WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Penguin Vape: Products, Instructions, and Reviews

14th May 2021 | 220 | upends v


1           PENGUIN VAPE: Introduction

In the last two years, pod and cartridge have been favoured, but they do not allow the client to refill them. A Chinese manufacturer, Joyetech, introduced penguin mods with giant refillable cartridges that are easy to use paired with well-performing vaporizers. The cartridges are reliable with a considerable capacity to offer the users a long period of enjoyment.

2           Penguin kit

2.1         Description

The kit can easily be singled out in its learning shape, and the breeze patterned glass panel. The product is available in different colours, and a customer can choose from modern Rose, tropical green lavender Blue, black rose. The kit supports at a 2A charging enabling it to deliver an all-day vape outputting up to 60 w of power.

2.2         Package

It is packaged in a compact and sizeable kit made of zinc alloy and bending glass.


1 Battery

1OBLIQ EZ Cartridge(3.5ml/2ml)1

EZ 0.4ohm Coil1

EZ 0.8ohm Coil1

USB-C Cable1

Warranty Card

 User Manual

2.3         Parameters

It has a size of 85 by 42 by 22.6 mm

E-liquid capacity of 3.5 ml or 2 ml

1800 mAh battery capacity

5 volts or 2A  charging current

Made in a leak-proof design for a better user experience

It has a USB cable

3           Penguin Mod

3.1         Description

A  Mod is available in black, silver, blue, red, green, and gold. It has a 0.96 inch LED display where users can quickly access the starter box menu of the mod, which is available in multiple stylish finishes. It is fixed with temperature control for preheating alerting and a time-out feature for safety protection. It is also rechargeable.

3.2         Features

An inbuilt battery with a capacity of 2800 mAH

0.96 inch LED display

USB port

Regulatory button

3.3         Parameters

66.0 by 40.0 by 22.5 mm in size

An output power range of 80 w

A temperature control range of 100 to 315 degrees Celsius or 202 600 degrees Fahrenheit

A maximum current of 2.0A

A maximum output current of 25 A

A resistant range of 0.05 to 1.50ohm for TC/TCR mode and 0.05 to 3.5ohm for power RTC mode

4          Penguin Coil

4.1         Description

The coils are meant to offer the user a perfect original flavour ever. They are available in unique designs for the EXCEED atomizer. The ring supports mouth to lung inhalation hence less power consumption. The crews have a great flow, a long life span, and are easy to replace. Its ceramic cradle takes a horizontal approach in relinquishing an original and unmistakable flavour and large clouds.

4.2         Package



Atomizer Head for DL (Direct Lung).

4.3         Features

BFHN 0.5ohm, Notch coil 0.25ohmm head

0.25 or 0.5 resistance

A power range of 30-70w,20-50w,8-14w

5           Penguin Tank

5.1         Description

It is a horizontal tube-shaped notch coil that is easy for cotton wicking giving users an ultra-long lifespan experience. It is available in black, red and white. Its push-to-open system feature makes filling and refilling easy.

5.2         Package

It is packaged in a horizontal Belgian glass tube with a capacity of 5.5 ml. It comes with an extra spare glass tube.

5.3         Parameters

25.20 by 55.5 mm in size

A capacity of 5.5 ml

Adjustable bottom airflow

Proc series applicable heads

ProCA-0.4ohm DL.head

ProCD-0.25ohm DL head

6           Reviews, pros and Cons

6.1         Penguin Vape Tank

The feminine look is what I have been looking for, easy to use and feel, and one which will not shatter when it falls because I keep falling! Penguin has the best pipe ever.

The amount of steam that it produces is excellent! The unit was great since I tried it for the first time. It has a fantastic taste as I used cake mint juice. I have been using it for 4 hours, and the taste is still good. Simply the best.

I have been charging this product since it arrived yesterday afternoon twice in the day, and the liquid does not seem to last for 2 minutes. Am I doing something wrong !or that's how things are done.

The kit is the best and it easily beats the other ones, and I only spent $100 on it. You can vape all day on the 8 ml cartridge, and it is so easy to wick the coil and draw the juice through by just covering the air hole. It also delivers good consistency throughout the battery life, which lasts longer compared to the other vapes.

6.1.1        Pros

  • The tank takes 5 ml of liquid, allowing a user to fill it once and use it for a more extended period
  • It is of excellent quality
  • It has tremendous power for inhaling the juice

6.1.2        Cons

  • You cannot see the level of juice in the cartridge without taking the cartridge out of the mode
  • One needs to have a USB cable to recharge


6.2         Penguin Kit

6.2.1        Pros
  • The battery lasts for a whole day, and it is also quickly rechargeable via a USB. One can also carry a power bank around just in case.
  • It is easily possible due to its size, and it easily fits into pockets with no sharp corners easy to carry around
  • It has a perfect power capacity that can be used by two people giving the user an incredible amount of vape for minimal effort.

6.2.2        Cons

  • For some users, some of the penguins start to leak after using them for a while. It cannot be recharged without electricity
  • It has a plastic casing


6.3         Penguin Vape Coil

6.3.1        Pros

  • The space coils are cheap
  • One can get covers for them if need to change colours
  • It hardly looks for most users
  • The coils are of excellent quality
  • It has a higher power output providing a large flow for uses

6.3.2        Cons

  • The user needs to buy replacement coils
  • The coils burn way too quickly


6.4        Penguin Vape Mod

6.4.1        Pros
  • A high battery capacity
  • An LED display that allows users to access the menu system easily
  • They have a temperature regulatory button for safety purposes.
  • They have an enormous power output.
  • They are portable
  • They have a maximum current of 25A.

6.4.2        Cons

  • They have high resistance.


7           FAQs

7.1         What kind of Penguin product is recommended?

eGo series and Teros, which are examples of penguin starter kits and pod system, are most suitable

7.2         How long is the Penguin warranty period?

Penguin products have a warranty of 90days

7.3         Can the Penguin coil be washed with water?

Yes, it can be washed, but it is not recommended because cleaning the Penguin coil does not extend its lifespan.

7.4         Is it possible to use CBD juice in a Penguin Vape product?

You can only use a regular or nicotine juice with the penguin. Do not use CBD juice.

7.5         What does a weak battery mean when using a Penguin product?

A weak battery is when the device installed with an atomizer is working, and it finds the battery cell voltage to be below 2.9 volts. You need to connect your USB cable to the USB port and the power source to boost the power.

7.6         Should I change the Penguin coil if I want to try another flavour?

We recommend that you change the Penguin coil when you want to change the loops for a better taste. Otherwise, the cotton of the old Penguin coil contains old juice, and it will affect the flavour.

8           Conclusion

Being stylish attracts attention, and that's what penguin vape does. The penguin vape manufactured by Joyetech has a good vape style. It's simple, easy to use, and smooth, which is convenient for users. The products are of good quality, have a high power output, and the battery capacity is user-friendly. The penguin vape is a combination of both style and user preferences