Pop Disposable Vape Pen. A Review of the Pop Disposable Vape Pen

    Pop Disposable Vape Pen. A Review of the Pop Disposable Vape Pen

    What is a pop vape pen

    The pop vape pens are new designed disposables that use nicotine salts to deliver nicotine content.

    The company has produced high quality nicotine disposables since 2018 and they are still going hard on a daily basis to give the best alternatives to smoking of combustible cigarettes.

    They have maintained their well known quality, variety and simple designs.

    The pop vape disposables have been through numerous testing and experiments and they have always performed well in the vape market.

    You will feel the added component of quality as you use this pen because it is well loaded with good fruit flavors and extracts which will deliver a good satisfactory experience all day.

    The pens are equally simple and straightforward to operate and no worries about refills and you can just toss it away once you are done using it.     

    Specifications of a pop vape pen

    • The device is all compact in design
    • Draw to activate inhalation style
    • Juice capacity of 1.2ml
    • Strong nicotine content of 50mg
    • Pods cannot be refilled
    • In one usage, it can give you up to 400 puffs
    • You can dispose the pen once you are done using it

    Features of the pop vape pen

    • The device is always pre-charged so you do not need to recharge it again, just take a draw
    • The small design makes it easy to use and portable
    • It is an instant usage vape pen because of the draw to activate feature
    • You get strong nicotine contents that have a good rush feeling when you inhale
    • The device does not have any messes because it is disposable when done using it

    How to use the pop vape pens

    The pop vape pen is very simple to use and on purchase, it comes as a whole unit with the battery and pod. You need to know that you cannot recharge the pen so when you are through with using it then get a new one.

    It might be hard selecting the best flavor from the multiple ones provided with the vape pen so you need to consider a lot.

    If you want to use the pop vape pens, you have the freedom to select whether you prefer the beginner package or the advanced ones. The beginner kits are suitable for people who are trying to quit smoking and are looking for an alternative.


    The advanced packages are suitable for individuals who have been vaping for a while and they are seeking to get a device that they do not have to worry about.

    The sale of these vape pens is according to the strength of the nicotine content and they are regarded as an affordable option for vaping. When you use these pre-filled pods, you get almost one week with them.

    It all comes down to how strong your draws are and how good you are vaping. The pod battery is not rechargeable so when you are almost depleting your contents, get a new one.

    Pros of the POP vape

    Simple to use

    You do not have to worry about vape tanks, carts, coils and many others to fit on your vape pen when you want to vape, you only need your pod that is already attached to a battery then slowly take your puffs.

    It does not come with a menu that need you to walk through multiple settings to select the best atmosphere. The pen is ready for use as you purchase it and if you run out of substance, throw it away and get a new one.

    Better delivery of puffs

    The disposable pop vape has a holding capacity of up to 1500 puffs and it is necessary that you time your usage so that it does not run out on you in the middle of a vaping session.

    It has pre-set constant temperatures that will give you seamless vaping without overheating issues, evaporation or getting dry puffs. One important thing to note about the pop vape is that it saves you from getting burnt hits because it is a well known brand.

    The direct mouth to lung feature with the strong nicotine content makes you feel like you are smoking on a real cigarette.       

    Small and simple pen design

    The POP vape is light, you could feel the weight to be equals that of a typical pen with a pod weighing slightly above 14 grams. When fixed you can see that the POP vape gets a little bit longer than usual.

    The small size and weight feels good because most smokers do not want to walk around with bulky vape devices in their hands and pockets. The small size of the POP vape makes it also discreet while using because it favors those people who do not want to bring attention to themselves.

    This could be in open places or public places such as bars, restaurants or any other places as long as vaping is allowed.

    Best selection of plenty flavors

    When considering the pop vape disposables, you have a multitude of flavors to select from and you might even get confused as you are selecting. These flavors work well and have been tested, experimented and proven.

    Buyers will get value for their money because they get what they ask for. The difference between the pop flavors and other pens is that they are not overtly sweet.

    Compact build that cannot leak

    If you have had experience with leaky and messy vape pens, then the pop disposables will not let you down. The earlier releases of the pen had issues of leakages and spills but once it caught the attention of the company, they worked on them and gave newer and improved pens.

    The mouthpiece was added an extra piece of cotton to prevent liquids from entering your mouth and the base is also reinforced to prevent any liquid from passing.

    Long life warranty

    Once you buy the pop disposable vape pens, you get a good warranty. Warranty is necessary for such delicate devices, it is easy to get them damaged or they might stop functioning after some time. The warranty will give you some room to get your device checked so that you can be given one that does not frustrate you. 

    Alternative vaping: UPENDS


    Who knew that we could have a disposable vape that leaves you with a long-lasting enjoyment? The Upone from UPENDS comes with an 850 mAh battery and a 4.5 ml liquid capacity.

    This device might be disposable but it was developed for long lasting purposes. When you get one Upone kit, you have an equivalent of 3 1, 5 ml capacity tanks.

    When you do the math you will realize you are saving a lot from using UPENS products, so it is better today if you move to UPENDS Upone and enjoy premium quality.

    FAQs about Pop vape pen

    Is the pop vape pen worth it?

    When it arrives at getting disposable vape pens, the pop vape pen carries so much quality. This could be attributed to how it does a good job in giving the best type of flavors to select from. The flavors are skillfully created to give a unique blend of taste

    Where can I but the pop vape pen?

    The pop vape pen can easily be purchase in any vape shop. It can be obtained directly from vape stores and you also have the option to get them from online retailers who offer delivery to clients’ locations.

    How can you charge the pop vape pen?

    The pop vape pen is disposable and once you are done with it it cannot be recharged. You have to safely dispose it without littering the environment


    After going through the many flavors of the pop disposable, you will realize that it is actually true to qualify it as an outstanding vape pen.. Their formula of creating devices that can be disposed after use without having to be committed to the pen is getting so much recognition and they will always be ready to serve you when you want to get the best. 

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