorful pods
  • It is a great option for both beginners and experienced vapers
  • it does not leak its contents
  • it offers a nice mouth-to-lung vaping
  • It is portable
  • It features fast charging
  • It offers nicotine satisfaction


  • It delivers weak flavors
  • It offers weak throat hits

UPENDS UpBar Disposable Vape-Blue Raspberry 20mg

You are lucky to find the UPENDS UpBar disposable vape that proves to be the best companion you can have as a passionate vaper. The disposable vape comes with a 2ml prefilled e-liquid that delivers you the savory blue raspberry flavor that works magic in your vaping sessions. With this disposable vape device, you are yet to enjoy up to 500 puffs that are enough to keep you going for days, depending on your vaping routine and frequency.

There is a powerful non-rechargeable 400mAh battery that is responsible for the instant heating of the UPENDS UpBar disposable vape. With every puff you take, you will feel the authentic flavor and smooth throat hits that are served as the disposable vape contains 20mg of nicotine. The vape device is easy and simple to use as it is draw-activated. You also need no maintenance steps when it comes to dealing with the UPENDS UpBar disposable vape.


  • It offers a huge puff count
  • It produces a pure blue raspberry flavor
  • It is small and attractive
  • It is highly portable
  • It features a powerful battery
  • It offers nicotine satisfaction
  • It offers a comfortable feel


  • It is non-rechargeable
  • It is non-refillable

Frequently Asked Questions about Posh Disposable Vape

Certain factors are mostly considered by disposable vape users before and after the purchase of the Posh disposable vape. For you to be comfortable with using the Posh disposable vape, you need to go through the following common concerns from various sources.

How many hits are in a Posh Disposable Vape?

The Posh disposable vape devices come in various sizes and hence different e-liquid capacities that, in turn, give different puff counts. The Posh disposable is the smallest, and it delivers 1500 puffs. The Posh Plus disposable vape provides between 2500 to 3000 puffs. Generally, the Posh disposable vape provides enough puffs that will keep you going for days before you need another device.

How do you charge a Posh Disposable vape?

It is worth knowing that the Posh disposable vape comes with a built-in battery that needs no recharging. The battery is powerful enough to heat the entire vape e-liquid that is prefilled in the Posh disposable vape. The disposable vape device is therefore designed to be non-rechargeable.

How long does a Posh disposable vape last?

 With 1500 puffs from the Posh disposable vape, you are made a happy vaper. This number of puffs is enough to keep you delighted for two to three days. The lifespan of a disposable vape device solely depends on how often you vape in a single day.

Posh Disposable Vape vs. Juul, which is better?

There is a significant number of differences between the Posh disposable vape and Juul vape. The Posh disposable is meant to be thrown away after its content is depleted, while the Juul is meant to be refilled once its content is depleted. The Posh disposable vape cannot be recharged, while the Juul vape is rechargeable. The Posh disposable vape has a larger e-liquid capacity than the Juul vape. It is up to you now to choose the vape device that best suits your desires.

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