Planet Vape: Planet Vape Mods, Pods, Tanks, E-Juices, and other Accessories Review

    Planet Vape: Planet Vape Mods, Pods, Tanks, E-Juices, and other Accessories Review

    There are so many different vape products in the world market, and for you to find the best for yourself can be quite cumbersome. For whatever you desire to vape, there is a perfect vape for it. This article is here to help you get a simplified view of the best vape pen and equipment that you actually deserve.

    What you are obliged to do is to suggest the kind of substance you intend to use and March it with the top three products of your preference. You will meet the best vape pen along with outstanding features that you will want to have around you any time and place.

    What is Planet vape?

    The Planet vape is a premier vape shop that is located at Farmington, in Mexico City. They play a fantastic role in providing the best Tanks, Mods, Coils, Vape Kits, E-Juices, and other essential accessories you will need for a brilliant vaping journey. It is not a big deal whether you are new to vaping since the Planet vape shop avails to you every helpful staff to leave you fully satisfied. Most flavorful E-Liquids are at your reach throughout the week. Here are the most celebrated products that the planet vape is proud of.

    Smok Arcfox Kit- Vampire

    For the Smok Arcfox Kit to provide optimum efficiency and performance, this Smok Arcfox Kit vape is precisely crafted to achieve a solid, scratch-resistant, and no-slip silicone body that is coupled with delicate metal and leather shell to protect the fuselage. It adopts the slimmest and sleek design that makes it a highly portable machine that you can carry around with no discomfort.

    This device is powered by dual external 18650 batteries that deliver a maximum power of 230 watts. This proves that this is a no-joke machine that delivers exceptional and reliable heating abilities. This variable wattage will allow you to enjoy a wider range of wattage options that cannot be accessed by other vape kits.

    The Smok Arcfox Kit comes with a TFV Mini V2 tank filling mechanism that is the most convenient among the available vape tanks. You will appreciate the presence of the two coil options; the Mini V2 S1 0.15 Ohm Single meshed Coil and the Mini V2 A2 0.2 Ohm dual coil. The Smok Arcfox Kit is also compatible with other TFV Mini coils. Along with its other lovely features, like being dustproof, waterproof, and the ability to withstand water immersion for up to 30 minutes, the Smok Arcfox Kit is worth owning.

     Aegis Legend Mod

    The Aegis Legend vape is full of exciting features that everyone will expect to see in a modern vape mod. This device has an external rubber coating that is fixed together with a leather backing that brings a good feel when touched. This machine adopts a rounded rectangular design with a facing fire button and screen. For the general physical outlook, the Aegis Legend Mod is eye-catching.

    You will feel the ease of use and handle this device gives you. You only need to make five clicks to turn the Aegis Legend Mod on or off. Three clicks will highlight the modes and give you the chance to scroll back and forth between those essential modes. There are screen color displays that will help you shift the vaping modes that are provided. Once you reach the desired mode, you only need to press the fire button.

    The machine employs a powerful dual 18650 battery that provides up to 200 watts that provided you with a heating range of between 200 to 600F. This dual battery will ensure that you get to enjoy long-lasting vaping sessions at all times. Whenever the battery runs out, there is a color display on the screen to alert you even the battery is fully recharged.

    Aspire AVP Replacement coils

    These replacement coils from the Planet vape are specifically designed for a targeted function. The coils are categorized according to their size in terms of their resistance. There is a 0.65 Ohm mesh and a 0.15 Ohm coil. These two coils have been designed in a way that they can support mouth-to-lung vaping. The 1.15 Ohm utilizes a classic Kanthal build, whereas the 0.65 Ohm coil features a mesh that boosts flavor, and at long last, there is a balance between flavor and vapor production.

    Whenever you want to select the best vapor for yourself, you will definitely need a 50/50 or high e-liquid. Such thinner e-liquids will deliver the best and produce a discreet amount of vapor for a quality vaping session. The Aspire AVP coil heats to the optimum level that leaves every vape user satisfied.

    A-Stick Disposable Vape Pod

    As the name suggests, this type of vaping Pod allows you to use it and then disposed of it. The Planet vape decided to bring this awesome vape pod to your access due to its ultimate ability to be easily handled and operated. This machine adopts the slimmest and sleek design that will appeal to and satisfy the needs of the users. The Pod’s dimensions are 95mm by 15.9 mm by 6.6mm, which is definitely the reason behind its admirable portability.

    This machine makes use of a powerful battery that provides up to 280mAh capacity. This power will enable you to shift between various heating levels according to your preference. This means that you will be working with 3.7V or 0.2 less or more volts. This Vape pod remains to be economical since it only needs 3A of current.

    The A-Stick Disposable Vape Pod accommodates almost all E-liquids. It has a capacity of 1.3ml that will be enough to give you a longer vaping experience without the need to refill it. Averagely you will be able to make 300 puffs per refill. You are good to go with A-Stick Disposable Vape Pod as it features other wonderful features as you encounter it each day.

    Bubblegum E-Liquid

    This is a sweet flavored e-liquid that satisfies every desire any vaper can have in terms of taste. There various flavorings that you can blend with this e-liquid for the best and dynamic results. You are allowed to add 50% of much more nicotine strengths that are available: 0 mg, 1.5 mg. 3 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg, 9mg, 18 mg, and 24 mg.

    This E-Liquid smells exactly like bubble gum that depletes its flavor in 10 seconds. There is the Bazooka Joe bubble as a good example. You will want to smell it all day long. The sweet smell will definitely define the outstanding and perfect taste of all time. Buy it today and taste the feeling.

    Sub-Ohm Tanks

    In case you are looking for a brand new, most advanced vape tank to spruce up your vaping experience, then you are in the right place. In the Planet vape shop, you meet the latest and most advanced sub-ohm tanks.

    The Sub-Ohm tanks available have extremely narrow threads that are meant to hold the rest of the package together. These tanks are correctly and solidly constructed, guaranteeing you a long-lasting life for your vaping journey.

    The Sub-ohm tanks are designed for top filling. This design allows you to refill the tank without necessarily having to remove the tank from the mod. A given tank can have a top with hardware that slides open to reveal the location of the filling port. Other vape tank tops may have a spring-loaded push-button system meant for filling. It is upon you to choose which of the mechanisms you will prefer.


    The Planet Vape shop proves to be the most trusted and most loved in the vaping community. You will surely appreciate the above-mentioned flavors and quality equipment that will help you run a marvelous vaping journey and bring the fun you need every day. You will find that the products are very much pocket-friendly than you may think. Grab your share today.

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