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Platinum Vape: Cartridges, Disposables, and Edibles Plus Reviews

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1.1  What is Platinum Vape?

Website- https://houseofplatinum.com

Platinum vape is a brand of vapes which is a pacesetter in the massive legal recreational and cannabis markets. Platinum specializes in premium and top-quality vape products to ensure the safety and satisfaction of their customers. The brand deals with different types of smokables and ingestible cannabis products such as gummies, chocolate bars, vapes, and flowers. All the Platinum vape products are friendly to first users as well as seasoned users. All the Platinum vape products are tested by the third party labs to ensure absolute safety.

1.2 The Platinum Vape Cartridges

You can rest assured that every ingredient in your Platinum Vape cartridge is natures best. Platinum partners with top farmers who ensure the grade of cannabis oil is of superior quality. It is pesticide free and high-potency. All the Platinum Vape products have passed through vigorous testing processes and sustainability practices to ensure the quality and safety of the Platinum cartridge. If you are looking for superior quality vape cartridges, then try Platinum.

1.3 Platinum Disposable Vapes

The Platinum Disposable Vape pens are simply the best. They are discreet, sleek, convenient, and easy to use. The disposable vape pens are suitable for travelers or those who do not have the time to clean, fill, or maintain the vape pens.  The Platinum Disposable vape pen is filled up with 4 grams of potent oil with a potency of up to 90+% THC. It comes in different high-quality varieties such as the Indica, sativa, or the hybrids, just whatever suits your taste buds, we have got you covered.

The Platinum disposable vape pens are built with top-notch technology. For instance, the pens utilize the CCELL technology to hold the cannabis oil. The CCELL utilizes ceramic heating elements which helps in eliminating the burning taste which you find in other brands of disposables. Another noticeable feature in the Platinum disposables is the large hole size. It allows for the better flow of air, easier pull, and almost 0% clog rate, which ensures zero oil wastages.

1.4 Platinum Gummies

If you do not want to vape, platinum gives you another method of enjoying the goodness of cannabis, the gummies. The Platinum Gummies are top-quality crafted with different candy flavors for a delightful and discreet enjoyment of CBD. The gummies come is a reusabletin that fit ten Gummy coins containing 10mg or 20mg of THC in the select states.

The Gummies comes in a plethora of flavors such as Blue Raspberry, fruit punch, water melon, berry lemon, peach mango, Banana cream pie, Birthday cake, and green apple lime.

1.5 Platinum Dart Pod

The Platinum cannabis oil is safety assured. It has passed through numerous tests to ensure it is free of pesticides and it is solvent less. The safety of the consumers is a top consideration for Platinum brand. The pod utilizes the CCELL cartridges which ensure your safety first, and enables you to get the most out of every pull.

1.6 Platinum Strains

The Platinum brand derives its high-quality flowers for extraction of oil from trusted hard-working farmers. The strains include: Cookie Wreck, Gelato, GSC, Wedding Cake, Sunset Sherbet, Sundae Driver, Blue Dream, Dragons Breath, Sour Tsunami and Mochi.

1.7 Platinum Chocolates

The cannabis-infused chocolates from Platinum will keep you begging for more. The Platinum chocolate making process is a combination of sophisticated skills together with the use of high-quality cannabis extracts to keep you taste buds satisfied and improve your cannabis experience. The Platinum vape chocolates come in three flavors which are sea salt 75% dark chocolate, milk chocolate caramel bar, and cookies and cream chocolate.

1.8 Platinum Stash

Stash is one of the premium line of Platinum cannabis flower. The Stash is so good and might keep you from sharing. The Stash comes in three different varieties which are: Indica, Sativa, and hybrid.

1.10 Platinum Flower

The Platinum premium cannabis flower have been cultivated in indoor farms to achieve high perfection. The brand partners with experienced farmers who have mastered their craft in the production of the best cannabis flowers. The flowers are free from pesticides and have undergone through a series of lab tests to establish their purity. The Platinum cannabis flower have followed all the natural due process for growing, harvesting, and drying, which results into optimally consistent and high-potency cannabis. The Platinum cannabis flower is available in three different strains which are Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid.

2.1 Platinum Vape Reviews

2.2 Platinum Vape Cartridge

The Platinum Vape Cartridge is known to have quality THC oil and great taste. The basic design of this cartridge is easy to use. It has a great strain flavor with high-potency which is the ultimate prize you get when you use this cartridge.

The ceramic core heating system is what makes this cartridge highly functional. In addition, it has a strong glass and a lot of metal which keep the taste as clean and pure as possible. The cartridges are durable and highly efficient.

On the downside, the Platinum Cartridge should improve on its packaging. Customers need safety and quality assurance on the packaging of each product. The products lack lab information which is essential to influence any customer.

Is Platinum Vapes worth the price?

Absolutely. It has great fine taste, pleasant flavor, high-potency, and giving you an unforgettable vaping experience.


  • Fairly priced
  • Sturdy and sleek Cartridge Design
  • Strong and potent effect
  • Great strain flavor.


  • No lab information on package
  • The cartridge is quiet basic
  • Poor tamper proof device
2.3 Platinum Vape Chocolate Review

All the three Platinum vape chocolates have incredibly great ratings. The taste and the flavors are great. Whether it is the milk caramel bar, or the sea salt bar, you will definitely savor in its taste and for a great price too.

2.4. Platinum Vape Oils Review

The Platinum vape oils are highly-potent. It allows you to take more vape and lasts for long compared to other brands of oil. In addition, the cartridge has an additional 1gram which enables it to hold more oil. You just need about five seconds of vaping to let out massive clouds.

The Platinum Northern Lights Indica is one of the best high-potency Platinum Vape oil. The oil contains 89% of THC and CBD content of 0.2%. The strength of this oil allows you to take long deep vapes for an incredibly relaxing experience.

3. 0 FAQ

1.Where can I get Platinum Vapes Products and Edibles?

You can get Platinum products in Oklahoma, California, and Michigan states. You can check their websites for more information on different retailers dealing with the products.

2.Are Platinum Vape Products Available online?

Currently, the law restricts the sale of cannabis products online.

  1. Do the Platinum products go bad?

The Platinum Vape products are supposed to be consumed within one year.

  1. How can I best store my Platinum vape?

Keep your Platinum vape at temperatures between 65-77 degrees. Replace your rubber cap bottom to avoid leakage if you will not be using it for some time.

  1. How can I attach the cartridge to the battery?

Remove off the rubber cap from the bottom, then attach the cartridge to the battery by simply twisting it, not too tightly.

Take one or two shorts draws to activate it. Take 3-5 seconds once you have activated to allow it to take full effect before you start using it.

  1. Can I return my Platinum products after purchase?

You need to check this with your original retail outlet.

  1. What makes the Platinum Vape products unique?

We engage top-notch and highly experienced scientists who work tirelessly to perfect the separation of terpenes, using the CO2 extraction method. Both the extraction and the post-extraction methods are well designed to ensure a pure full spectrum terpenes of the cannabis. That is how we achieve an affordable, high-quality and 100% pure oil which has great potency and taste. Enjoy responsibly.

  1. Is Platinum Vapes better than JUUL vapes?

While JUUL brand is the pioneer of the vaping industry and has been in the market longer than other brands, other younger brands such as Platinum vape has high-quality products. The Platinum oils are great with high-potency which enables them to last longer.

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4.0 What’s More?

The Platinum Vape brand does not just exist to entertain and ensure you have the best vapes, it only cares about other aspects of your social life. Something you will not encounter with most vape brands. For instance, the Platinum vape brand has a cause for raising awareness on six social causes. It is involved in breast cancer awareness, pediatric medical care, world hunger, animal rescue, suicide prevention, and veteran support.