POPVAPOR: A Concise Review of POP Disposable Vape Device

    POPVAPOR: A Concise Review of POP Disposable Vape Device

    Disposable vape devices are fast replacing smokes and cigarettes, and that is all thanks to the fact that vaping has been studied to be far safer than smoking. Some so many smokers have decided to switch from smoking to vaping; some because they seem to enjoy vaping more, others because of certain health reasons or even because their doctors advised them to do so. There are a lot of vaping devices to make this quite easy, and one of these devices are disposable vapes. POPVAPOR is one of the best brands when it comes to disposable vapes and that is why, in this article, we shall look has into the detailed review of POP Disposable Vape Device by POPVAPOR.

    1.      What is POPVAPOR?

    Before we go into the detailed review of the POP Disposable Vape Device, we must tell you about the company that makes this great product- which is POPVAPOUR. This company was created in 2018 and they are located in Atlanta, with their website being- . POPVAPOR is a top leading brand when it comes to the production of disposable nicotine devices and all their devices are very easy to use and of great quality, making them a great option for someone that is looking to switch from smoking to vaping. The company feature a lot of flavours which are over 25 in numbers. Their flavours range from tobacco to drinks, to fruits, and to many other tasty ones that would leave your taste bud asking for more.

    To ensure that their users only original flavours, POPVAPOR include labels that have security scratch code on them on their disposables, this allows you to easily know if you have grabbed on an authentic device or a fake one. They have excellent customer care service and they give great priority to their customers’ satisfaction. All devices from this awesome company are easy to use, they do not require any refilling nor recharging; all you have to do is buy their device, enjoy your vape, and dispose of it off easily when you are done. One other very remarkable thing about the rand is the fact that they put standard measures that ensure that their products are only sold to people of legal age, in place. Their products are also safe to use as they go through all necessary lab test before they are sold out.

    2.      What is POP Disposable Vape Device?

    This is one of the best disposable vapes for your satisfaction. This stick-style disposable vape from POPVAPOR has awesome flavours and uses a polyfill design. The Pop Vape comes in a size of around 4 inches in height and when it comes to performance, quality, and efficiency, this product is one of the most sought-after disposable vapes out there. Each of the Pop vapes can take in about 1.3ml of e-liquid and it has a nic strength of 5%. The device is a very good alternative to smoking and it is available in various delicious flavours that keep you wanting to have more. The device presents many flavours that feature iced fruits and its draw is very good especially when compared with so many other disposable vapes out there. Though anyone looking to have a disposable vape device with a much stronger nic strength might be a bit discouraged in the device, overall, the device has amazing flavours that are quite satisfactory.

    2.1 Pros

    High quality

    Lots of Flavours Available

    Easy to use

    Good Draw

    2.2 Cons

    The nic strength is only 5%

    3.      POP Vape Flavors

    We already noted earlier that POP Vape presents in so many delicious flavours. Some of these awesome flavours are:


    This particular flavour was introduced in 2020 and it is a really good innovation from POPVAPOR. The Lychee flavour can only be fully understood by bright-minded vapers as it is a mix of complex taste that is not anywhere near mango or watermelon. The thing is, the fruit that this flavour is extracted from is not a popular one in the United States. To bring this flavour close to your imagination, the taste can be likened a bit to the grape as it is not too sweet nor is it so bitter. This flavour is quite riper than grape and it is one that you would find palatable on your taste bud.


    This particular flavour gives you the feeling of having a very delicious, cold pineapple drink. This flavour is one of the most sought-after in this collection as it is a nice mixture of fruit and icy tastes. Almost every adult vaper likes this particular one as it has a way of adding life to their vaping experience. The taste in this product can be described as being sweet, syrupy, and also wispy at the same time. The flavour is a speaks originality as it has been carefully extracted- making it all-natural with no added artificial agent. If you want to fully understand what we are trying to describe here, try laying your hands on this flavour and sit back to watch how you are going to keep craving more of it!


    Are you a lover of nice mango juices, here is a nice one for you! This particular one is an awesome blend of highly rich berries and mango flavour. The strawberry taste gives an airy lightness at the inhale of the device while the strong, rich mango taste mixes that airiness with utmost sweetness. So many vapers love this particular flavour and would always choose it- this is probably due to the ripeness and dankness of the flavours. You also need to try it out to fully grasp the refreshing and satisfying feeling that accompanies vaping this product.


    Where are the lovers of strong mint? Look no further as this is the best product for you. This flavour offers you a full minty and cool vaping experience. It has a way of satisfying your cravings and then offering your buds that exact chill that you are looking for. Mighty Mint Pop Vape is well sweeter than menthol but still offers you the exact cold hit you are looking for. Try grasping it if you are a lover of mint flavours.


    This flavour is an excellent mixture of watermelon and menthol and it should not be found missing in your vape collections. It offers you a full fruity taste, mixed with cooling flavours from menthol. The Lush Ice Pop Vape is one of the best in the market and it sure deserves a trial from you.


    4.1 What are the specifications ofthe POP Vape Disposable Device?

    The product specification of this device is as follows:

    All in One Device

    Draw Activated System

    1.2ml E-Liquid Capacity

    50mg Nicotine Strength


    Up to 400 Puffs per Life Cycle

    Fully Disposable Vape

    The product is also available in various flavours that include Mango, Blue Raz, Iced Lychee, Lush Ice, Strawberry Mango, Mango Peach Pineapple, Fresh Tobacco, Iced Pineapple, Mighty Mint, Strawberry Watermelon, Peach Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, Watermelon Lemonade, Banana Ice, and Iced Blue Razz.

    4.2 How Long Does POP Vape Disposable Device Last?

    The ordinary Pop Disposable Devices presents already pre-filled with 1.2ml of e-juice and they come with a battery that as the capacity of 280 mAh. This particular product produces around 400 puffs per bar. The Pop Xtra on the other hand is quite larger as it comes with a pre-filled salt nic of 3.5ml and is loaded with a battery that has a capacity of 550 mAh. This product produces around 1000 puffs per bar.

    4.3 How Does the POP Vape Disposable Device Work?

    This device is very easy to use as it is draw-activated and it works just immediately use start using it. It comes with no buttons and does not require any setting whatsoever to use.

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    6.      Conclusion

    POP Disposable Vape Device from POPVAPOR is one of the best disposable vapes out there and it features so many flavours that would leave you asking for more. The devices are quite easy to use, of great quality, and do not require any form of refills. The brand is well-trusted and if you would like to order this product and many other ones that are like this, check


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