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Plug and Play Pods: A Detailed Review and Instructions of The PLUGplay Product

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There are lots of vape materials available and one of them is pods. So many vape companies deal in the production of various vape products today- you must choose your brand wisely so that you can be well confident of the originality and safety of the vape products you are using. One of the very reliable vape brands out there is PLUGplay. Have you come across the brand before? In this article, we shall be putting you through the detailed review and instructions of the Plug and Play Pods by PLUGplay.

1.      What is PLUGplay?

The company deal in the production of quality cannabis vaporizers and they are one of the top-rated brands out there. PLUGplay Company uses high-quality technology in the production of their products and they ensure that all their products go through necessary lab testing before they are put on the market. This company is based in California and they have their website as . The company has maintained a great reputation amongst vapers and so you will find a lot of people opting for their product. PLUGplay was founded by two people who were inspired by the countless benefits of medicinal cannabis.

2.      Plug and Play Pods by PLUGplay

Plug and Play Pods are some of those pods that are the best when it comes to the production of distillate oil. The THC content in them is so accurate and you would find no pesticides whatsoever in them- making them very safe for use. If you are looking for a very awesome pen cartridge, this particular product is the best choice for you, they are very easy to use, quite portable, efficient, and highly comfortable. Some vapers are strong-minded so much that what they are looking for is a pod that gives them an intense high- if you are one of these vapers, this product is for you.

The Plug and Play Pods come witha quality distillate oil cartridge and very attractive magnetic batteries which are very strong. Lovers of this product do not have to choose between a high-quality battery and premium oil any longer as the product combines both qualities. The pods come with carefully extracted concentrates, as well as strong batteries that both combine to give you a fantastic vaping experience.

This product is designed using ceramic heating which gives it a nice uniqueness when compared to many other pods out there. Its performance is quite excellent and you are definitely going to ask for more after trying the pods for the first time. The pods produce a great hit- all thanks to the fact that it is ceramic heating-based. It is very discreet to use and it is one of the most durable and very resistant pods out there. This product would have been a hundred per cent perfect if not for some minor flaws present in the design; but overall, it is a very great product.

The Pod produces over 350 puffs per charge and it comes with a battery that has a capacity of 500mAh which makes it very strong, long-lasting, and charges in a very fast period. The product does not produce any odour and it is easy to recharge, and also very easy to use; making it a really good choice for first-timers.

2.1 Pros

Easy to Use


High Quality

Strong Battery


Comes with a Micro USB

Very Beautiful Design

2.2 Cons

There are some very minor issues with the design of this product

3.      Plug and Play Pod Flavours

Plug simply stand for the premium distilled cartridges that are offered in their DNA and Exotic lines, while Play is the battery that effectively fuels this product.

3.1 The DNA Plug and Play Pods

The DNA simple means Daytime, Nighttime, and Anytime. The DNA plugs are all created with quality and original strain terpenes which awesomely boosts the taste and effect of the product. The Daytime Plugs are SATIVA dominant strains infused, the Nighttime Plugs are INDICA dominant strains infused, and the Anytime Plugs are HYBRID strains infused.

The list of the DNA Plug and Play Pod Strains include:

3.1.1 Jack Herer

This is available in sweet and earthy flavour, it gives a very energetic and awesome feeling, and it greatly helps with fatigue and concentration.

3.1.2 Train Wreck

This is available in sweet and floral flavour, it gives you a happy and energetic feeling, and it effectively helps with depression and fatigue.

3.1.3 Fire OG

This is available in pine and pungent flavours, it gives a euphoric and relaxing feeling, and it greatly helps with pain and insomnia.

3.1.4 King Louie XIII

This is available in Zesty and Pungent flavours, It gives a calming and relaxing feeling, and it effectively helps to regain your appetite and also helps eradicate anxiety.

3.1.5 Masterpiece OG

This is available in pungent and earth flavours, it gives a soothing and relaxing feeling, and it greatly helps with curing fatigue and insomnia.

3.1.6 Pineapple Express

This is available in the Citrus and Pine Flavours, it gives an uplifting and happy effect, and it effectively helps to tackle stress and depression.

3.1.7 Girls Scout Cookies

This is available in Pungent and Pine Flavors, it gives a euphoric and relaxing effect, and it effectively helps to relieve pain and insomnia.

3.2 The Exotic Plug and Play Pods

These particular plugs are infused deliciously with flavours that are naturally extracted from plants. They give a highly satisfying and fun-filled effect on your taste bud and each flavour goes through standard lab tests before they are put out in the market for sale. They are a perfect balance of potency, taste, and quality. These plugs can be fully enjoyed anytime as they are HYBRIDS.

The list of the Exotic Plug and Play Pods include:

3.2.1 Apple Slushie

This is available in Sour Apple Flavour and it gives a Happy and Uplifting Effect. It is very good for relieving stress and depression.

3.2.2 Grape Ape Soda

This is available in Juicy Grape Flavour and it gives a happy and uplifting effect. It effectively helps with depression and stress.

3.2.3 Pineapple Cooler

This is available in orange and pineapple flavour and it gives a happy and uplifting effect. It is very good at eradicating depression and stress.

3.2.4 Pound Cake

This is available in vanilla cream flavour and it gives an uplifting and happy effect. It is a good choice for vapers looking to relieve stress and depression

3.2.5 Strawberry Champagne

This is available in crispy strawberry flavour and it gives and happy and uplifting feeling. It is the right choice for relieving depression and stress.

3.2.6 Tangie Cream

This is available in orange cream flavour and it gives a happy and uplifting feeling. It is good for dealing with stress and depression.

4.      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

4.1 How long Does It Take for Plug and Play Pods to Charge?

Like we noted earlier, these pods come with very strong batteries that charge fast and also lasts long. On average, the pods charge within 2 to 3 hours.

4.2 How much is Plug and Play Pod?

The pods are worthy of every money you spend on them as you would get the value for your money. The “Play”, which is the vape battery, is sold for 20 dollars, while the prefilled THC cartridges, which is the “Plug”, are sold for 55 dollars. You may get these products at prices cheaper than this when you buy at wholesales.

4.3 Are Plug and Play Pods Worth It?

These particular pods are some of the best medicinal vape materials you can get out there. They are made of high quality, they give an effective effect, and they are easy to use. The product is from a very diligent and trustworthy brand- and yes! Let’s not even talk about the sleek designs that come with the products. The products are quite durable, portable, and classy.

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6.      Conclusion

PLUGplay is one of the top leading brands in the whole of California and this is all thanks to the high quality and effectiveness of their products. One of the most sought-after products from them is the Plug and Play pods. These pods all come in a very sleek design, and with a powerful battery that makes the device last very long and yet charges within a fast period. If you would like to get this product and many other trusted vape products, check our online store at Upends.com.