Phix Vape: Products, Instructions, and Reviews

    Phix Vape: Products, Instructions, and Reviews


    1           Phix Vape: Introduction 

    A Phix vape is an electronic cigarette that works pretty well and comprises a closed pod system. Its pods last longer than the other brands giving the consumer nicotine equivalent of about two packs of cigarettes in each pod. Each package contains four sealed pods that are free

    The Phix Vape is here to stay. It is made for smokers who are newbies to vaping because it is a design that works like a cigarette. The most extraordinary thing about Phix Vape is its ceramic wicks that produce an array of unique flavours from other brands.  

    2           Phix Vape Pens 

    2.1         Phix Limited Edition Basic Kit 

    The limited-edition comes with a range of colours: rose gold, electric blue accompanied by a battery of 320 mAh. The battery has a light indicator, and its components are water-resistant.


    • 1.5ml closed-loop system
    • Internal 320mah battery
    • 3.7V output wattage
    • 220 puffs per battery
    • 400-440 puffs per pod


    • 1 x PHIX battery
    • 1 x USB magnetic charger

    2.2         Phix Starter Kit

     It is the best closed-loop system in the market, and the battery is 280 mAh. The kit has a USB charging cable.


    • 1.5ml closed-loop system
    • Internal 280mah battery
    • 5% nicotine
    • Patented ceramic coil: 1.4ohm-1.5ohm resistance
    • 3.7V output wattage
    • 220 puffs per batter
    • 400-440 puffs per cartridge

    2.3         Phix Basic Kit

    • It is packaged with a virtual device and a charger. The basic kit has an overcharge protection chip. It also has a battery light indicator blue; full charge, orange; medium charge, and low red charge. The Phix logo is engraved on the device. 


    • 1 x PHIX by MLV 320mAh Battery
    • 1 x Magnetic USB Charge Cable
    • 1 x Users Manual


    • Design: Portable Pen Style (draw to activate)
    • Features: True Closed Loop System, Convenient and Effortless to Use, Great Battery Life, Comfortable and Very Portable
    • Size: 120mm x 19mm x 10.75mm
    • Thread: Proprietary Magnetic Connection
    • Battery: Internal Long-lasting 320mAh Battery (built-in)
    • Puffs per Full Charge: 220 Puffs
    • Puffs per Cartridge (Each Pod): 400 – 440 Puffs
    • Pods: 1.5ml e-liquid pod with
    • 5% Nicotine by Weight
    • Material: Zinc alloy Construction
    • Battery Voltage: 3.7V

    2.4         Phix Pods( 4 pack) 

    It contains a cartridge tank of 1.5 ml and lasts twice as long as those of other pods in the market. It has temperature control; if the wick is dry automatically, the temperature is reduced. 


    • 1.5ml Each, Pack of 4
    • Ceramic Wick
    • Temperature Control Technology
    • 5% Nicotine by Weight

    3           Phix Vape Accessories 

    3.1         Phix USB Charger 

    It comes with a magnetic charger kit connection for use.


    Magnetic connection and simple to use

    3.7 watts

    30min rapid charge

    Compatible with all USBs

    3.2         Phix Lanyard 

    It covers the airflow and also prevents you from losing your precious phix vape. 

    4           Phix Vape Reviews 

    4.1         Phix Starter Kit 

    The Phix starter kit gives you pure satisfaction, and it is very convenient. The battery charges for around 45 minutes. Charging the equipment is easy. If you have a magnetic charger and a USB pod, then you are good to go. Even if you are not yet a pro using the Phix Vape is easy as you only need to drop a magnetic vape on top of the battery, and the pod ‘clicks’ automatically.

    The vapour is created immediately you puff away. Droping a new pod when the pod is empty. It is that easy! When ordering, do not forget to add a range of Phix pod flavours.

    It is essential to learn how to puff using a Phix starter kit to enjoy vaping. It is perfectly possible not to exert a lot of pressure as you might a cigarette. The Phix Vape makes you feel that you are smoking a cigarette. It is amazing. The sensation is worth it because it prevents harmful chemicals like carcinogens from entering your lungs. Easy to use


    • 5 ML tank capacity
    • Temperature control
    • Produce purer flavor
    • No dry hits
    • Long-lasting battery
    • No leaking


    • Difficult to refill tank


    4.2         MLX Phix Vape 

    It is the most modern design of vapes in the market. This product stands out from other methods because of its comforts and usage. One pod lasts over one week. All you have to do is to exchange the Phixpods. The most fantastic thing about Phix is that it is a closed-loop vape.

    You do not need to buy ejuices; fill the Phix Vape and clean. 

    The packaging design is classy as there is a see-through panel in the package, which allows you to look at the device before unwrapping. There are diagrams on the box that shows the features of the Phix. Also, there is information on how to use USB charging. 

    The Phix Vape has a ceramic finish that is very sleek hence pleasant to clasp. Using the Phix is easy as you only have to Mount the pod on the device, which magnetically attaches to it. That simple! The MLX Vape activates immediately you puff, and it notifies you in a’ click’. It has a ceramic coil as much as it is small hence easily fitting in your pocket. 


    • Great to hold
    • Comfortable for vaping
    • Battery and cartridge lasts longer
    • Simple and straightforward to use
    • Portable


    • You cant vape and charge
    • It does not allow modifications


    4.3       Phix Basic Kit

    The PHIX is easy and straightforward to use and portable. It has a sophisticated design, which is lovely. Its shape is hexagonal this  makes it easier to clasp it in a tight grip. It is draw-activated hence easy to operate.

    The PHIX Basic kit is  portable.. It can fit into your pocket  without any struggle. The kit has an anthracite ceramic finish, a lovely touch that adds to its aesthetic apeal.

    It is made of two sections:the battery and the pod and they are detachable. It has a battery of 320mAh and you can get 300 puffs before the battery drains. The frequency of your vaping will determine the number of times you recharge. The LED light is multipurpose as a battery life indicator.


    • Easy to use
    • Great tank capacity
    • Strong magnetic connection
    • Long lasting battery
    • No dry hits
    • No leaking


    • You might not like the Ceramic coil
    • Slightly overpriced


    5           FAQS 

    5.1         How Long Does a PhixPod Last?

    A consumer can use about four pods per week. The usage depends from user to user as every person vapes differently; hence you can use fewer pods per week. 

    5.2         How do you Charge a Phix Vape? 

    Use the USB charger that comes with the Phix  Vape kit.When charging thePhix Vape, make sure you have removed the pod. If you decide to use the wall plug, kindly ensure it is NZA approved. 

    5.3         IsPhix Vape Better than Juul? 

    PhixVape is better than Juul because Phix pods have 12 flavours:the butterscotch tobacco,spearmint, hard strawberry, original tobacco, ice tobacco, mixed,Mango, cool Mango, Omg, cool melon, gold tobacco, and cool grape and also itstank is larger- 1.5ml while the Juul is more expensive and has a smaller tank.

    5.4         Why is my PhixVape not working?

    Charging is faulty

     A Phix Vape not charging or pulling is the most common problem because the battery does not heat well the vape pen elements. Fault in charging will be identified because you cannot draw from the tank.

    5.5         Solution

    5.5.1        Adjust the Connection Plate

    Use a paper clip to adjust the connection plate because probably something has prevented the connection from the thread to the battery.

    5.5.2        Clean Residue on Firing Pin

    It is vital to keep your Phix pen clean. Doing this will prevent issues with the firing pin, hence elongates the life span because of proper maintenance. Dub your Phix Pen with cotton bud inside the pen chamber with isopropyl alcohol. Let the Phix Vape pen dry for some time, and it will be ready for use.

    6           Conclusion

    The Phix vape pen is my favourite pen as it is portable, classy, and attractive to hold. The cons cannot change my mind because the PhixVape makes me have beautiful moments.


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