WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

PCKT VAPOR Products, Instructions, and Reviews

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1           PCKT VAPOR: Introduction

PCKT Vapor was formed to turn around the cannabis industry in 2017 in San Francisco Bay Area. The main focus is to eliminate cheap batteries and unhealthy cartridges plugged into the market. Utilize vaporization technology using the cleanest latest purest superior materials in vaping technology.

2          PCKT TWO

2.1         Description

It has a built-in ultra-high battery capacity with five practical power modes that enables it to pass-through charging, giving the user an extra battery life that they need throughout the day. It also operates on a wide variety of cartridges. It has an 11.75 mm chamber providing a wide vaping diameter at the top and the bottom.

2.2         The package


One short adapter

One tall adapter

USB – C Cable

Warranty Card

User Manual

2.3         Parameters

A battery capacity of 600 mAh

It has five levels of haptic feedback and LED brightness

Works with top and bottom airflow

Cartridge diameter of 11.75 mm

It has a magnetic adaptors connection

It has a USB charging port

3          PCKT ONE PLUS

3.1         Description

It has three practical power modes to suit your hardware need. It is also fixed with an on or off-click feature for absolute function. The pckt one plus is available in Black, Grey, Orange, and Blue.

It is packed in a rectangular casing.

3.2         The package

PCKT One Plus

One short adapter

One tall adapter

USB Cable,

Warranty Card


1 SPRK Cartridge

3.3         Parameters

The high battery capacity of 600 mAH

Micro USB charging port

Three power modes

Top and bottom airflow with 510 cartridges

LED light indicator

Patent pending

Cartridges are wholly concealed within the chamber design

4           PCKT VRTCL


4.1         Description

The all-new pack is a combination of stunning design and unique temperature control. It is a slim pen-style vaporizer battery. One can easily find the proper voltage for the concentration through LED indicators fixed on power nodes. It has more user control, reliability, and potency with a 510 oil vaporizer that offers smooth and consistent hits since it's portable. The charging board, which charges 1.5 times faster, is smaller, making the product more compatible.

4.2         The package


 USB Type-C Cable

 Warranty Card and Manual

 Wood drip tip

 A smell-proof casing                                                                                                                         

 Black SPRK Ceramic Cartridge.

4.3         Parameters

73 mm by 19 mm by 13 mm in dimension

Top and bottom airflow with 510 cartridges

Five power mods

LED indicators

The battery capacity of 380mAh

5           PCKT SPRK

5.1         Description

PCKT SPRK cartridge is designed to get the best flavor out of your concentrations with its empty refillable feature. It has a chrome and gunmetal finishing. Itsmagnetic cartridge and patent-pending 510 feature with a dual ceramic coil make it perfect for multiple users.

5.2         Package

SPRK magnetic 510 cartridges

5.3         Parameters

A capacity of 0.5 ml to 0.8 ml

Resistance of 1.5 ohms

Magnetic and 510 threaded connection

11 by 19 in dimension


6.1         Description

The cartridge was built entirely out of ceramic, ensuring that the coils and concentrates do not touch the metal or other materials. The dual ceramic core allows consistent wicking compared to a conventional single ceramic coil cartridge. This feature also ensures that the high viscosity oils deliver suitable cloud sizes and flavor profiles.


Truceramic core coil

AnPCKT SPRK ceramic

6.2         Parameters

It is available in an avalanche, and midnight colours have a resistance of 1.5 hours

A capacity of 0.5 ml to 0.8 ml

It has a true ceramic core

7           Reviews, Pros, and Cons

7.1         PCKT Two

The haptic feedback allows me to know what's going on inside the device, from battery level to malfunctions or errors in the cartridge. The pckt two is easy because I can do this while taking a hit or when the pckt is just in the pocket.

It gives me the best vaping experience ever. I do not need to worry about running out of vape because its battery power holding capacity is impressive

7.1.1        Pros

  • It is rechargeable
  • It has a high capacity battery enabling it to be used for a long time
  • The user can quickly turn it on or off without much struggle
  • It has a dual airflow
7.1.2        Cons
  • One cannot use it without charging it

7.2         PCKT ONE Plus

This vape is the best. I love the three heat settings, which are the best.

The device is so beautiful in size and shape and comfortable on the hand. I also love the auto inhale feature and the excellent cartridge protection that shields the pckt

I love this product because I can easily control the flow of the concentrate from high to low.

7.2.1        Pros

  • It has a fantastic battery life
  • The three heat settings are good and strong
  • It is portable
  • The LED light indicator enables the user to see the content of the vape.

7.2.2        Cons

  • The heat button is at the bottom of the web, making it so hard for a user to access it.

7.3         PCKT VRTCL

The product was worth the wait. I am happy that I finally received my Pacific VRTCL. It has a bright aluminum colour which I find to be very attractive.

It has a screw in a magnetic connection which you can quickly turn off and on completion. It is incredible!

7.3.1        Pros

  • It fits in one's hand and has an incredible texture
  • It has five power modes enabling the user to switch two different power ranger

7.3.2        Cons

  • It does not stand when placed on a surface, making the concentrates move up the tank, and it takes some time to go back to the coil openings.

7.4         PCKT SPRK

They have the best 510 cartridges. I have put more than 2 grams through the cartridge, and it still works as new.

It has a great consent

The heat is tasty with a unique piece of hardware.

7.4.1        Pros

  • They are refillable hence can be used for a longer time

7.4.2        Cons

  • Intake holes too big


If you are a heavy consumer of the concentrates as I pull up a chair because papa got a story for you. Have you ever looked for a vape that has stellar cartridges and can use at low voltages? Guess what? You just found it!

7.5.1        Pros

  • The cartridge has seals on the top and bottom that keeps the inside of the cartridge airtight
  • It does not leak

7.5.2        Cons

  • The intake holes are a bit small

8           FAQs

8.1         When will my PCKT product order be shipped?

For orders placed on business days that is from Monday to Friday with an exemption of holidays before 2 p.m. PST, shipment is made on the same day, but it can take one to two business days because of delays such as a large volume of orders

8.2         How long does the warranty last for PCKT products?

Pckt vapor devices come with a warranty of 1 year from the day of purchase

8.3         What is not covered by the PCKT warranty?

PCKT warranty cover damages caused by accidents, abuse, misuse, fire, or other external causes of nature that may have tampered with a pckt product

The PCKT warranty won't apply to any product that has its part modified to alter the device capability whatsoever of the pckt product

8.4         Which credit cards does PCKT accept?

PCKT accepts all major credit cards

9           Conclusion

Pckt vapor remains consistent since 2017 in offering users vapes that are technologically designed. Our product quality can be seen in our products, PCKTTwo, PCKTone Plus,VRTCL, SPRK, and SPRK ceramic. We continue to manufacture high-end and clean vapes in vaping technology.