PMTA: A Detailed Look into Its Relationship with Vapes

    PMTA: A Detailed Look into Its Relationship with Vapes

    If you are a vaper, we are sure that you are likely to have come across the term PMTA a lot of times but you do not know what it is all about or how it affects vapes. Manufacturers of vape products will know and understand this term as it concerns them and their product in a very important way. Would you like to know what PMTA stands for? Would you like to know how it affects your vape products? In this article, we shall be bringing to you a detailed explanation of PMTA and its relationship to vapes.

    1.      What is PMTA?

    PMTA fully stands for “Premarket Tobacco Application” and it is simply an application that every manufacturer of vape have to make directly to the FDA so that they can be allowed to keep selling their products in the market. What this implies is that if you would like to continue producing any vape products, you have to necessarily file this application to the FDA. You might also be surprised that the FDA is not just restricted to certain vape products, but all; including materials like atomizers, drip tips, and every single flavour of e-juice you intend to produce including all nicotine levels. The very main advantage of this is that it guarantees that the product you have produced and intend to put on the market, is very safe for use of the public.

    2.      The Things Needed for Submission While Making a PMTA

    There are so many things that this application requires you to submit and so we advise that manufacturers of vape should go through the PMTA website at https://vapepmta.com/, for the full list. To mention a few, you should submit the following documents:

    Product Samples and Labels

    Scientific Analysis

    Manufacturing Processes

    Principles of Operation

    Usage Pattern

    Chances of Misuse

    Appeal and Customer Perceptions

    These and a few others, are what you have to submit while making a PMTA.

    3.      What are the Products Affected?

    We already noted that this regulation covers all vape products. To be more explicit, all tobacco product that was not marketed commercially in the US as at February 15, 2017, are affected. Also, any modification in size, design, components, constituent, or any other form of all tobacco products that were marketed commercially in the US after February 15, 2017, requires filing for a PMTA.

    4.      What is the Process Involved When Making a PMTA?

    Applying for it is a bit difficult and long as it usually takes around 6 months before getting an acceptance letter, and then another 2 to 3 years before getting approval.

    The process Includes:






    Post-market Reporting

    5.      What is the Cost of A PMTA?

    Like we noted that the application process is difficult, the cost is also expensive. For every one of your products you want to keep in the market, each PMTA costs around $117,000 to $466,000. This could be a bit challenging especially for producers with small companies.

    6.      How Does PMTA Affect Vapers?

    Though we already noted that the bulk of this effect would be felt by manufacturers because of the high cost and the difficulty involved in the whole process, the PMTA will indirectly have effects on vapers too especially on the wrong one. The Implication of this is that you would not be able to access products from small scale producers of vape producers again, simply because they would likely find it difficult to afford the application. Then products from large scale vape producers who can afford the whole process would get highly competitive in the market as there so many vapers waiting to buy from them alone.

    One very good advantage of the PMTA though is that it guaranteesthe safety of all vape products. You can rest assured that the vape products you are using is safe for public health use and carries limited risk.

    7.      Pros of PMTA on Vaping

    Ensuring that all vape manufacturers get a PMTA for every product they produce has some advantages that include:

    7.1 Reduction in the Sales of Fake Vape Products

    One of the common disappointments faced by a lot of vapers today is the fact that some vape products are fake. They appear, almost mimicking the original ones, only for the vaper to buy them and realize that they are fake. The side effect of buying or even using fake products are many because apart from the fact that you might not enjoy your vaping session, it can also have a strong harmful effect on your health- because most fake products are produced using fake ingredients or even harmful ingredients.

    7.2 Guaranteed Health Safety

    Vape products can be quite delicate to use when harmful ingredients are adopted in their production. That is why it is always good to check your vape products label for the ingredients used in their production. PMTA guarantees more safety when it comes to this, as all vape products are properly scrutinized t ensure that no ingredient can pose a high risk to sound health in them. They ensure that all products have gone through the necessary lab tests required before they are sold in the market.

    7.3 It Promotes a More Organized Vape Market

    This way, certain shops that deal in fake vape products can be easily eradicated. Some vape stores sell are fake and harmful products for cheap prices. With this regulation, these vape shops can easily be eradicated and so you can be confident about the vape store you are dealing with.

    8.      Cons of PMTA on Vaping

    8.1 Difficulty in Accessing Vape Products

    One very bad effect that this regulation would have on your vape products is that it will make them quite limited in the market. This would mostly be because a lot of small-scale business owners would find it quite difficult to meet up the requirements of this product and will likely stop producing and selling. So, if you have up to five vape stores around you before, they might likely reduce to about one or two.

    8.2 Some Brands Might End

    Another effect of this is that you might lose your favourite brand. Every vaper has either one or two vape brands that they always root for, actualizing the PMTA means that you might not be able to get access to products from your favourite and best brands again if they are not able to afford the whole process. This will have a great effect on how vapers enjoy their vaping sessions.

    8.3 Vape products Might Become Expensive

    There are a lot of vape brands that produce high-quality vape products and yet sell at prices that are quite affordable and so many vapers love to buy from these brands. Well, the PMTA might change this narrative! Vape Products would not only become scarce but might also become so expensive that a lot of people might find it difficult to get them. This would likely be because every vape product is required to go through PMTA which costs about $117,000 to $466,000 per each. It is quite understandable that manufacturers would most likely increase the prices of their products to cover up for the high cost of PMTA.

    9.      What Brands are Presently Listed on PMTA?

    At present, more than 206 brands are listed as PMTA and some of these brands include:

    Joytech, Baton, Perfectvape, Coastal Clouds, VaperGate, Charlie, Eleaf, Primusvaspe co., Forge, Nasty, Simple, Dream, Firebrand, Hometown Hero, Aspire, Loaded, Muncho, The Vapor Chef, yogi, Juicy, Dinner Lady, Riot Squad, Glas, Decent, Humble Juice Co., amongst others.

    To check out the full names of brands listed on PMTA, go to their site at https://vapepmta.com/.

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    11.  Conclusion

    PMTA stands for Premarket Tobacco Application, and all vape producing companies are required to make this application so that their products can remain in the market. The PMTA has a very strong effect on the business of vape companies as the process is difficult and at the same time costly- making one wonder if all these companies would be able to afford the process. It also has an indirect effect on vapers as it would likely lead to scarcity of vape products, certain brands discontinuing, and a very possible hike in the price of vape products. Above all, the PMTA looks to ensure that all vape products produced by vape companies are completely safe for the use of public health.

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