Perfect Vape: Products, E- liquids, Instructions, and Reviews

    Perfect Vape: Products, E- liquids, Instructions, and Reviews

    1          Perfect Vape: Introduction

    The perfect Vape is an award-winning shop of "Best Drink Flavors E-liquid" in 2014 and was established in 2013 as an online trailer shop. It is a brand that is dedicated to providing its consumers with a perfect vaping experience.

    Our products are developed through trial and error, but in the end, they are horned to perfection because we put our "customers first." All the other flavours come with a complete ingredient, which helps achieve quality. For the best test and they are of affordable prices.

    2          Perfect Vape Products

    2.1         Raspberry Flavor by Perfect Vape

    If you want to change an ordinary routine, then perfect Vape prosperity is yours to-go e-liquid. The fruity juice is refreshing.

    Size 30 ml- 120ml

    Nicotine level 0mg-24mg

    2.2         Green Monster Flavor by a Perfect Vape

    This e juice has the taste that you love from your favorite energy drinks. It lacks the shakes or crash.

    Size 30ml- 120ml

    Nicotine level0mg-28m

    2.3         Rasp Cotton Candy by a Perfect Vape

    The perfect blue rasp cotton candy takes you down the memory Lane with a freshly spun cloud yummy tart dissolved in your mouth with the blue Raspberry cotton that you ate as a child.

    Size 30ml-120ml

    Nicotine level 0mg-28mg

    2.4         A perfect Vape Banana

    It is a robust and delicious banana flavor. It is a very impotent candy flavor.

    Size: 30mg-120mg

    Nicotine level: 0mg-28mg

    2.5         Barry Fusion by a Perfect Vape

    It is just perfect for summer. This perfect mix is an excellent Juice for hot summer days.

    Size :30ml-120ml

    Nicotine level:0mg-24mg

    IT has been combined with all the berries that are: Raspberry, BlackBerry, strawberry, and blueberry

    2.6         BlackBerry by a Perfect Vape

    It is rich in black cherry and very flavorful. It is not too sweet but perfect because they have taken time to get the flavor that resonates with most people

    Size30- 120 ml

    Nicotine level: 0 mg-28mg

    2.7         A perfect Vape Black Cherry Greek Yogurt

    A Perfect Vape BlackBerry tests with a bit of Greek yogurt

    Size: 30ml-120ml

    Nicotine level: 0mg-24mg

    2.8         A  perfect Vape Bluberry Acai

    It has the Superfruit flavors Acai and blueberry flavor.

     size :30ml-120ml

     nicotine level 0mg- 28mg

    2.9         Blackcurrant mango by a Perfect Vape

     Blackcurrant Mangois, perfectly blended with soft ripe mango, creates a perfect fruit experience that will never be boring.

    Prominent flavor: Mango and blackcurrant

    PG /VG ratio: 32/70

    Bottle size is 100ml e-liquid in a 120ml bottle

    2.10     Apple iced by a Perfect Vape

    Apple iced tastes crispy and is blended by watermelon undercooling ice blast to create a fruity flavor that will take you back to the summer days in the sunshine.

    Prominent flavor: Apple watermelon ice

    PG/VG ratio: 30/70

    Bottle size:100ml e-liquid in a 120ml E-liquid bottle

    2.11     Cherry Bakewell by a Perfect Vape

    It is a fluffy cake decadently soaked in almond syrup. It is smothered in a layer of cherry and raspberry jam and topped with delicious icing.

    Prominent flavor: cherry, icing, pastry

    PV/VG ratio: 30 /70

    Bottle size : 100ml e-liquid in a 120ml e-liquid

    2.12     Cherry by a  Perfect Vape

    It is sweet cherry with a sweet taste level that is the perfect taste for summer. You will want to vape it the whole day.

    Main flavor: cherry


    Bottle size: 100ml e-liquid in a 120ml e-liquid

    2.13     Forest Fruit by a Perfect Vape

    It is a delicious dessert forest gateau. It has a sweet undertone of blackcurrant on the exhale.

    Prominent flavor: chocolate, cake, blackcurrant

    PG/VG ratio:30/70

    Bottle size: 100ml e-liquid in a 120ml e-liquid

    2.14     Custard Cream by Perfect Vape

    Custard Cream by a perfect Vape is astounding. It gives you a taste of custard in the inhale with sweet, creamy notes.

    Main flavor: Custard cream

    PG/VG ratio:30/70

    Bottle size:120ml

    2.15     A Perfect Vape Unicorn Vomit

    With its rainbow-like mix of fruit and candy flavors, Unicorn Vomit is a fantastic all-day vape.

    Size: 30ml-120ml

    Nicotine level: 0mg-24mg

    2.16     A Perfect Vape Rasberry Mojito

    Crushed mint leaves and raspberries with a kick of white rum. Sit back and ease on the beach with a delicious Raspberry Mojito!

    Size: 30ml-120ml

    Nicotine level: 0mg-24mg

    2.17     A perfect Vape Dragonfruit

    Light Dragonfruit flavor, reinforced with a hint of strawberry.

    Size: 30ml-120ml

    Nicotine level: 0mg-24mg

    2.18     A Perfect Vape Rolly Ranger

    One of our preferred candies of all time in an e-liquid form. Heaven for candy fans!

    Size: 30ml-120ml

    Nicotine level: 0mg-24mg

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    3          Reviews

    perfect vape eliquid review - bing video

    3.1         A perfect Vape Black Cherry

    Black Cherry is the next most significant thing to pulling the cherry off of the tree. It has a pleasant mellow taste to it. Suitable for an after-dinner or when you have a cherry craving.

    3.2         A perfect vape Green Monster

    There is nothing as refreshing as going to the corner store and cracking open the monster. The feeling is out of this world. The Green Monster is perfect, and you don't have to worry about the caffeine buzz that goes with it.

    3.3         A Perfect Vape Unicorn Vomit

    If I had to choose one juice to Vape always, it would be this. A perfect Vape Unicorn is the most pleasant juice ever. Everyone who has tried it agrees! If I were to rate it10  stars, I would!

    3.4         A Perfect Vape Rasberry Mojito

    Lovely soft raspberry and fresh flavor. Great for a nice day,Vape.

    3.5         Aperfect Vape Dragonfruit

    Dragonfruit is a  rich,soft taste, great for an all-day vape!

    3.6         A Perfect Vape Blueberry Cream

    Perfect flavor outline, charming and satisfying,and the taste isauthentic.

    3.7         A Perfect Vape Jolly Ranger

    I can't get enough of this one! I love the flavor keeps me wanting to hit it more and more. Fantastic for an after-dinner vape or even if you have a sweet tooth craving.

    4           FAQs

    4.1         How do you cancel an order from a perfect Vape?

    If a Perfect Vape order hasn't been dispatched, it can be canceled over the phone because of security reasons. 

    4.2         How long does a refund take from a perfect Vape?

    Refunds take around 1 to 10 days that depends on your bank. If you are international, the repayments can take between one to four weeks. Once refunded, they are going to send you an email with the refund trans ID. Then you can contact your bank with the idea for assistance. 

     A Perfect Vape is not responsible for refunds dealing with prepaid cards/ gift cards.

    4.3         How do you make a return request from a Perfect Vape?

    First, log into your account, go to the account menu, click on completed orders, click on return fill all the questions and spaces.  Be detailed as possible as returns are subjected for approval, and they are either denied best on the criteria

    If the return request is approved, the customer is responsible for returning the products to a perfect Vape.

    4.4         Is a Perfect Vape legit?

    Yes, it is a small company that is based in Oklahoma.

    4.5         Why should you choose a Perfect Vape for Shipping?

     A perfect Vape does free shipping for orders that are $15  and above. They award three points per $1.00 spent. They have dedicated customer service representatives that give order updates.

    5           Conclusion

    The Perfect Vape shop has all you need and has customers' needs at heart. So as you order at the comfort of your home, be rest assured you will receive quality.


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