WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Pipe Vape Pen. SMOK Guardian and ePuffer Pipe Vaporizers Review

2nd Jun 2021 | 155 | upends v

What is a pipe vape pen?

The pipe vape pen is a modern vaporizer derived from the traditional smoking pipe. These vaporizers have been made to resemble the conventional smoking pipe but use different heating and vapor production mechanisms.

There has been an increase in the number of vape companies producing pipe vapes. Some are offering the same designs, some using the same heating techniques and some similar burning substances.

There is tough competition among vape companies to make the best pipe pen for the market.

We have seen excellent reviews about pipe vape pens. Some are better than others in performance, while others better their design and functionality. We will be looking into a few of the most liked pipe vape pens, and we shall analyze the best vape pen for you.

Smok Guardian 2 pipe

The guardian2 pipes from smok is an attempt by smok to bring back the feeling of using traditional pipes for vaping. This pen is different because it is a variable wattage pen that can be adjusted from 6w-15watts.

The magnetic switch has a spring-loaded conducted that provides stable performance. The device is specifically designed to automatically match the atomizer resistance to create the best possible vaping experience.

Features of the smok guardian 2

  • Stainless steel and wood construction design
  • Variable wattage of 6-15 watts
  • 510 eGo threaded battery for better compatibility
  • Easy unlock and lock feature which protects the atomizer from turning on when placed in the bag
  • LED light to indicate when the device is in use
  • LED battery indicator to show when the device is running low on charge
Smok Guardian 2 style and build quality

Smok Guardian 2 e-pipe speaks luxury from its outlook, and this is because of the wood and stainless steel construction. The wood has a lacquered finish and is developed with standard pipe size and shape. The pipe feels so good when in hand, and despite being somehow weighty, it still performs well.

The stainless steel parts are well held on the device. The connective device parts do not rattle up, and it feels so good. This device has eGo threading, but you can insert any 510 threaded atomizers on the pipe with the included ring.

The battery compartment is found under the switch on the mainline. The mount for the button can be easily unscrewed to give you access. With the nicely done thread, you have to press on the top switch when screwing them back due to the presence of the magnet.

Using the pipe 

To use the device, screw the device onto the eGo connector or attach the beauty ring to use 510 atomizers. After inserting the battery and screwing back your top, click on it five times to switch the device on.

Each power setting has the wattages brightly indicated from lower ranges to higher ranges. All you need to do is dial on the setting you want, then press down the fire button to start vaping.


To swap between the lower and higher watt values, click on the fire button three times, and the LED light will show low wattage in white while the blue color represents high wattage. It would be best if you remembered that the device has a cut-off time of eight seconds.

Performance of the smok guardian 2

The performance of this device depends on what tank you are using and the resistance coil you have in the tank. If you prefer eGo style batteries, then the original smok tank from kanger will do it for you.

The adjustable wattage gives you some nice flavor and a good quantity of vapor. It will be a better experience if you use a 510 pipe mouthpiece that offers a relaxed and enjoyable vape.

You will note that using the Lemo 2 onto the device works well without any issues. This is because there is increased airflow which this tank features, and this results in good vapor production and works well when paired with the guardian 2. 

Pros and cons of the smok guardian 2


  • The vaping pipe looks great and feels great at the same time
  • From the mahogany material, you can tell it is well designed
  • Variable wattage settings for temperature control
  • Has a good vapor production with good quality
  • The pricing of the pen is reasonable and is very affordable
  • Standard eGo and 510 connections with additional ring
  • Works with most tanks and cartridges


  • The battery life is only 18350
  • The top switch is not good with the click to activate
  • Does not stand upright when on its own
  • Cold is uncomfortable for people with smaller hands.

ePuffer e-pipe

The ePuffer company has been recognized for having some of the best vape pens in the market. Their first e-pipe got very popular, and they kept issuing more updates. The new e-pipe has been improved to give more flavor, more vapor and many customization options. You get the highest quality daily, and it feels good. The pipe comes with a mahogany finish which gives it a beautiful outlook. 

Features of the ePuffer e-pipe

  • The liqamizer tank technology has been replaced with the micro sub-ohm coils to give better clouds.
  • Has a guarded, direct airflow system that gives the feeling of using an old pipe
  • LED zirconia crystal caps with silver and golden trims have good designs giving the pipe a more elegant look.
  • Good design that is appealing to the user and can be customized to match outfits and accessories.

Build and design of the ePuffer e-pipe

The e-pipe has a good cherry wood bowl, a glass tank filled by the top method, and a detachable stem. The top-fill design makes it very comfortable to fill the pipe. The tank holds 2 ml of liquid, and they are made of tampered quartz glass that can resist temperatures of up to 2200°.

All the joint parts come with 510 threading which makes it easy to change positions on the pipe. 

Much attention has been paid to the design, and they did their best to change the taste of future e-pipe users.

You, therefore, get two versions of the pen in the box. A vape user is free to match the pipe trims to stuff like cuff-links or watches.

This always makes the vape pen very trendy and fabulous. It is also good to combine the e-liquid colors with the various shades of the e-pipe rings.

Vapor flavor and quality

The specifications of the vape pen make it nearly impossible to get substantial-sized vapor. This might be a disadvantage to the cloud chasers, but the company did its best to improve on the vapor production with this new device.

In their latest collection, they included a sub-ohm atomizer which has a lower resistance compared to other models. The level of output in this device will only favor the seasoned vapers who seek great taste and feeling.

The pipe has five atomizers and is filled with Japanese organic cotton. You also get two rechargeable 1100mAh batteries and a charger. The e-liquid tank acts as the stem of the pipe.

The capacity of the tank is 3.5ml, and the 510 connection makes it easy to connect the other parts of the device easily. All you have to do is screw them in together and start vaping. The containers are both glass and stainless steel, which have magnificent gold trims and edges.


Pros and cons of the ePuffer e-pipe


  • The manufacturing design is elegant and beautiful
  • Well-crafted using quality materials
  • Has an improved vapor production
  • The device is easy to use
  • The kit of the device comes fully loaded


  • The device is costly compared to others in the market
  • The auto air function sometimes fails to work


We have seen how many vape companies have tried to incorporate the old pipe method into new vape pens. These devices have been competitive, and from the two we looked into above, you can see that the companies are keen on adding convenient features that will give clients something to marvel at.

Using vape pens gives you additional aesthetic value apart from the value for money. It would be nice if you try one of these pens and see how they turn out.