WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Pop Vape Pen. A Complete Review About the Pop Disposable Vaporizer

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What is a pop vape pen

The pop vape pen is a new style disposable pen that delivers nicotine through nicotine salts. The pop company has been the leading dealer in disposable nicotine devices since 2018.

They are still committed to providing the most viable alternative for smoking combustible cigarettes. They have held onto their mantra of providing variety, quality, and simplicity.

The pop vape pens have gone through numerous tests for new flavors that have always emerged to be the best in the market. When using pop vape pens, you are assured that your product is well crafted with suitable fruit extracts and flavors, giving you a high-quality experience every time.

The devices are straightforward to use, and there is no need to refill them. It would be best if you tossed it when you are done with it. 

Specifications of a pop vape pen

  • All in one device
  • Draw to inhale activation system
  • 1.2ml e-juice capacity
  • Nicotine strength of 50mg
  • Non-refillable pods
  • Delivery of up to 400 puffs in a life cycle
  • Fully disposable when usage is complete

Features of the pop vape pen

The disposable pop pen is one of the best disposable pens, equipped with a 280mAh battery that delivers close to 400 puffs. The pen has the best quality flavor, and you are at the freedom to choose your favorite flavor from the many flavors available.

This device is one of the few mouth-to-lung and direct to lung vape pens available in the market. It has a small size, and you will find it easy to carry around. 

How to use the pop vape pens

The pop vape pens are non-refillable and disposable vapes. The only difference is that you will not dispose of the whole device, but you will be getting rid of the pods that hold the nicotine salts.

The pod is very simplistic in design, and you get the battery and an e-juice filled pod that is the main catch in this product. The vape pens cannot be charged to give room for continuous vaping sessions.

Selecting the best flavor of the pop vape pens to depend on your personal preferences and what you are looking for in a vape pen.


When using the pop vape pens, you get to choose whether you need the starter kits or the advanced ones. The starter kits are for people who just quit smoking cigarettes and are trying to find something to kick off the addiction.

The advanced kits are given to people who have used vape products for a while and could be looking for something they will not have any commitments.

These vape pens are sold according to the nicotine content and are considered an effective and affordable form of vaping.

Using one refillable vape pod will take you through one day or two, depending on how strong your draws are and how heavy a vaper you are. The battery on this pod is also rechargeable, and you can keep using it from time to time.

Flavors of the pop vape pen

The pop vapes have been considered the best alternative for JUUL and still deliver the best flavors that most people prefer. Their flavor lineup is heavily laced with fruits which offer so much performance parity with the disposables.

Here are a few flavors you might want to consider when choosing to use pop vape pens.

Iced lychee pop flavor

The introduction of the lychee as a nicotine salt flavor was one of the most important stepping stones in the vaping industry. This particular flavor cannot be easily explained as you would mango or strawberry.

The fruit is not very much common in the United States. The lychee is not so sweet for tropical flavors, but it carries some likeness with the grapes. Upon tasting it, you will realize that the lychee is darker and flavorful than grapes and highly palatable. 

This flavor is just itself, and you cannot easily forget it. It is delightful and good enough for daily vaping.

Mighty mint flavor

Mint I a prevalent flavor among vape pens, especially disposables. The addition of mighty to the mint is a good addition. This flavor has slight hints of mint and does not give the sharp edge of the menthol flavor.

Many disposable companies have a line of min flavor, and seemingly, pop vape does not want to miss on the fun. You get the satisfaction of your sweet tooth and maintains the frigid chill that you seek when picking the pen.

Strawberry mango pop vape

Mango is one of the essential nicotine salt flavors, and after realizing that there are very few disposable with the mango flavor, you will rush to get some pop vape pen.

The pop vape pen has what you are looking for in a mango flavor, and the addition of the rich berry notes that blend perfectly with your mango makes the strawberry mango pop a flavor you cannot get enough of. 

Lush ice flavor

The lush ice flavor is one of the classic flavors among disposable vape pens, and a vape pen collection is nearly incomplete without this flavor on their lineup. The lush ice flavor combines raspberry, watermelon, and menthol to give you a fantastic flavor that never rubs off on your taste buds.

Iced pineapple flavor

You cannot clearly explain how these flavors made it to this point, but you can never go wrong with pop vape pens because they do not miss the point. The iced pineapple gives you a mix of tropical fruit notes and coolness that creates a distinction among vapers' demands.

The pineapple flavor is sweet and syrup-like, and the balance gives an authentic flavor. The icy throat hit you get when you inhale and exhale the chilly feeling without shutting down the layer of menthol.

Mango peach pineapple flavor

Fruit flavors will always make an excellent mix for a vape. And this is why most adult vape users stopped using tobacco e-liquids to get hooked onto flavors of fruit juices, especially mango and pineapple.

The pop vape disposables combine the complementary flavor of these fruits to create a superior flavor that is incredibly formidable.

Pros and cons of the pop vape pens


  • Easy to use pens, you do not have to deal with empty tanks, cartridges, burnt coils firing buttons, and much other complicated stuff you only find in a typical vape pen.
  • The vape pens are small and discreet, and you can vape on them anywhere, anytime without being noticed, especially for people who do not like to attract attention when they are vaping.
  • The pop vape pen offers consistent puffs. With a 280mAh battery, you are sure that your vaping experience will be non-stop until your pod decides that it is time to go off.
  • They are lightweight, which makes them highly portable you can even carry them in your shirt pocket and feel no impact.
  • They are cheap compared to buying refillable portable vaporizers. You get to choose different flavors as you wish to be fixed flavor refillable pods and pens that end up being too costly.
  • The mix of flavors is excellent, and you get to choose from many flavors that you might be spoilt for choice. You get to enjoy what your heart desires.
  • The devices are not messy, so you will not have to deal with liquid leakages and spills, considering this line of disposables came after the significant leakage issues were handled.
  • They have a product warranty, being highly delicate products, the warranty provided gives you the chance to get your products fixed in time and ensure that you as the customer stay happy.


  • There is no flavor distinction in the pop vape pens, and the flavors still feel similar to those from other brands.

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From the list of flavors we have gone through from the pop vape disposables, and it is true to say that the vape pen has been doing the most to stay the best.

This formula of developing devices that can be used and disposed of without worrying about staying committed to one pen is a trend that is picking momentum. The disposables come in handy since they do not remind you that you need to vape.

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